New reports suggest that it’s unlikely that Oti Mabuse, the Strictly Come Dancing star, will make a return to BBC Show. He was replaced by John Barrowman on Dancing On Ice. 

The 31-year-old professional dancer and two-time glitterball champ has been on the dance show since 2015, winning in 2019 with Kelvin Fletcher and the year after with Bill Bailey. 

However, her latest venture was unveiled this week. In January 2022, she will join the Dancing On Ice Panel alongside Jayne Torvill, Ashley Banjo and Christopher Dean.

Moving on? Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse is 'unlikely' to return to the show after being snatched up for the Dancing On Ice panel (pictured 2020)

What’s next? After being taken for the Dancing On Ice panel, Oti Mabuse of Strictly come Dancing is “unlikely” to be back on the show (pictured 2020).

According to The Metro, her new job could mean she swaps the ballroom for the ice. 

Harry Rutter is a celebrity publicist and PR expert who believes she won’t return to The Beeb. 

“Moves such as this are rare, but ITV bosses made a compelling offer.

“Oti has been performing Strictly since 2015 and has built a large audience both on TV as well as online. This is something ITV would take into consideration,” he stated. 

Glitz and glam: The 31-year-old professional dancer and two-time glitterball champ has been on the dance show since 2015, winning in 2019 with Kelvin Fletcher and the year after with Bill Bailey (pictured with Bill during the 2020 final)

Glitz and glam: The 31-year-old professional dancer and two-time glitterball champ has been on the dance show since 2015, winning in 2019 with Kelvin Fletcher and the year after with Bill Bailey (pictured with Bill during the 2020 final)

MailOnline received a statement from Oti confirming that the matter is speculation.  Strictly representatives declined to comment.

South African beauty, Simiah said about her decision to take on the new role: “As a professional dancer, I have always had such respect for the Dancing On Ice skating pros.” 

“It’s an amazing skill and so stunning to see. My excitement about being on the panel is contagious.   

“I cannot wait to watch the stars succeed as they learn to ice skate and to support the professionals as they make amazing choreography. 

‘Having been on both sides of the table, I know a little bit about how they’ll be feeling. It’s more than an honour and I already can’t wait to join the family.’

New role: The South African dancer's latest endeavour was revealed this week, as will join the Dancing On Ice panel alongside fellow judges Ashley Banjo, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean in January 2022

A new role was announced: This week the South African dancer, who is now joining the Dancing On Ice panel with fellow judges Ashley Banjo and Jayne Torvill in January 2022, was named.

John was forced to resign earlier this year due to his conduct on the set. Oti is now taking over for John.

In May, the 54-year-old actor apologized for historical incidents but claimed they were exaggerated.

The TV star described his past actions on set as ‘silly behaviour’ and insisted on Lorraine last month he would ‘never do it now’ after previously admitting to ‘tomfoolery’ on the sets of Doctor Who, where he began playing Captain Jack Harkness in 2005 and spin-off series Torchwood a year later.

When questioned by the host  if he felt his behaviour had ‘crossed the line’, John agreed that if it were to happen today then it would be, but was quick to accuse people of turning his actions into ‘sexual harassment’.  

Replaced: Oti will be taking the seat that was vacated by John Barrowman, 54, (pictured) after he was axed earlier this year for exposing himself on set

Replacing John Barrowman (pictured), 54. He was fired earlier in the year after being exposed on set.

Following more serious sexual harassment allegations against Noel Clarke, his Doctor Who costar, no charges were filed against him. 

He said, “I believe that it was not possible to do it now. It was a bawdy, stupid behavior that occurred 15 years ago. We were like a group of family members, all working together. 

‘The fact that it was stories that I’ve already told. I’ve been telling them for years. I haven’t hidden anything, they’ve been exaggerated, and they’ve tried to turn them into sexual harassment which it absolutely is not.’  

Actor added that he could now see that his behavior was a ‘juvenile,’ which he wouldn’t do any more today. 

The new series of Dancing On Ice will star Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor, Love Islander Liberty Poole, Happy Mondays dancer Bez, Paralympian Stef Reid, rugby star Ben Foden, and popstar and actress Kimberly Wyatt.  

While Paul Gascoigne’s son Regan Gascoigne, pop star Rachel Stevens, professional dancer Brendan Cole, presenter Ria Hebden, BMX Olympic silver medalist Kye Whyte and The Vamps’ Connor Ball complete the cast. 

Their professional partners are experts in guiding celebrity beginners from the beginning to their spectacular performances. 

Axed: No charges were brought against the media personality after allegations about him exposing himself were revealed in May following more serious allegations of sexual harassment against his Doctor Who co-star Noel Clarke (pictured on the DOI panel, 2020)

After allegations that he exposed himself in May, there were more serious accusations of sexual harassment against Noel Clarke (pictured at the DOI panel 2020).

Matt Evers, a part of Dancing On Ice since it launched on ITV in 2006, returns to the show alongside fellow series favourites Alexandra Shauman and husband Łukasz Różycki, Andy Buchanan and wife Robin Johnstone.  

Brendyn Hasfield, Mark Hanretty, Vanessa Bauer, Karina Metta, Joe Johnson and Brendyn Hathfield will all be back. 

Angela Egan, the reigning champion who won with Sonny Jay last season is back.

The 2022 Pro Team is complete with three new members, world-class competitive figure skaters Morgan Swales (Ticky Packard), and Colin Grafton. 

Dancing On Ice 2022: What are the Celebrities?


Age: 22

Profession: Olympic BMX Rider

Kye said: “I would love to make it to the final, I am very competitive.


Age: 43

Profession: Singer

Rachel says“It feels real now, it is happening. It’s so exciting, but also very nervous.



Age: 22

Profession: Love Island star  

Liberty is: “It’s a hobby that I do a lot of ice skating, so I’m able to get around on the rink sometimes but not for any tricks.” 


Age: 36

Profession: Paralympian

Stef said: ‘I’m going to be a contestant on Dancing on Ice and it’s a little bit scary but I cannot wait!’



Age: 26

Profession: Singer 

Regan says: “I enjoy dancing, but I love the art of it. This is something that I always wanted to try. Always! Since I was a child!


Age: 39

 Age: 39                                                                     

Profession: Pussycat Dolls singer

Kimberly– ‘I am just excited to see how I can get on there. I am up for any challenge.



Age: 45

Profession: Dancer

Brendan says:“I knew I would be appearing on this show since a long time. I am so eager to start it. 



Age: 36

Profession: Rugby player  

Ben says:  ‘I like the idea of learning a new sport and a new skill. I enjoy being competitive.



Age:  58

Profession: Coronation Street actress 

Sally:  “This is a huge challenge. I’m so scared! It’s up to me to grab every opportunity that comes my way.



Age: 57

Profession: Happy Monday 

Bez says: ‘I’m always up for a challenge and am already in training on the ice.’


Age: 36


Ria says ‘It will be brilliant to learn a new scary skill.’


Age: 25

Age: 25

 Profession: Vamps bassist

Connor: ‘I’m excited obviously but I’m really nervous. I’m quite clumsy, accident prone.’