2022 is coming early! Amazing moment after an explosion in Kazakhstan, a truck carrying fireworks intended to welcome the New Year explodes.

  • DAF trucks were driving on Saturday northbound along the Nur-Sultan highway
  • The truck was transporting 324 feet worth of fireworks for the New Year.
  • A truck accident caused the trailer to flip over, sparking a small fire.
  • Fireworks were lit quickly and the flames spread rapidly, creating an impressive display.
  • Although no one was injured, it took ambulance services over half an hour for the road to be cleared. 

It was Saturday evening in Kazakhstan when an enormous truck carrying fireworks was hurled onto the motorway.

DAF truck was traveling along motorway between Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan and the northern city of Shchuchinsk about 150 miles when it overturned, caught fire, and was forced to stop.

According to an emergency ministry spokesperson, the trailer was carrying 324 feet worth of fireworks. It burst into flames, igniting an incredible display of pyrotechnics.

The protection provided by the cabin of the driver saved the driver from any injuries, including the explosions of fireworks, and eventually the whole trailer was destroyed. 

The DAF truck was travelling along the motorway from Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan to the northern town of Shchuchinsk roughly 150 miles away when the vehicle overturned and caught fire (flames pictured burning through the trailer)

DAF truck was traveling along motorway between Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan and the northern city of Shchuchinsk approximately 150 miles when it overturned.

The trailer, which according to a emergencies ministry spokesperson was carrying a whopping 324 square feet of fireworks, burst into flames which set off an impromptu and truly stupendous pyrotechnics display

A spokesperson for the emergencies ministry stated that the trailer contained 324 square footage of fireworks. The firecrackers burst into flames and set off an amazing display.

The blaze was substantial but road users were far more interested in the fireworks display

Although the blaze was large, road users seemed more intrigued by the fireworks show than it was.

Kazakh police stated that there weren’t any casualties from the thousands of pounds of fireworks that lit up night sky.

The cause of the accident that led to the crash is still unknown. 

As the fire started, the truck blocked traffic on the motorway. Bystanders were forced to slow down and take in the spectacle.

Road users screamed to a stop and jumped from their vehicles to record the show. The display lasted several minutes, as the trailer’s fire continued to burn. 

Witnesses posted their video and comments on social media about the unplanned and amazing display. 

Witnesses described it as ‘amazing unplanned fireworks’ and another witness called it the’most spectacular road accident’.

SvetlanaGosman wrote: “New Year arrived early.” 

It is not yet known what caused the initial accident which resulted in the crash, but the trailer overturned and caught fire, sparking the display

While it’s not known why the first accident resulted in the collision, however, the trailer overturned, setting off the fire and sparking the show.

The emergencies ministry spokesman told media that the fire service managed to get the fire under control at 10.05pm, but it took another half an hour before the truck could be moved and the motorway cleared of debris

A spokesperson for the emergency ministry stated that although the fire department had managed to put out the flames at 10.05pm (but it was still taking half an hour) before the truck could move and the road cleared.

According to police, the trailer had been completely destroyed by the fire and that the truck driver was left without anything but the cabin of the driver and an unburned shell.  

Spokesman for emergencies ministry said that there had been a fire at the trailer of DAF truck containing pyrotechnic products. The damage was approximately 30 square metres (32 square feet).

“The fire caused no damage to the cabin, but it did completely burn the trailer. There were no injuries.

A spokesperson for the emergency ministry said that although the fire department had managed to put out the flames at 10.05pm (but it was still taking half an hour) before the truck could move and the road cleared. 

According to the spokesperson, traffic was restored around 10.40pm.  

These fireworks were meant for New Year 2022 celebrations in Kazakhstan.

Firefighters managed to get the blaze under control by 10.05pm and after half an hour of clearing debris from the road managed to restore traffic by 10.40pm

After half an hour clearing road debris, firefighters managed to bring the fire under control at 10.05 pm. Traffic was then restored to normal by 10.40pm.

As the fireworks display at the nursery’s Christmas performance goes horribly wrong, parents and children run screaming in terror. 

It was the moment parents and children panicked after fireworks displays went horribly wrong. 

Children under 7 years old were invited to the show, which was hosted at a kindergarten in Kazakhstan. 

Local media reports that while staff intended to use indoor safe fireworks, they mistakenly chose outdoor. This led to the terror scenes.  

Children dressed up as Santa Clauses were performing for parents. This was a traditional tradition of the Soviet Union that presents gifts at Christmas and New Year.  

The children were jumping up and down excitedly as they watched the fireworks.

However, the boxes suddenly exploded, sending bright flashes and smoke and  causing fear and chaos.

Nursery children dressed in Santa costumes were taking part in a festive performance that involved what they thought were indoor fireworks

Children in Santa Claus costumes took part in an outdoor fireworks display with nursery children.

However, it soon became clear that they were in fact outdoor fireworks, causing terror and panic at the performance

It was soon discovered that these were actually outdoor fireworks. This caused panic and terror at the show.