Blunderwall! The bosses of an Oasis themed bar have a Christmas party with their staff without them… and they BUSTED the employees!

  • Paul Gallagher logged into cameras in order to ensure that the service was running smoothly
  • Staff at Definitely Maybe Bar were celebrating a special occasion without him
  • Mr Gallagher took some screenshots of the group and posted them online 

Because they didn’t turn off their CCTV, bar bosses found out that their “cheeky” employees were having an illegal Christmas party.

Paul Gallagher is the co-owner of the Oasis-inspired Definitely Perhaps bar in Bolton. On Monday, he logged into the cameras to verify that service was working smoothly. However, he witnessed 10 members of staff having a festive jolly by himself.

He quickly snapped some photos of them wearing Santa hats, enjoying festive drinks and then posted the pictures on social media.

They realized that they hadn’t turned off the CCTV. The workers then teased Mr Gallagher further, by sticking their fingers up at it and putting a Santa hat over it.

They had also organized Secret Santa. The staff even invited a local musician for a performance.

Paul Gallagher, joint owner of The Definitely Maybe Bar in Bolton, logged into the cameras from home on Monday to check service was running smoothly when he saw 10 members of staff having a festive knees up without him

Paul Gallagher was the joint owner of The Definitely Maybe Bar, Bolton. He logged in from his home to verify that service was operating smoothly and he noticed 10 staff members having a celebratory knees-up without him

After realising they'd forgotten to turn off the CCTV, they teased Mr Gallagher even further by sticking a finger up at the camera and placing a Santa hat on it so they could carry on the party in private

Realizing they hadn’t turned off the CCTV they teased Gallagher further. They held a Santa Hat on their finger and pointed at the camera to continue the party.

Gallagher explained that he often checks CCTV cameras to ensure safety for all. They were all dressed in Santa hats, had decorated tables and there was plenty of presents. I knew immediately what was happening.

They did Secret Santa, bought presents for each other and one of our musicians came to entertain them.

We were not invited. Because it was Monday, the bar would have been quiet on Monday so they decided to throw an informal staff party.

“I found it a little cheeky but not a problem. They should not drink excessively with such a busy week.

Mark Gallagher, Mr Gallagher’s brother, and 45-year-old Mark opened the bar just three weeks prior to Covid hitting in 2020. Workers decided to organize a last minute celebration out of fear that their annual January Christmas party might be cancelled.

The Definitely Maybe bar in Bolton. After realising they'd been caught out by CCTV, one of the party goers decided to taunt the pair by sending them a video of the covered camera

Bolton: The Definitely Maybe bar. One of the partygoers sent a video to the two of them after realizing they had been captured by CCTV.

Inside the bar: Mr Gallagher said: 'I often check the CCTV to keep an eye on things for everyone's safety. I logged on to see them gathered with Santa hats on and tables decorated and presents everywhere and knew what was happening immediately'

Inside the bar: Mr Gallagher said: ‘I often check the CCTV to keep an eye on things for everyone’s safety. When I saw them all gathered, Santa hats and decorated tables everywhere with gifts and presents around, I immediately logged in to the CCTV and was informed of what was happening.

One of the partygoers realized they had been captured on CCTV and sent a video to the two of them.

Gallagher chose to give them the benefit the doubt. The party continued until the very early hours of the morning.

Gallagher explained that they posted the image to Facebook of their entire group showing CCTV footage. We knew customers would love to see them enjoying themselves and being on the opposite side of the bar.

“I laughed at the fact that they covered up my cameras. I was sure they’d forget and get them off soon.”

“I love to believe people see the humor in it, and I would be delighted to see them having a good time after all that year of serving customers.

“The January party that we planned may be cancelled due to the return of predicted restrictions.

“The industry has been going through an uncertain period once more and it’s hard to believe that workers’ worries about the future are not being addressed. I was happy to help them forget all of this for just a short time.