Stomach-churning moment man eats 300 BRUSSELS SPROUTS in 28 minutes – and doesn’t even break the world record

  • Max Stanford (34-year-old from London) set out to devour 400 sprouts. 
  • The charity worker was unable to manage 300 sprouts on a platter of 4.2kg.
  • Emma Dalton is the only person to eat a record-breaking 325 sprouts in just 36 minutes 

The moment that a man devours 300 Brussels sprouts in just 28 minutes is one of the most stomach-churning moments.

Max Stanford, 34, from London, set out to wolf down 400 sprouts to break the world record held by competitive eater Emma Dalton.

However, the 300-strong Christmas meal staple could not be managed by the volunteer from charity.

This is the stomach-churning moment a man eats 300 Brussels sprouts in 28 minutes

In just 28 minutes, a man can eat 300 Brussels sprouts.

Max is seen eating sprouts while using a toothpick to help him eat the second plate.

He uses mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, and curry sauce because of the bitter flavor. 

In order to beat the record, he also consumes water, squash, and coke.

He takes on many challenges through Max Vs Food, and recently broke a new world record when he ate 23 McPlant hamburgers in under an hour. 

Emma Dalton, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, currently holds the record eating a gut-busting 325 sprouts in 36 minutes in 2016. 

Wayne Sherlock from Drumconrath in Ireland beat the record for most sprouts consumed within 60 seconds, managing 33.

Max Stanford (pictured), 34, from London, set out to wolf down 400 sprouts to break the world record held by competitive eater Emma Dalton

Max Stanford (pictured), 34 year old from London went out and ate 400 sprouts in order to beat the world record set by Emma Dalton.

But the charity worker could only manage 300 of the Christmas dinner staple from a 4.2kg platter

The charity worker was unable to manage 300 Christmas meals from the 4.2kg platter.

Max stated that it was difficult because they weren’t cooked properly.

“Instead of roasting with some flavor, they were mostly microwaved. This made them taste bland and also gave them a mushy texture.

“But, also because flavour fatigue is when you eat the same thing over and over without changing up any flavour.

“They were also very cold and had a much blander texture due to the way they were cooked.

The video shows Max eating the sprouts with a toothpick as he quickly gobbles down the first two plates

Max is seen eating sprouts while using a toothpick to quickly eat the second plate.

But the bitter taste causes him to use tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and curry sauce to make the challenge more palatable

To make it more enjoyable, he uses tomato ketchup and mayonnaise to mask the bitter taste.

Max declared that he’d never again eat sprouts after spending nearly 28 minutes and 33 second consuming them.

However, now he’s happy to have some on Christmas Day.

He explained that he didn’t wish to see another plant ever again at the time.

“But I do eat healthy and clean food, which also includes lots of veggies including sprouts!”

“I participate in weekly food challenges to improve my ability to eat a lot of different foods at once without feeling sick.”