A millionaire Sir Richard Sutton’s son killed his partner in an ‘explosion violence’ attack. This happened after tensions rose during lockdown.

Thomas Schreiber is a Gillingham resident, Dorset. He has been charged with murdering Sir Richard (83 years old) and attempted murdering Anne Schreiber (his mother), who the defendant describes as “toxic and gold-digging”.

Schreiber, aged 35, admitted manslaughter to Sir Richard. She pleaded guilty for driving Range Rover dangerously according to A303, A4 or M3.   

Hotel tycoon Sir Richard was stabbed to death in a vicious attack at his sprawling £2million country mansion – complete with swimming pool and pool table room – in the hamlet of Higher Langham, near Gillingham, Dorset, on April 7, the court heard. 

Mrs Schreiber (65) also sustained multiple stab wounds in her back, but she survived, even though the injuries were life-altering.

The court heard tension between Schreiber and Sir Richard grew during lockdown with the millionaire expressing frustration that he was living with them ‘rent free’ and Schreiber appeared ungrateful that he had only been given £10,000 to buy a car. 

Thomas Schreiber is accused of seriously injuring his mother Anne Schreiber, 65, (left) and killing her partner Sir Richard Sutton (right), who suffered fatal stab wounds in April this year

Thomas Schreiber was accused of injuring Anne Schreiber (65) and killing Sir Richard Sutton (44) who died in April from fatal stab wounds.

Thomas, 35, pictured with his mother Anne, has denied murder and attempted murder

Thomas (35), pictured together with Anne. He has both denied and tried murder.

The jury at Winchester Crown Court was shown drone footage from Sir Richard’s “Moorhill” mansion today.

Adam Feest QC, the prosecution said Schreiber had been living in the annexe above the magnificent estate garage from April 2021.

He stated that Sir Richard invited Anne and her family to Moorhill in the summer 2003. They did. David Schreiber settled in a cottage at the estate, where he lived till his death.

The Schreiber Children had, and have continued to have different views and loyalties as a result of their parents’ separation. He sided with his father.

“As you will see, he harbored an intense and persistent feeling of resentment toward his mother and Sir Richard as a result.

“In all the years that preceded the accident on April 7, 2021, his mother and Sir Richard treated him differently to his sister, in particular with regard to financial arrangements.

“The persistence of those emotions, the hatred they generated towards Sir Richard, and Anne in his mind, and the spotlight that was placed on them by Moorhill’s enforced presence during lockdown, early 2021 were significant contributing factors to the violence explosion by the defendant which occurred on the 8th Anniversary of his father’s passing.

The court was told that Schreiber’s anger escalated to violence episodes on two occasions, adding to his sense of “resentment” and isolation. 

The jury was told Sir Richard, (above) who was one of Britain's richest men, was stabbed multiple times during an attack by his step son Thomas Schreiber at their home in Gillingham

A jury heard that Sir Richard (above), who was Britain’s wealthiest man, was repeatedly attacked by Thomas Schreiber at his Gillingham house.

Police guard Sir Richard's £2million property in the Dorset hamlet of Higher Langham in April

Police guard Sir Richard’s £2million property in the Dorset hamlet of Higher Langham in April

Feest stated that “the first of these violent incidents occurred in the Christmas season of 2019”.

“The family went to Wincanton Races and a dispute erupted about the defendant not being able to drive. His sisters felt that he was acting selfishly as they have always seen him.

A tussle broke out at Moorhill between [his sister]Rose and Rose, the Defendant [other sister]Louisa intervened with Joe, her husband. Louisa and Joe continued to argue, with Louisa being aggressive and loud towards one another.

“Sir Richard intervened. He walked up to Sir Richard and began swinging at the defendant with his fist, but he was unsuccessful. The Defendant started swinging back at Sir Richard, hitting him in the face.

Mister Feest stated that Schreiber’s girlfriend, Sathia Pagiuca, started seeing him in October 2020. It was evident that he felt alone against his family, and had a deeply rooted hatred of them.

The court heard Schreiber would call Sir Richard ‘c***’ and ‘stupid old person’, and didn’t appear to pay him any respect.

Ms Pagliuca thought he looked like a “wounded young man” with problems about his father. She also felt that his family abandoned him to make way for someone like Sir Richard.

M. Feest stated that Schreiber’s presence at Moorhill was an issue. Sir Richard vented frustration over this situation to many people.

Despite this, Sir Richard gave Schreiber £10,000 to buy a new vehicle. 

Thomas Schreiber, 35, has denied the murder of Sir Richard and the attempted murder of his mother Anne Schreiber and is currently on trial at Winchester Crown Court (pictured)

Thomas Schreiber (35) has denied the murders of Sir Richard Schreiber as well as the attempted murders of Anne Schreiber.

According to Mr Feest, Sir Richard was ungrateful because he desired a better vehicle and felt unfairly discriminated against by the fact that his sisters had received larger amounts of money.

Schreiber admits manslaughter to the murder of the multi-millionaire but does not deny murder.

Concerning his mother, the defendant pleads not guilty for attempted murder.

After fleeing in Range Rover, he was caught by police in London after an intense chase at high speed and a hard stop.

Jurors are told by police that Mrs Schreiber was saved only because of the efforts of doctors and nurses. Her condition was stabilized at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

After being attacked downstairs, Sir Richard was able to be found dead on the landing. He then limped up the stairs where Schreiber is believed to have further stabbed him five more times with a knife from a kitchen.

After fantasizing for many months about the murder of Sir Richard and his mother, Schreiber is accused of repeatedly knifing them.

The 35-year-old sent a chilling message to his friend, telling him that he contemplated murdering the victims every morning and night. This was about a month before the shootings.

Sir Richard was blessed with two children, Fiamma and five grandchildren.

Three grown children have been born to Mrs Schreiber who is a Danish-born physiotherapist with a Milborne Port practice, Dorset.

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