Stowaway LIZARD makes it to England, covering 4,500 miles in an uninvited holidaymaker’s luggage

  • Commonly found in the US is the harmless green anole, a tree-dweller.
  • Rachel Bond (54), had just returned to North Tyneside from Orlando, Floriday. 
  • Margaret Crossland was Ms Bond’s mother and noticed the lizard in her bedroom.
  • RSPCA will take care of it. 

After hiding in a suitcase, a stowaway Lizard was discovered and flown 4,500 miles between sunny Florida and the cold north east of England.

Rachel Bond was returning from holiday and thought her mother, aged 84, was looking at things when the reptile began to move around Whitley Bay.

A harmless, tree-dweller, the green anole Lizard was discovered on Thursday. This happened just one day after Storm Arwen caused severe weather disruption in the UK and Scotland.

After returning from Orlando, Ms. Bond (54), had just unpacked her bags when Margaret Crossland, Margaret’s mother, noticed the creature. She shouted, ‘There’s a lizard at my bedroom door!’

Ms Bond explained that while she wasn’t sure if she was older than her, when she went upstairs, she insisted that she saw the reptile enter her room.

This stowaway lizard flew 4,500 miles from Orlando, Florida to Whitley Bay on North Tyneside after hiding in a suitcase owned by holiday maker Rachel Bond

After hiding in the suitcase of Rachel Bond, a holidaymaker Rachel Bond’s wife, this stowaway Lizard flew over 4,500 miles to Whitley Bay, North Tyneside.

Ms Bond's mother Margaret Crossland noticed the creature and shouted: 'There is a lizard on my bedroom door'

Margaret Crossland, Ms Bond’s mom noticed the creature. She shouted “There’s a lizard at my bedroom door!”

Ms Bond contacted the RSPCA who took the lizard away as it required specialised care

Ms Bond reached out to the RSPCA and had the lizard taken away by them as it required special care.

“We took a look all around, and finally found the item under her pillow.

“I think that she was happy she didn’t awake in the night with it on his face. It would have been quite an shocker.

“It is remarkable that the Lizard made it all the way without being hurt. However, I am sorry that he got stuck in Whitley Bay during winter after having enjoyed such warm weather.

The lizard was a possibility for her to keep, but she decided to call the RSPCA instead as it needed special care.

Lucy Green, Inspector Lucy said that the lizard required warming up. However, he is doing fine under the supervision of a reptile specialist.

She stated, “It’s amazing that he survived such an extraordinary journey.” It is clear that he is a very fortunate lizard.

According to the RSPCA, it is unlikely that they will return accidentally stowaways back to their home country. Therefore, they are regularly rehomed by specialist keepers or zoos and wildlife parks.

RSPCA inspector Lucy Green said: 'It is amazing to think he has survived such an incredible journey. He is certainly a very lucky lizard'

Lucy Green (RSPCA Inspector) said that it was amazing to see him survive such an extraordinary journey. It is clear that he is a lucky lizard.