After confirming that she would be attending the final, AJ Odudu extended her arms to Florence and hugged her mother Florence. 

After injuring her right foot, the 33-year-old presenter had to withdraw from the contest. 

She was unable to stand after she sustained ligament injury earlier in the week. 

Gutted: AJ Odudu, 33, hugged her mother as she stepped out of the Strictly Come Dancing hotel on crutches on Saturday, after confirming she will attend the final to cheer on her pals

Gutted: AJ Odudu (33), hugged her mother after she walked out of Strictly come Dancing Hotel on Saturday on crutches. She had just confirmed that she would be attending the final to cheer for her friends.

AJ, despite the injury, looked happy as she smiled, pulled a sign of peace, and then stepped into a taxi. 

It was chic, she looked great in a blouse of floral bohemian design and jeans. 

AJ then climbed in the taxi carrying her crutches, a balloon and a bouquet. 

Disappointed: The presenter was forced to pull out of the competition after injuring her foot just days before the final

Disappointed: After injuring her right foot just days prior to the final, the presenter had to withdraw from the contest.

Oh no: Her injury left unable to stand as she suffered torn ligament damage earlier this week

Ouch! Her ligament injury earlier in the week rendered her unable to stand.

The outing comes after she spoke to to Claudia Winkleman on BBC Radio 2, saying she was feeling ‘a combination of so many emotions.’ 

She said, “Really happy to be back in one piece after spending the most wonderful 13 weeks together with Kai and it being the most spectacular show of all time. But I’m really sad to have to go.”

“We were thrilled to be able to participate in the final, and we are so thankful. We had so many things up our sleeves.

Keeping positive: She looked chic as she wore a floral bohemian style shirt and black jeans as she wore a foot fracture boot

Positive attitude: Her outfit was chic with a floral blouse and dark jeans. She also wore a black boot for her foot fracture.

Chatting: Earlier that day she spoke with Claudia Winkleman on Radio 2


Through gritted teeth, she added: “Looking at the torn ligaments of my right angle, it couldn’t have survived.

“Monday was exciting. It was so exciting to get into the studio.

“Yeah Claudia, I don’t have any words to describe my grief. I am so grateful for all the support we received, Kai and our family.

She said on the show: 'It's a combination of so many emotions. Really grateful to be here in one piece having had the best 13 weeks with Kai on the most incredible show but really gutted to leave it in this way.'

She said on the show: ‘It’s a combination of so many emotions. I am grateful that Kai and I were able to spend the 13 most amazing weeks together, but it was hard to let go. 

Having fun: Despite the injury, AJ looked in good spirits as she smiled and pulled a peace sign on the outing before heading into a waiting taxi

AJ is having fun

Suffering: Her mother doted on her as she hobbled along the street

Suffering. Her mother did all she could to support her while she struggled down the street. 

“He has helped me to get up after I was knocked out and given me a fresh lease of life. His strength made me feel strong for the final week.

The pro dancer revealed that they were hopeful of remaining in the contest despite their wound and said, “Yesterday was very hard.”

“The call was not made until morning, because we were waiting and believing we could slow down the dances.

Sad: She went on: 'We were so excited to perform in the final and so grateful. We had so much up our sleeves'

Sad: She said that she was so happy to be performing in the final. There was so much to do. 

Eeek: She added through gritted teeth: 'Looking down at a torn ligaments in my right angle, I couldn't be more gutted that it didn't hang on'

Eeek! She added with gritted teeth, “Looking at the torn ligaments of my right angle, it couldn’t have hung on. 

People were comforting me while I was at Elstree [Studios]I waited for her by myself and we played a VT.

“It’s possible to look back at our achievements in the past five, 10 or more years and say, “I’m amazed that we were able to do it.” Her mum must be proud.

AJ said that Florence was her favorite.

“The painkillers need to kick-in,” I said, but it was nice to have the cuddles from her. She’ll be there to cheer everybody on, and she will give Kai lots of kisses.

Helping hand: Florence carried AJ's green fluffy coat and crutches as she followed her daughter

Florence helped her daughter by carrying AJ’s fluffy green coat and crutches. 

Leaving: AJ then clambered into the taxi with her crutches and a balloon and a bouquet of flowers

AJ climbed in the taxi to leave with her crutches, a balloon and a bouquet.

“It’s going to be very odd, but I also want everybody to support Rose and John, Johannes and Giovanni.

“It has been an amazing cast this year. It’s been great to be there for one another and it’s not something they wanted.

“I’d love to be there tonight with them, but I’m not sure how to make it happen, so I’m going to keep my feet on the ground and cheer them up with lots of tears,” she joked.

Defiant: The outing comes after AJ confirmed she will attend the Strictly Come Dancing final after injuring her foot and being forced to pull out of the competition (pictured with Kai Widdrington last Saturday)

Defiant: The outing comes after AJ confirmed she will attend the Strictly Come Dancing final after injuring her foot and being forced to pull out of the competition (pictured with Kai Widdrington last Saturday)

Anton Du Beke spoke to Claudia about his regret at missing the chance to witness AJ’s dance one more time.

“So, this year we are down to just two, sadly. It’s amazing.” This is terrible. It would have been the last of all finals.

“Just brilliant, and I’m ashamed for her. She’s been amazing since week one. We had a great candidate here. She performed her Jive, and I was stunned.

She then told Claudia: 'He's [Kai] got me back up when I got knocked down and gave me a new lease of life. He made me feel very strong going into the final week'

Claudia then heard her tell Claudia, “He’s [Kai]It helped me to get back up from the bottom and give me a new lease on my life. His strength made me feel strong for the final week. 

Upsetting: AJ - who is said to have had treatment on Wednesday - is unable to put any weight on her foot, and was hoping to compete in the final but ultimately made the decision to pull out

It is upsetting that AJ – who was said to have received treatment Wednesday – cannot put weight on her feet and had hoped to participate in the final, but she decided to withdraw.

She said, “I thought I gave her an nine.” You might think that if you have an injury during week 7, it’s okay. But this hurts so much. I think everyone’s heartbroken for her.

AJ – reported to have been treated on Wednesday – is unable put any weight onto her foot and she was hopeful to compete in final. However, she ultimately decided to retire.

AJ made the following statement after consulting with medical professionals: “I am deeply disappointed that I cannot perform in final because of a torn ligament from my right ankle.”

Sad news: After consulting medical professionals, AJ previously said in a statement: 'I'm deeply upset that I am unable to perform in the final due to a torn ligament in my right ankle'

Sad news! AJ had previously spoken out after consulting with medical professionals: ‘I am deeply upset that my right ankle has torn ligaments and I will not be able to perform in final. 

“Learning how to dance the 13 weeks that have passed has been an immense honor. It’s also been a privilege to share this experience with Kai. He is a patient, dedicated and kind person.

“I want to thank the Strictly Family for this experience. I also appreciate the efforts of the medical team in getting me up and running again. But, my biggest thanks to you all, for your support. It was a memorable experience.

“Strictly Come Dancing” was a dream of mine for a long time. I am so happy it is now a reality. John, Johannes, Rose and Giovanni are my dance partners. “I will cheer you on, (on one leg!

Oh no! The star was spotted leaving her London hotel later in the day to head to her final rehearsals on crutches, just one day before the Strictly final

Oh! It was terrible!

Upset: Speaking to Claudia moment before, judge Anton Du Beke shared his disappointment at not having the opportunity to watch AJ dance once more (pictured in October 2021)

Anger: Anton Du Beke, the judge who spoke to Claudia before his departure, expressed disappointment that AJ had not been able to dance again (pictured October 2021).

For the Glitterball Trophy, the final live will feature John Whaite (John Radebe), Rose Ayling Ellis (Rose Ayling Ellis) and Giovanni Pernice.

Kai Widdrington, dance partner said that it was an honor to have been able to perform with the amazing AJ Odudu over the past few months.

AJ’s safety and well-being are our most precious assets.

AJ is the greatest partner I could ask for during my first year. It was a great experience and will be cherished forever.

Tragic: AJ had been hoping to compete alongside her dance partner and rumoured boyfriend Kai Widdrington in Saturday's live final

Tragic: AJ had been hoping to compete alongside her dance partner and rumoured boyfriend Kai Widdrington in Saturday’s live final

“I am certain that we will become friends and will support each other throughout her recovery. John, Johannes, Rose and Giovanni I wish them all the best for their final.

“And lastly, a huge thank you to all those who voted in support of us during the series. Your support was unforgettable.” 

Adam Peaty was also an ex-Strictly Star and he didn’t fare too well behind AJ Saturday. 

As he left the Strictly Hotel, the Olympic swimmer was dressed in a black T-shirt and a white jacket. 

On the way: Former Strictly star Adam Peaty also stepped out not too far behind AJ on Saturday

Adam Peaty (ex-Strictly) also stepped up to the plate on Saturday.

Busy: The Olympic swimmer wore a white blazer and black T-shirt as he exited the Strictly hotel

It was busy: As the Olympic swimmer exited Strictly, he wore a white blazer with a black shirt.

The man held both a white and black garment bag in each hand. 

While he was listening to Air Pods, a black mask was placed on his head and he continued his journey. 

Adam and Katya Jones were both voted off of the competition in week 7. 

On Saturday, a regional war broke out with John representing the north and Rose representing south. 

John is from Chorley in Lancashire. Rose comes from Kent. 

Stepping out: He held a white garment bag and a black holdall in his hands

When he stepped out, he had a pair of black and white holdalls in his hand. 

Looking good: A black face mask slipped down his face as he went on his way, while listening to music on Air Pods

Look good! A black mask was slipped over his face while he walked, listening to Air Pods music.

Rose, 27, is now the favourite with 1-20 odds to win. John 32, who hails from northern New England, is 8-1.  

A TV source has told The Sun: ‘The regional vote has a massive effect on the success of contestants on TV contests, and never before has there been two people in the final with such a clear geographic divide.

“There’s an overwhelming feeling that this is a clash between titans. John and Rose are amazing dancers. They will now be in the final neck, neck with voters.

AJ’s resignation was a terrible loss for her. John will likely get the votes she received from the northers, which is the last surge John needs to make him eligible for the glitterball.

North vs. South: A regional war has been ignited for the final on Saturday night with John (pictured, right) dancing for the northerners and Rose representing the south

North vs. South. A regional conflict has been ignited in the final Saturday night. John (pictured, right), representing the north, and Rose representing south dance for the northerners