Starbucks workers are in a frenzy after they reveal that an individual placed an overwhelming order for 9,500 drinks, which cost more than $50,000.   

Esha Crosby, from California, shared footage of the enormous order on TikTok, and it quickly went viral, gaining more than 800,000 views in a matter of days.

The clip showed him the computer screen from his register which contained an order for 9 576 Venti caramel Frappuccinos. It cost $52,189.20, and this was without tax. 

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A Starbucks worker just revealed that one of his customers placed a staggering $52,000 order for more than 9,000 Frappuccino's - and the internet is in an uproar over it

Starbucks worker revealed to the world that his customer ordered $52,000 worth of Frappuccino’s. It is causing a stir on the Internet.

Esha Crosby, from California, definitely had his work cut out for him when a customer came into the coffee shop and bought nearly 10,000 drinks

Esha Crosby from California had his hands full when a customer brought nearly 10,000 beverages into the cafe.

The customer, whose identity is unknown, purchased 9,576 venti caramel Frappuccinos, which totaled $52,189.20

Unidentified customer purchased 9,576 Venti caramel Frappuccinos for $52,189.20

Esha then turned the camera to show dozens upon dozens of drink stickers lined up on the counter, as he and another worker prepared to make the massive amounts of coffee.  

The caption read, “I’m finished, this person must be my sugar dad,” he wrote.

This huge order caused an immediate stir on the internet. Many viewers were left wondering how the customer managed to bring all these drinks home. How many ingredients did Starbucks need to make these beverages? Who were these ingredients for?

“Wait, I don’t know how you guys have enough stuff to do all this?” one person wondered. 

The employee shared footage of the enormous order to TikTok and it quickly went viral, gaining more than 800,000 views in a matter of days

An employee uploaded footage from the massive TikTok order and it went viral quickly, with more than 800,000.00 views within days

He showed off the massive order on his register, before turning the camera to reveal dozens upon dozens of drink stickers lined up on the counter

The massive order he had placed on his register was displayed, and then he turned the camera to show dozens upon dozens more drink stickers that were lined up at the counter. 

The colossal order caused quite the stir online, with some people pointing out that for that price, the customer could have bought themselves a brand new car or even a home

Online, there was a lot of discussion about the colossal order. Many people suggested that customers could have bought a car or a house for this price.

One other said, “Those Frappuccinos are going to melt by the end of their making.”

“Did they have several cars to pick them up?” Another person asked. “Or was there a swarm of people who were promised a drink from some wealthy person?” I need more details.’

Another person said, “I believe there should be rules against that.” You can plan it days in advance to ensure that there is enough space for the shop.

Some joked that Esha shouldn’t have been working during lunch, or should have quit.

One TikTok user made a joke about it, writing: “And that’s how I go to my 30.” 

Another person said, “I’d start crying because of stress,”

Another message stated, “That’s when you quit,” 

His video left viewers with a lot of questions - like, how did the customer carry all those drinks home? Did the Starbucks have enough ingredients to make them all? And who were they for?

Viewers were left with many questions about the video, such as how did the customer transport all these drinks home. How many ingredients did Starbucks need to make these beverages? Who were these ingredients for?

Esha's followers begged for some more details, but unfortunately, he hasn't shared any other information just yet

Esha’s followers begged for more details. Unfortunately, he isn’t sharing any information yet.

Many Starbucks baristas had similar experiences handling large orders. However, none came near Esha’s.

Someone wrote, “This beats my order of 74 drinks at my store for certain,” “I wish you all are well.” 

Some others pointed out the fact that the customer could have purchased a brand-new car at that same price. There are also small homes available for purchase for that cost. 

Esha described in another video that they had to close the store after they received the order so they could continue working on the matter. 

Many of his followers begged him for more information, but he refused.