“It felt as though me and my mom were the only people alive at that time:” Son describes his happiness when he is back with his mum from Australia, after Covid separated them for two years.

  • Covid restrictions have prevented a British couple from being reunited.
  • Ciaran Joyce, 34, had not seen his mother after she moved to Australia in 2019  
  • Hayley Gibbs (56) was caught walking into the pub to surprise her son.
  • Samaritans is available for help and donations at no cost on 116123. Or visit www.samaritans.org. 

The moment when a son and his mother were finally reunited after they moved to Australia. Covid restrictions on travel meant that the two of them had been separated for almost two years. 

Ciaran Joyce, 34, who lives in London, had not seen his mother Hayley Gibbs, 56, after she left the UK in 2019 to live Down Under – but tough border control meant she could not return to Britain. 

In the footage, which was taken by his girlfriend Lucy Dryzek, 30, on November 14, Ciaran is filmed waiting at a pub without any knowledge of her surprise visit. 

Ciaran Joyce, 34, (pictured left) who lives in London, had not seen his mother Hayley Gibbs, 56, (right) after she left the UK in 2019 to live in Australia

Ciaran Joyce (pictured left), who is from London, hadn’t seen Hayley Gibbs (right), since she moved to Australia in 2019. 

In the footage, taken by his girlfriend Lucy Dryzek, 30, on November 14, Ciaran is filmed waiting at a pub without any knowledge of his mother's looming surprise visit

The footage was taken on November 14th by Lucy Dryzek (30, Ciaran’s girlfriend). Ciaran waits at the pub unaware of his surprise mother visit.

Lucy led him to the place under pretence that he would have a meal with her mother and Lucy. But Hayley was already in London and about to enter.

Ciaran had a unique moustache which he had grown for Movember. Ciaran can be seen gazing towards the door and then spotting his mom instantly. 

After a sprint, he reaches into his mom’s arms. They share a warm embrace and hug as they celebrate their emotional reunion.

Ciaran, an actor, and Movember Activist, from London, said, ‘I was taken to the bar by Lucy, my girlfriend expecting to catch up to her mother.

My mum had flown to London the morning before me, without my knowing. Lucy had also arranged for this surprise.

“My mind went completely blank.” It was as if I and my mother were the only people alive at that time.

“The pandemic caused many to become separated from their families for so much time. It is amazing how many people have shared stories, taken comfort and joy from one another in the comments. To be truthful, it was a little embarrassing.

Ciaran (above) is pictured patiently waiting before spotting his mother coming through the door of the pub

Ciaran is shown patiently waiting until his mother comes through the front door. 

He then sprints into his mums arms and they both share a loving embrace and enjoy a huge hug during the emotional reunion

After a sprint, he reaches into his mum’s arms. They share a hug and love each other during this emotional reunion.

Posting the emotional moment on social media, Ciaran spoke about the death of his nan in April and said his mother couldn’t say goodbye because of the strict Australian border control. 

Ciaran posted on Instagram that her Mam had moved to Australia in 2019. Because of the pandemic, we hadn’t seen each other since. In April, we also lost her Mam (nana). Because of strict Australian border control, she couldn’t come home to bid her farewells.

‘Yesterday evening, thanks to her & my (girlfriend) Lucy, a wonderful surprise happened. My Mum was the first time I had gotten to hug her in over 2 years. Mam. You are so missed.

Matt Lucas commented on the blog post: “I have just had a lot to cry.” 

Another user said: ‘Oh I’m sobbing!!!! My friend, I am sending you lots of love.

One more wrote: ‘Definitely haven’t watched this 5 times . I’m not crying. I’m not crying at all. 

Ciaran talked about his moustache and how he’s growing it in support of Movember. Ciaran stated that he did so because he suffered from mental illness after the death of a close friend. 

Ciaran said, “I lost a close friend to suicide. I have also had struggles with my mental health. Knowing how scary and hard it is to talk about things with other people, I am well aware of the difficulties.

“I would like to help Movember raise money and awareness to help other people go through this and to help them navigate life’s more difficult waters.

You can follow the Movember campaign of Ciaran and get involved by clicking here.