The first person in Britain to die after catching Omicron was an unvaccinated pensioner who refused to leave the house after becoming convinced the life-saving jab was part of a Government conspiracy to control the  population after being brainwashed online, his stepson claimed today.

According to the unnamed victim, he was an elderly’recluse.’ He avoided covid jabs and fell ill in December. On Monday, he died at Northampton Hospital. 

His passing was announced by Boris Johnson earlier this week – but the lack of transparency over the UK’s first Omicron death prompted fury, as critics including senior doctors told the Government to release more details to stop ‘unnecessary alarm’. Four days after his death, no additional details have been provided by health officials.

Today, however, the stepson of the victim, John from Smithfield, was identified by LBC only as John from Smithfield. This is to preserve the identity of the deceased man. He claimed that he was a retired pensioner who lived in isolation in a block and then died two weeks later.

To be truthful, he was quite a recluse. He didn’t leave the house. All his meals were delivered to him. The only time he left was to get to the mail box and bins. John stated that he was “one of the most clean guys I had ever met.”

“But that is the most important. He was not vaccinated. Although my sister is distraught, she also feels a bit mad that he didn’t receive the vaccine. He did argue with her about this in October. 

He believed that it was all a con. It was online that he found it. John said that John was an intelligent man and added, “Had John been vaccinated, would he still be here?” 

John claimed that his stepfather, who had been admitted to hospital around one week ago, died on Monday. He explained that his stepfather looked great but fell apart. The fear of the unknown made it impossible for him to talk. It’s not something I would recommend if you were in hospital with 80% oxygen being fired at your face. It would be me. He was very fit. He was healthy and he did not smoke or drink for 30 years.

Asking about Chris Whitty or Boris Johnson’s warnings concerning Omicron and Nick Ferrari’s dangers, he stated that it might have been an exaggerated reaction but that he didn’t know. The people who aren’t vaccinated should be concerned. He wasn’t vaccinated, so he would probably be around. He may be sick, but he’d be still here.  

Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Whitty (left) and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) as millions were warned to get a booster to protect themselves. Mr Whitty said increased hospitalisations were now 'nailed on'

As millions of people were warned about the dangers, Chief Medical Officer in England Professor Chris Whitty and Prime Minister Boris Johnson both left, they received boosters to help them protect themselves. Increased hospitalizations were now being ‘nailed down’, Mr Whitty stated. 

This graph displays the Omicron-like proportion in cases that are not carrying an S-gene. To confirm Covid infections, PCR tests search for three genes. However Omicron has only two.

This graph displays the Omicron-like proportion in cases that are not carrying an S-gene. To confirm Covid infections, PCR tests search for three genes. However Omicron has only two.

Karol Sikora, a professor of medicine and consultant oncologist, stated earlier in the week that the government was failing to provide enough information regarding the death and this was “unnecessarily alarming”. 

He asked, “Were they at the hospital because of Covid? Or were they there because they’d been hit by a bus?”  

Boris Johnson revealed the UK’s first death due to Omicron on a visit to a vaccination clinic in Paddington, west London on Monday, the day the unnamed man died.

He explained that Omicron produces hospitalisations. Unfortunately, at the moment there is one confirmed death with Omicron.

Johnson failed to disclose the individual who died or their age, nor if there were any underlying medical conditions that made them more vulnerable. Johnson also did not mention whether Omicron was the primary or secondary cause. 

According to Omicron, this is the first Omicron-related death confirmed in the entire world.

The variant is found in almost all South African cases. However, it’s likely the majority of deaths are caused by the mutation. Unfortunately testing has not been done to confirm this.  

However, the UKHSA did confirm that Omicron had been diagnosed at a hospital. 

Karol Sikora, a professor of medicine and consultant oncologist, said that the government should provide more information about the death in order to ease people’s mind.   

“Have they ever had booster?” He asked, “Are they old?”  

“There are many nuances to this subject, and we don’t have the right information.”

He said that considering the average age for Covid-related deaths in the UK and the possibility that an individual died as a result of Omicron infection, there wasn’t any reason to panic. The Government should also calm concerns rather than excite them. 

He said that Covid’s average death age is 82.5, so many 82-year old people will die within a single year.

Professor of medicine and consultant oncologist Karol Sikora said the Government was not providing the nation with enough information about the first Omicron death

Karol Sikora, a professor of medicine and consultant oncologist, stated that the government was not giving enough information to the nation about Omicron’s first death.

“No information has been given, but I believe it to be an old boy who tested positive. He may have died from a heart attack or in his sleep, so we don’t know.

“It is not necessary to alarming.”

Professor Sikora said his suspicion is that the silence regarding whether the person was vaccinated or not indicated to him that the person died of another cause while they had Omicron. 

‘I suspect that it’s a death, which is unfortunate, but is due to something else, and it just happens to be Covid positive that’s why they’re not making a big noise  about them being vaccinated or not,’ he said.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson, when asked about the insufficient details on Omicron deaths, cited patient confidentiality, however, he added that more information may be available in the UKHSA week end report.   

He said, “Obviously there’s a right for patients confidentiality when it’s about individual deaths so we’re limited in what can we say.” 

“But, we will provide additional breakdowns on things like characteristics both of patients, and numbers in hospital through the surveillance report.”

Omicron’s death was a tragic result of the speed at which it spread. This meant that although Omicron is not more dangerous than Covid per se, there were more Omicron deaths. 

“I do not think that anyone has any doubts about the possibility of Omicron causing death. This is something we must face due to increased transmissibility.