Princess Stephanie of Monaco has released a luxury perfume costing £279, with some of the proceeds going to a charity close to her heart. 

Prince Albert’s sister, 56, has worked with perfumer Laurent Mazzone to create Princess of Hearts, a  ‘refined rose elixir’ that will set you back nearly £300.

Website of perfumer says that this scent is based on the inspiration from an ‘extraordinary woman’. 

Stephanie founded Fight Aids Monaco in 2004. The first 800 bottles will be sold. 

Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 56, has released a perfume in collaboration with perfumer Laurent Mazzone, costing £279 (without VAT). Pictured as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021 in February 2020

Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 56, has released a perfume in collaboration with perfumer Laurent Mazzone, costing £279 (without VAT). This image was taken as part the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Winter 2020/2021, February 2020

The ‘graceful and soft’ luxury scent contains notes of bergamot, rose and aldehyde, as well as iris, carrot, sandalwood, patchouli, white musk and cashmeran.

Imparfum claims the perfume does not have a “normal” scent and has an “much deeper meaning.”

It continued, “It symbolizes the will of H.R.H Princess Stephanie & Laurent Mazzone in making a significant contribution to HIV/AIDS fight,”

According to the perfumer, this scent is a “refined essence” that can be worn as a necklace. 

Princess of hearts, pictured, is a charity endeavour that will see the proceeds of the first 800 bottles go to charity

Princess of Hearts (pictured) is a charity endeavor that will see proceeds from the first 800 bottles going to charity 

It comes in a rectangular, sleek, black, gold-colored bottle that reads: ‘Princesse De Coeur, extrait du parfum’ or ‘Princesse of Hearts’, extract of perfume. 

Imparfum ships internationally and can be ordered through authorised resellers.  

Stephanie’s new venture is coming at a moment when the Monaco royals are rallying around Prince Albert (63), in the absence Princess Charlene (33)

Seven-year old Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques’ mother, was admitted to a treatment facility’. She will be there for ‘at most several weeks’ after becoming ill within 24 hours following her return from South Africa. 

Family members including Princess Caroline of Hanover (left) and Princess Stephanie (right, pictured on Monaco Day) are helping to care for Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques

Family members including Princess Caroline of Hanover (left) and Princess Stephanie (right, pictured on Monaco Day) are helping to care for Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques

Gabriella was spotted holding her aunt Princess Stephanie's hand on Monaco Day, amid her father's claims 'a loving family environment' means the twins get enough affection

On Monaco Day, Gabriella was seen holding the hand of her aunt Princess Stephanie. Her father claims that they have a loving environment where both twins can get plenty affection.

Princess Gabriella (left) and Prince Jacques (right) with their father Prince Albert hold signs saying 'We love you Mommy' during celebrations marking Monaco's National Day

Princess Gabriella (left) and Prince Jacques (right) with their father Prince Albert hold signs saying ‘We love you Mommy’ during celebrations marking Monaco’s National Day

Albert claimed earlier in the year his wife suffered from a sinusitis. However, he did not disclose details about her condition but said that it was unlikely to be cancerous. She was said to be suffering from mental health problems, citing that she was overwhelmed by her responsibilities and could not face family, work, or general life.   

Timeline: Prince Albert’s and Princess Charlene’s separation of 10 months

January 27, 2017 – Charlene and Albert are pictured together at the Sainte Devote Ceremony, Monaco.

March 18th – Charlene is photographed at the KwaKhethomthandayo Royal Palace (Nongoma), South Africa, at the memorial to the late Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini

April 2 – Charlene shares an Instagram pic of Albert, Charlene and Gabriella with their twins Jacques & Gabriella to celebrate Easter.

The exact location of the photo is not known.

May 8, 2018 – Gabriella, Jacques, and Albert attend a Grand Prix in Monaco sans Charlene

May 10th – Albert is at Monaco Gala Awards, Monaco Without Charlene

April 18th – Charlene posts her first photo from South Africa’s conservation trip

June 1, Prince Albert II and Jacques attend Oceanic Museum Monaco

June 3, 2009 – Charlene’s conservation trip is documented in new photos

June 5: Charlene shows unity as she posts a photo of herself and her family for her niece’s fifth-birthday.

June 7, Albert, the twins and Charlene attend the World Rugby Sevens.

June 17, 2017 – Prince Albert and Princess Caroline of Hanover attend the Red Cross Summer Concert in Monte Carlo.

June 18 – Prince Albert appears alone Monte Carlo TV Festival

June 24th – Charlene’s Foundation issues a statement that says the royal can no longer travel because he is currently undergoing treatment for an ear nose, throat and sinus infection

July 2, Charlene & Albert will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. “This year, I will not be with my husband for our July anniversary, which is hard and it saddens us,” Her Serene Hiness Princess Charlene stated in a statement.

July 3, 2018 – Albert and Charlotte Casiraghi, a glamorous niece, appear at the 15th Monte-Carlo Jumping competition, part of Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco.

July 27, 2012 – Prince Albert goes to the Olympics in Tokyo alone

Charlene has a 4-hour surgery on August 13. It is unknown why.

August 25, 2010 – Charlene shared photos of Prince Albert and Gabriella visiting her in South Africa

September 1, Charlene, a surnamed patient at the Netcare Alberlito Hospital is admitted after sudden ‘collapsing.

September 2nd – She’s discharged with the following statement from Palais Princier: Her Highness was closely monitored by Her Medical Team, who stated that her condition wasn’t worrying.

September 23rd – Prince Albert is attending the 2021 Monte Carlo Gala in Planetary Health

September 29, 2009 – Prince Albert and actress Sharon Stone join the Red Carpet for an exclusive look at James Bond’s eagerly awaited release.

September 30, 2010 – Charlene released a chic video to promote her anti-poaching campaign. It was shot from South Africa’s bolthole.

October 3rd – Princess Charlene shows a picture of herself smiling at a bible as her first photo since her discharge from hospital due to her health scare.

October 5, Prince Albert with his nephew Louis Ducruet at the Sportel Awards ceremony in Monte Carlo

October 6, 2006 – Albert informs RMC Radio Charlene that he is ready to return home

October 8th – South Africa’s Princess has surgery

November 8 – Charlene arrives back in Monaco. Prince Albert claimed that she became ill within hours.

November 13th – Prince Albert visits Expo 2020 Dubai, but without Princess Charlene

After his return from the trip Prince Albert hosts an intervention with Charlene’s siblings and a sister in law. Charlene confirms that she will seek out’real medically-framed treatment’ beyond Monaco.

November 16th – The Royal household has confirmed that Princess Charlene will be absent from the National Day celebrations of November 19

Prince Albert, without Princess Charlene, attends the Monaco Red Cross Event

November 17, 2018 – Prince Albert tells Princess Charlene that she has fled Monaco, and that she is currently recovering at a secret location

November 19, 2009 – Prince Albert announces that Charlene has been admitted to a facility “elsewhere in Europe” following a family intervention


Discussing the impact their mother’s absence has had on the children, the Monaco royal spoke to French news outlet Monaco Matin and admitted that they had ‘suffered’, but that They had “a loving family that was there for them”  

But it seems like they’re being well-looked after by Prince Albert’s sisters Princess Caroline of Hanover, 63, and Princess Stephanie, who were seen holding their hands during celebrations for Monaco National Day on Friday.

 Princess Stephanie, who looked chic in a smart grey coat, walked closely alongside Gabriella before clutching the youngster’s hands firmly in front of hers.

Prince Albert and his children stood together on the Monaco Palace’s balcony, holding signs reading: ‘We Miss You Mommy. 

Speaking to Monaco Matin, Prince Albert said: ‘I cannot tell you more out of discretion. It is not only physical tiredness that can be dealt with, but also mental.

He continued: For me, it’s pretty simple – my priority is my family. It’s an important moment in my life. [the children’s] life – the way they grow up helps them see the world.

The other parent should be available if the one or both parents are ill. 

“I’ve heard from too many people and friends that they wish they could have been there to care for their kids at an age when they were not as busy with their careers or family life. These regrets are not something I want.     

Prince Albert spoke out to People magazine that his wife of 43 years, Princess Anne, was suffering from severe exhaustion, both physical and emotional. He said she will be requiring medical attention for several weeks after her return from South Africa, where she spent 10 months.  

Charlene was confirmed by the palace as being in recovery for the near future. On Tuesday, the palace released the following statement: “The Princess is currently recuperating and will continue so for the next weeks. It allows Her to recover from profound general fatigue.” 

In a statement the couple stated that they have decided to take a break from their hectic schedules and allow Princess Charlene to rest for the best possible recovery.

The Princess’ current location will be kept secret in order to preserve her privacy and comfort during recovery. 

“The Princess is looking forward to returning to her Princely duties as well as spending time with her Monegasques, once her health allows.” 

The family were all spotted together in South Africa at the start of June, and official photos of the family shared on social media in August showing another visit had taken place after three months apart. 

Rumours have been swirling for years about the status of the royal marriage. However, the prince insisted that this isn’t due to marital problems. 

He stated, “I am probably going to repeat this many times. But this does not have anything to do with our relationship.” 

“It’s very clear that you want it to be so. 

These aren’t problems in our marriage; they don’t affect the husband-wife relationship. This is a matter of different nature. 

He stated that she isn’t absent due to Covid, cancer or other forms of plastic surgery. 

However, the couple’s reunion photos were met with scepticism, with body language Judi James telling FEMAIL that Charlene was using exaggerated gestures of closeness with Albert and appeared ‘needy’ in the images – while Prince Albert did ‘not reflect’ his wife’s body language. 

She added that in the family image, the princess was  ‘clinging’ to her husband, saying: ‘Charlene’s announcement rituals here suggest she wants to send out a very emphatic message that she is now back with her family and that her love for her husband is stronger than ever.

“Charlene, just like Prince Albert in South Africa, performs over-kill signals in order to get her message across to the rest. She puts in more effort than her husband in order to appear excitedly reunited and joyful.

The reunion was also met with scepticism by the French media, with respected French celebrity outlet Gala publishing an article with the headline: ‘Reunion of Albert and Charlene of Monaco: but where exactly do they sleep?’ 

And Voici – another popular magazine read widely across Monaco and France – ran with: ‘Charlene of Monaco back: the Princess breaks the silence and forgets to mention her husband’.

Charlene made this reference by using social media videos to thank everyone for their help during her months of sickness.

Her foundation shared the video on Twitter after she returned from Monaco.

She said in it: “It was, evidently, a very difficult time to be there, but it has also been wonderful being back South Africa.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the South African doctors for their wonderful help. I look forward to seeing my kids again.

“Thank you South Africa. And thank you to everyone. God bless you.”    

The relationship speculation dates back to Charlene’s 2011 marriage, when she was captured crying. 

Three times, she allegedly tried to escape Monaco from her home in South Africa.

She did this after discovering Albert had a son with her while she was still together.

Princess Charlene was reunited with her family on November 8, with images from a staged photo call shared on the palace's official Instagram page

On November 8, Princess Charlene was brought back home with her family. Images from an orchestrated photo call were shared by the palace’s official Instagram account.

Princess Charlene - whose frail appearance has sparked concerns - shared controversial photos of the couple hugging in South Africa earlier this year

The couple continue to face speculation over their relationship - despite Prince Albert's claims to the contrary

Princess Charlene — whose frailty has raised concern – posted controversial photos this year showing the couple hugging in South Africa.

Albert is said to have rarely seen his child after his marriage, Alexandre Grimaldi Coste. His mother Nicole Coste was a former Air France Flight Attendant from Togo.

In 2014, Nicole told the Mail On Sunday: ‘The truth is that, I’m sorry to say, Albert hasn’t seen Alexandre since a brief visit last September.

It is now impossible because he got married to that girl.

“I imagine as a new spouse, how would you feel?” She should also think of my innocent child.

‘I don’t want to attack her but I think it is just jealousy and I don’t know why.

‘I have been through hell in my fight for my son’s name and future.’ 

Prince Albert, who is currently supporting his two unborn children, is also alleged to have had a relationship in Brazil with a woman, which allegedly resulted into a child in 2005.

His lawyers rejected the claim as a hoax. This is especially painful because he was still dating Charlene, whom he had first met in 2000.

Charlene continues to support her husband, but she has not stopped speaking out. 

In January, the former swimmer for the country, represented it at the 2000 Sydney Olympics spoke out about their relationship.

Point de Vue was told by her: “When my husband is having problems, he tells you about it.” 

“I tell him often, “No matter how, no matter the outcome, I am a thousand percent behind” “I’ll be there for you in all things, good and bad.

Mother-of-two, the mother-of-2 said that her husband is often reminded by her of how she’ll ‘protect’ him and would be ‘always there for him.