Over 60 people were stranded by more than 3ft of snow at Britain’s top pub. They spent the third night there after bitter winds caused chaos across the country. Temperatures dropped to as low as 8.7C (13.3F) during the week.

Today’s lock-in at Tan Hill Inn, Yorkshire Dales will end after 61 people, guests, and musicians were trapped inside the hotel from Friday night during heavy snowfall due to Storm Arwen.

Many of the guests were sleeping on mattresses and makeshift beds on the ground, but instead they watched films, played a game, and enjoyed a meal buffet. Some admitted that they didn’t want leave.

Noasis is an Oasis tribute band that has been performing since the group’s Friday gig at the historical pub. It stands at 1,732ft (528m), the highest point in the UK.

Managers at the pub hope that Northern Power engineers today will make sure the cables are not damaged. However, this comes amid the fact that thousands remain without power after Storm Arwen.

Some parts of the UK were blanketed by the hurricane. Three people died when their trees fell and the 100mph winds caused havoc on roads, railways and buildings.

This morning, the Met Office has issued warnings about ice in the UK amid widespread “Arctic Shot” and concern that untreated pavements, roads and cycles paths could lead to more accidents.

Nearly 450,000 households were without electricity in England, North Wales, and Scotland. 32,000 homes in North East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and almost 40,000 in North Wales had to endure a third night of darkness.

London North Eastern Railway said that there were no trains running between Edinburgh and Newcastle. It also stated that it was hoping to restart trains to Tyneside this afternoon after having cancelled them on Friday evening due to severe weather.

Yesterday’s Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Burnley was delayed by snowfall, which caused the game to be called off just under an hour before kickoff. 

Some 60 people have been involved in the lock-in at the remote Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales, and are pictured last night

About 60 people participated in the lock-in at Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire Dales.

The Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales is pictured yesterday, after 61 people became trapped there amid heavy snowfall

After 61 people were trapped in their home during heavy snowfall, the Tan Hill Inn is photographed yesterday.

Some guests have claimed they "don't want to leave" the Tan Hill Inn, from which heavy snow is pictured yesterday

Some guests claimed that they don’t want the Tan Hill Inn to be left. Heavy snow was pictured here yesterday.

Guest have been treated to films on a projector screen, a quiz night and a buffet meal at the Tan Hill Inn, pictured yesterday

The Tan Hill Inn treated guests to films projected on a screen and quiz nights.

Many guests have been sleeping on makeshift beds and mattresses on the floor at the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales

Many guests used to sleep on floor beds or mattresses made from scrap materials at the Tan Hill Inn.

Snow as seen from the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales yesterday, where guests continue to be trapped overnight

The snow seen yesterday from Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire Dales.

On FridaySArwen

Due to heavy snowfall after Storm Arwen, 61 people were trapped at Tan Hill Inn.

Snow in the doorway of the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales is pictured yesterday, after guests became trapped on Friday

Yesterday’s photograph shows snow in the Tan Hill Inn doorway, Yorkshire Dales. This was taken after guests were trapped Friday

Many areas of the country were below freezing on last night. Shap, Cumbria was the coldest at -8.7C (13.3F).  The temperature was at -11.6C (11.2)F, the coldest since Tuesday February 11.

Nicola Townsend (51) said, “It’s been beautiful and everyone is really in good spirits…it’s a great atmosphere.”

The Met Office has issued an ice warning for Britain today

Today, the Met Office issued an Ice Warning for Britain

“They have established a strong friendship… It’s like having a huge family. A lady even said that she didn’t want her husband to go.

On Saturday evening, guests thanked the seven members of staff stuck inside with them by presenting them with a jar filled with around £300 in cash.

The pub served a classic lunch yesterday before staff and guests decorated the bar in time for Christmas.

Leyburn native Ms Townsend stated that many of the people stranded — including her – will remain in contact long after being freed.

Martin Overton (44), travelled from his home in the campervan to Noasis on Friday.

BBC commentator on rugby league, Mr. Overton said that he felt great because everyone was looking out for each other. It is important to pay attention to the weather forecast when visiting the Tan Hill Inn.

“The area is extremely exposed… It is what makes it unique, but I’ll pack more warm clothing and some shovels in the future.

Ms Townsend stated that they realized they were trapped on Friday after the blizzard.

“The blizzards, the drifting snow, was so bad, that it reached almost all of the bedroom windows,” she stated.

The pub has now constructed a tunnel through its front doors. However, nearby roads remain unusable due to falling power cables.

On the “world’s oldest railroad”, Storm Arwen decimates Christmas attraction

Storm Arwen has destroyed the magical Christmas attraction at the “world’s oldest railroad” due to its strong winds.

Family members who ride the North Pole Express train to East Tanfield station, North East England in order to meet Santa Claus or receive Christmas presents are highly satisfied with the sold out experience.

Tanfield Railway volunteer, which runs trains on rails dating back to 1725 said the damage was’really disappointed’. 

David Watchman stated that there is a lot to be done and a lot to do. We’ve experienced extreme weather before, so we know how to prepare. But last night’s winds made it difficult. There’s only so much that you can do. This is a completely different experience than what we have previously experienced.

The North Pole Express experience at East Tanfield station in North East England which has been damaged by Storm Arwen

Storm Arwen has damaged North Pole Express’ East Tanfield station at North East England.

According to the 32-year old, it was a volunteer-run attraction that would open Saturday. 

He said, “We have some holiday animals that the children can get photographed with and we also have arts and crafts.” “Then you board our steam train to (go on a magical journey) to the North Pole, where Santa will be waiting for you at his Grotto.

Tanfield Railway’s team stated that they felt ‘devastated’ after the loss of Andrew’s House Station’s North Pole.

They stated that they would do all in their power to make the disappointment temporary. A Facebook post received more than 250 responses from people around the world.

The sold-out, 90-minute North Pole Express experience is popular with families who take the train from East Tanfield station to see Santa and receive a Christmas present

Families who travel from East Tanfield to visit Santa Claus and get a Christmas gift are fondly familiar with the 90 minute North Pole Express experience.

Watchman stated that it wasn’t until Saturday morning volunteers saw the true extent of the damages.

“We have to confess that we kept an eye on weather. He said that we didn’t anticipate it to be at such high levels. “We realised it was a completely different kind of storm after we had tents destroyed and other things. It was amazing to see the faces of the people who visit the railway. The children seeing Santa Claus, and how happy they were. Cancelling is not something we would want.

Watchman stated that volunteers had been reaching out to ticket holders and were hopeful the North Pole Express would be open on Sunday.

He said, “As we speak we have a team volunteer on the move, putting up another tent, fixing the buildings, and clearing the trees.” “We spent six weeks setting up (this )…) so we are still trying to prepare for tomorrow.

Ms Townsend stated that mountain rescuers were able to make it to the top of the snow in order to assist one patient with an ongoing condition.

The 30ft tall village Christmas tree fell in the Cheshire village of Audlem just hours after everyone had come together to celebrate the switch-on of the festive lights on Friday night. But no one was seriously hurt.

After the wind ripped the roof off their Trimdon County Durham kennels, almost 40 dogs needed to be saved. The strong winds decimated 160 trees in South Tyneside.

The historic Domesday Book community in Audlem, Cheshire saw the village’s 30ft Christmas tree fall just hours after residents had gathered to switch on the lights.

Nobody was injured and, as fate would have it, a group of construction workers had been enjoying a fun night at The Lord Combermere Pub. They rushed to assist in moving the massive tree off the roads so that there wouldn’t be any more danger.

Neil Goodyear was the Organiser. He stated: “We monitored weather hourly Friday, and determined that we could hold the event considering strong gusts might hit us later.

“The wind was blowing through Cheshire street towards the square, and it was around 10.15pm when a strong gust knocked down the tree.

Yesterday, teams were planning to cut the bottom and put it back up.

Hartlepool residents who were able to witness the entire force of Arwen’s presence at their holiday park described it as something like Mad Max.

Ian McPherson had planned to spend his 49th-day weekend at Crimdon Holiday Park with his three children and wife. But Friday night, the wind was so strong, they were afraid for their safety and decided to head home.

He said, “When I looked out my window I saw a caravan floating down the hill on its gasoline bottle.”

“It felt like Mad Max. “I thought it was the final day of the world. That’s how it felt.

“I thought that our time was over.”

The storm was so severe that they weren’t allowed to drive, the group decided to stay on the floors of the building office.

After the winds ripped the roof off their kennels, almost 40 dogs managed to escape.

Tom Heilbron was a greyhound trainer who saw the destruction at Link Kennels, Trimdon County Durham.

They were able to flee injury and quickly moved to other nearby kennels where they will be kept safe while repairs are done.

Wrexham was a North Wales town where drinkers of Wetherspoons were accused of inflicting injuries after plaster fragments began to fall from the ceiling.

According to a spokesperson, two customers claimed they were hit but this was disproved in CCTV footage. Paramedics arrived on the scene and later stopped.

The pub, the N&S Wales Bank, remained shut over the weekend for safety checks.

Tom Morgan, Met Office forecaster, said that the bitter ending of autumn is due to an “Arctic shot” of weather. This was caused by the movement of south-facing storms in the UK.

“As Storm Arwen moves out of Europe, a cold northerly stream of wind has been left behind at the UK, which is causing some the most bitterly cold temperatures that we have ever seen,” he stated.

Many places in the country dropped below freezing last Saturday, with Shap in Cumbria being the coldest at -6.4% (20.5F).

These low temperatures caused widespread snow settling in the uplands of Northern England, and further into the Midlands, yesterday. There were also wintry showers farther south.

As a single walker, the Angel of the North stood in Gateshead among the fields of white.

While runners were braving the cold, snowy conditions in the region, couple could be seen taking photos while running.

He added that even if you live in a big city, it is possible to expect to have to remove frost and ice from your cars every Monday morning.

Snow covers fields in the village of Keele in Staffordshire after Storm Arwen hit Britain on Friday and over the weekend

Snow covers fields in the village of Keele in Staffordshire after Storm Arwen hit Britain on Friday and over the weekend

Charlie, 33, clears snow from his car in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, this morning wearing only a pair of shorts

Charlie (33), clears the snow in Wakefield West Yorkshire using only shorts.

After overnight temperatures plungewell below freezing, dawn breaks over a snowy landscape as the the first sunlight of the day is reflected on the River Dove today near Mayfield, Ashbourne. The river marks the Derbyshire, and Staffordshire border

After temperatures have dropped below freezing overnight, the sun rises over the snowy landscape. The River Dove, near Mayfield in Ashbourne, reflects the first daylight of the day. It marks the Staffordshire-Delaware border.

Met Office yellow-ice warnings for the UK were up until now, from the North-east to the South Coast and east of Scotland.

Take each day in its entirety and work around the clock: After a string of disasters, I’m A Celeb’s bosses claim they are determined to have the show back on-air as soon as possible. This includes Richard Madeley’s sickness and the devastation caused by Storm Arwen. 

After the destruction caused by Storm Arwen’s departure and Richard Madeley’s premature death, I’m A Celebrity’s bosses insist they’re ‘working round the clock’ in order to keep the show running.

The series has experienced many disasters, with viewers pleading for it to stop until Australia can host it. It is now clear that there could be more delays.

MailOnline received information from insiders of ITV: “This is an ongoing situation. We are taking each day as they come and working round-the clock. We are focusing on getting the site up and running safely so that the show can return to air as soon as possible.

I'm A Celebrity bosses have insisted they are 'working around the clock' to get the show up and running, following the devastation of Storm Arwen and Richard Madeley's departure

Following the departure of Richard Madeley and Storm Arwen, the I’m A Celebrity bosses insisted that they were ‘working around-the-clock’ to bring the show back on track.

“We don’t have the ability to say when, but will update you when we do.

Already, Richard, a hotly anticipated contestant, left the show in the first week. The reality series, which is now in its second season at Wales’ Gwrych Castle has also seen cancellations due to severe weather and star removals from the castle following Storm Arwen, when a tree 100ft tall crashed into the wall.

This weekend, the production disruption caused by storms prompted two episodes to be cancelled. According to reports, the castle appears to be “looking like a battlefield” at the moment.

The castle’s grounds were badly damaged by the crew, who knocked down scaffolding and tore off the marquee roof.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly shared a video to their Instagram account on Sunday night admitting bosses were still unsure when the programme would be 'up and running' again

Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin shared a video on their Instagram accounts Sunday night, admitting that bosses still weren’t sure when the program would be re-launched.

According to The Sun, there is every possibility that the stars of the show could be forced from the castle once more. A 700-mile long Arctic weather front will hit Abergele in North Wales over the next few days.

According to an insider, the nightmare created by Storm Arwen will never end. Bosses are working around the clock to get the show back on air — but with more storms forecast for the coming days, the morale is low.’

Declan Donnelly, host of Ant McPartlin’s Showtime on Sunday Night shared a video to Instagram that admitted show bosses are still unsure about when the program will be ‘up again and running.

The warnings were about “icy patches” on the roads and pavements. This means that accidents, slips, and falls will be’more probable’.

A cold weather advisory issued Friday by the UK Health Security Agency remains in effect until today.

The Advisory Council advises that people stay warm, and to watch out for the most vulnerable to the cold conditions like the elderly or those with lung and heart problems.

According to the Energy Networks Association (the industry association for UK power suppliers), 193,000 households were without electricity as of Sunday 5pm, but supplies had been restored in 800,000.

According to the organisation, the storm has caused more damage than the 2018 ‘Beast From The East storm. It is also the most severe storm that affected power supply in over 15 years.

According to a spokesperson, members of the group are working together with emergency services and British Red Cross local resilience partners in order to offer additional support and help. A number of welfare centres were also set up, and teams dedicated to contacting vulnerable clients.

Northern Powergrid is a supplier of energy in the North East, Yorkshire, and northern Lincolnshire. Although 240,000 of its customers were reported to have lost power, on Sunday, it announced that service had been restored at 200,000.

Over 1,100 incidents of property damage by the company were recorded. More are still being identified as repairs progress.

Electricity North West provides electricity for the area from the Scottish border to Stockport. 77,000 customers lost their power on Sunday, according to Electricity North West. This company supplies energy for those who live between Stockport and Scotland.

SP Energy Networks (a supplier of parts of Scotland and England) said that although 147,000 customers have been connected, 15,000 still are affected. This is mostly in the Borders.

Western Power Distribution is a supplier of energy to the Midlands and parts of Wales.

Scotland’s police warned that people could lose power for another day if engineers fail to restore the grid. Meanwhile, welfare centers were established to provide shelter and support to the most vulnerable.

SP Energy Networks hadn’t yet connected 6,000 clients in Fife, Dumfriesshire and Fife by yesterday. The figure for SSE – whose engineers remained on red alert – was 32,000.

Arwen was a rare yellow weather alert that was issued on Friday. It caused three deaths when hurricane-force winds ravaged the North, East, England, and Wales.

The tree that fell onto his truck from Dyce to Hatton of Fintray Road in Aberdeenshire killed a 35 year-old man.

Two officers responding to the incident were able to make it out alive after their car was struck by another tree.

Another two persons died in Northern Ireland as well as at Ambleside, Lake District.

Yesterday, Chief Superintendent George Macdonald of Police Scotland, responsible for North-East Division, stated that he declared a major event yesterday after it became apparent that the region was experiencing the most severe power outages in many years and the other adverse effects on residents.

“The Local Resilience Partnership was created by the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Utility Providers, other body, groups, and volunteer agencies.

According to him, it may take between 36 and 48 hours for some areas to get back to normal and restore power supply and other services.

Yesterday, Aberdeenshire Council announced that schools will close in their area due to the weather conditions. NHS Grampian stated that vaccination centers in Aberdeenshire will close today. Patients were urged to reschedule appointments.

The power companies offered to take people into hotels, if they had any hot food left. The establishment of welfare centres was announced and the families affected were informed that they would receive compensation for hot food.

SP Energy Networks spokesmen said that Storm Arwen caused winds exceeding 90 mph, and some of our networks suffered the most severe damage in years. Since Friday night, our engineers have been working tirelessly to restore power as soon as possible.

“We have seen more than 329 faults in Scotland, and over 551 in England or Wales. Engineers have successfully reconnected more than 127,000 customers since the start of the storm.

A man walks across wintry ground during sunrise in Priory Park in Warwick this morning

One man walks over wintry ground at sunrise in Priory Park.

A beautiful sunrise over a snowy landscape in Oxford this morning following a weekend of sub-zero temperatures

After a weekend of below-zero temperatures, this beautiful sunrise is seen over Oxford’s snowy landscape.

The sun rises over snow-covered houses in Wakefield this morning after heavy snow fell in parts of West Yorkshire

This morning, after snow-covered Wakefield houses were covered in snow this morning, the sun rose over them. 

“In many places, the damage caused by falling trees and other windblown debris has been extensive. Engineers are dealing with affected road networks which makes accessing some of our repairs more difficult.

A spokesperson added that it took them longer than usual to get their customers back on because of all the faults and severe damage. Whereas normally, they would only deal with one fault on a line and get many customers on, this time we have several faults on one. Once the line is fixed, however, power can be restored to only a small number of customers.

Many elderly care homes used Facebook yesterday in an attempt to get residents hot food. Fubar News administrator, One Manager wrote she knew of 28 people who were in dire need of hot meals.

Fraserburgh’s Sea Cadets offered hot beverages, soup, and snacks at the centre of the town.

Members of the public were requested to donate large blankets and duvets for animals. After the power went out at its Aberdeenshire facility, it requested heat packs to keep reptiles warm.

ScotRail stated that extensive damage had been done to railway tracks and trains, resulting in the suspension of service between Edinburgh, North Berwick, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dundee, Dundee, Aberdeen, Wick, Inverness and Dumfries and Kilmarnock. 

LNER stated that there were no service yesterday on the East Coast route North of Newcastle, and that this could cause a significant disruption.

Meanwhile, 42 passengers were trapped for over 17 hours on Friday night when the train from Aberdeen to Inverness at 3.25pm came to an abrupt halt at Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

The train staff received hot rolls and pies from the local bakers, and was even able to get a kettle for coffee and tea.

The Association of British Insurers stated that firms are preparing for assistance to policyholders who have suffered from the storm. It was recommended that people arrange for emergency repairs in order to avoid problems from escalating, and to retain receipts.

Spokesman for the company added that comprehensive motor insurance can cover damage to vehicles caused by severe weather.