King Charles III, shedding a tear for his nation and for himself, performed last night’s final act of honor for his mother.

The banner of the Queen’s Company of the Grenadier Guards was attached to the oak coffin by him before being lowered into the royal vault.

The Queen slowly sank into St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. This gave millions of mourners an uncomfortable lump and brought an end to 11 days of intense public mourning.

Queen Elizabeth II is now reunited with her ‘strength and stay’ – her beloved husband Prince Philip – and with her parents and her sister Princess Margaret in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor after her coffin was interred overnight in an intimate private ceremony.

In order to allow her to enter her tomb in the royal vault as a simple Christian soul, she had her crown and orb taken out of her coffin.

Yesterday morning, an estimated 4.1billion people around the world watched as presidents, queens and prime minsters joined millions in London to witness Queen Elizabeth II’s historic State Funeral at Westminster Abbey.

As her coffin passed through London, more than 4000 servicemen and ladies and some of Queen Elizabeth’s most faithful subjects displayed pomp and grandeur like nothing else.

Pall bearers have been praised for their efforts as they carry the Queen's coffin up the steep steps of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle

The Queen’s coffin was carried by pall bearers up the steep staircases of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. They were praised for their effort.

Charles was holding back the tears as he walked solemnly behind his mother's coffin draped in its Royal Standard with the Imperial State Crown on top

Charles was unable to contain his tears while he stood solemnly in front of the coffin of his mother, wearing the Royal Standard and the Imperial State Crown. 

Westminster Abbey played a pivotal role in the Queen's life. It was where she had her coronation and married Prince Philip before world leaders congregated for her funeral there yesterday

Westminster Abbey was an important part of the Queen’s story. This is where the Queen was coronated and wed Prince Philip.

The procession that took the Queen’s coffin along The Mall was part of one of largest ever witnessed international events

Shedding a tear, King Charles placed the banner of the Queen’s Company of the Grenadier Guards on her oak coffin before it was lowered into the royal vault

Shedding a tear, King Charles placed the banner of the Queen’s Company of the Grenadier Guards on her oak coffin before it was lowered into the royal vault

King Charles placed the banner on the Queen's coffin while Prince William and Prince George watch on from one side while the Wessexes watch on from the other

King Charles placed the banner onto the Queen’s coffin, while Prince William and Prince George look on one side. The Wessexes view from the other.

The Queen's coffin is carried in by pall bearers past the choir boys before it is lowered into the ground and seen by the public for the final time

Before the coffin of the Queen is taken in by pall bearers, it is passed by choir boys. It is then lowered into ground where the public can view the remains.

The emotional King looks towards his mother's coffin, surrounded by his sister the Princess Royal and his two brothers Prince Andrew and the Earl of Wessex

An emotional King gazes towards the coffin of his mother, flanked by Princess Royal and two brothers Prince Andrew & Earl Of Wessex

The Queen's coffin draped in the Royal Standard and adorned with the Imperial State Crown and sovereign's orb and sceptre

Coffin of the Queen, draped with Royal Standard and decorated with the Imperial State Crown, sovereign’s orb, and sceptre

Liz Truss was seen with her husband Hugh O'Leary as well as Kwasi Kwarteng and Therese Coffey who were stood behind former Prime Minister's and their wives including David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major and Boris Johnson

Liz Truss was pictured with Hugh O’Leary, her husband, as well as Kwasi Kwarteng, and Therese Coffee, who stood behind ex-Prime Ministers David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair as well as John Major, John Major, and Boris Johnson.

As the hearse passed, the State Hearse was surrounded by mourners. They lined up from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch then to Windsor which is 25 miles away.

In historic scenes in a separate ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Queen Elizabeth II’s incredible 70-year reign came to an end with the symbolic ‘breaking of the wand’, a moving ceremony in which the Lord Chamberlain – her highest ranking official – took apart his wand of office. She will also bury it with him.

Two weeks of intense emotion and turmoil, King Charles, now 73, was exhausted after leading the nation’s goodbye to his Mama.

After the quick committal service ended, the Royal Family stood as the Queen was slowly brought down. Meanwhile the Dean of Windsor stated: “Go forth upon your journey from the world, O Christian Soul.”

St George’s Chapel sang then God Save the King.

The striking moment that the coffin of the Queen was lowered into the Royal Vault at St George's Chapel, Windsor

This was the striking moment in which the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was placed into St George’s Chapel’s Royal Vault. 

The Bearer Party of The Queen's Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards carried the Queen's coffin in Westminster Abbey as the emotional Royal Family watch on

The Queen’s Company’s Bearer Party, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, carried the Queen’s coffin to Westminster Abbey. The emotional Royal Family watches on

As the solemn King departed London's iconic Wellington Arch following his mother's funeral he wound down his window and saluted

After his mother’s funeral, the solemn King left London’s Wellington Arch. He closed his windows and saluted.

The Queen's coffin is followed by the King and Queen Consort with other members of the Royal Family behind them as the congregation stands

As the congregation stands, the Queen’s coffin will be followed by King and Queen Consort.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby gave a reading during the Queen's State Funeral at Westminster Abbey

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, gave a reading at the Queen’s State Funeral at Westminster Abbey

The ceremonial procession of the Queen's coffin on its way from London to Windsor where members of the public of all ages flocked to watch the scenes

Members of all ages watched the ceremonial procession in which the Queen’s coffin was carried from London to Windsor.

The Prince of Wales and his brother Prince Harry can be seen in the background of the Royal Navy carrying their grandmother's coffin to Westminster Abbey

In the background, the Royal Navy shows Prince Harry and Prince Harry carrying the coffin of their grandmother to Westminster Abbey. 

The Royal Family look on as the Queen's coffin arrives at the iconic Wellington Arch where thousands gathered to watch the procession

As the Queen’s coffin arrives at iconic Wellington Arch, thousands of people gathered to witness the procession, the Royal Family watches.

The Queen's pets played a pivotal role on the day with her fell pony, Emma, standing along the ceremonial precision on the Long Walk

Emma, the Queen’s fell horse, was a key part of the ceremony.

The Queen's corgis, Muick and Sandy, were also brought out by royal aides to see the Queen's coffin arrive in Windsor

To see the Queen’s coffin arrive at Windsor, royal aides brought Muick and Sandy’s corgis out.

A day filled with emotion and beauty:

  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte were the great-grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth.
  • The coffin from Westminster Abbey was brought to the Duchess Sussex’s eyes and she seemed almost tearful.
  • It was estimated that more than one million people traveled to London for the Queen’s commemorations.
  • Scotland Yard’s commissioner Sir Mark Rowley sighed with relief as the most significant security operation in British History, which included over 15,000 officers und 1,500 soldiers, was completed.
  • As the cortege reached Windsor Castle, one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite corgis and a horse met her coffin;
  •  Royals paid tribute to the Queen with jewellery she had given them, including a horseshoe brooch worn by Charlotte and Kate and Meghan’s earrings;
Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, with his hands by his side as he is surrounded by family members saluting in their military uniform

Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is flanked by military-themed family members who salute at him with their hands.

The Duchess of Sussex, dressed in all black with a wide-brimmed hat, was visibly emotional at Westminster Abbey

At Westminster Abbey, the Duchess of Sussex was seen in black and a broad-brimmed hat.

The Princess of Wales and Queen Consort follow the 123-year-old State Gun Carriage with the Queen's coffin mounted on top

The Queen Consort and Princess of Wales follow the 123 year-old State Gun Carriage, with Queen’s coffin on the top. 

The Duke of York's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson was at the Queen's funeral alongside her daughters Princess Beatrice (pictured left) and Princess Eugenie

Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife to the Duke of York and her daughters Princess Beatrice (pictured right) as well as Princess Eugenie was among those present at the Queen’s Funeral.

Princess Beatrice (left) and Princess Eugenie (right) were visibly emotional during their grandmother's funeral at Westminster Abbey

Beatrice (left) & Eugenie (right), both visibly moved during the funeral of their grandmother at Westminster Abbey.

  •  Joe Biden was placed 14 rows back inside the abbey as planners battled with the diplomatic puzzle of how to seat hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries;
  •  Liz Truss played a prominent role at the ceremony before flying off to attend her first global summit as Prime Minister today;
  •  Adventurer and Chief Scout Bear Grylls and Killing Eve star Sandra Oh were among a small group of celebrities invited to the funeral;
  • A little over 200 ordinary heroes, such as a lifeboat volunteer and nurse who gave hundreds of meals to the victims, were able to join world leaders, politicians, royalty and other dignitaries for this service.
  •  In his funeral sermon, the Archbishop of Canterbury said that the Queen’s strong faith meant that her famous assurance during the pandemic that ‘we will meet again’ would also come true in the afterlife;
  •  Before the funeral began, RAF servicewoman Christina Heerey became the last of the 400,000 people to queue for hours to see the Queen lying in state in Westminster Hall;
  • After being stranded due to rail cancellations between Reading Station and Paddington Station in west London, thousands of mourners missed Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.
  •  Britain ground to a halt, with supermarkets, high street chains, offices and factories closed for the bank holiday;
  • Nation honored ‘the queen of the world’ with projections of Her Majesty on the Sydney Opera House, and New York’s Times Square lit by footage from the funeral.
  •  357 people in London for the Queen’s funeral needed treatment by 3.30pm, of whom 45 were taken to hospital.
Incredible images throughout the day captured the crowds which descended on the Long Walk at Windsor Castle as a procession delivers the State Hearse for the committal service

Amazing images captured throughout the day the masses that descended upon the Long Walk at Windsor Castle, as part of a procession to deliver the State Hearse to the committal ceremony.

Thousands of mourners kept behind barriers were desperate to catch a final glimpse of the Queen's coffin on the Long Walk

For thousands of people who were unable to view the Queen’s coffin from the Long Walk, barriers kept them behind.

Flowers were placed on the State Hearse as the procession led the Queen's coffin draped in the Royal Standard down to St George's Chapel

The procession that led Queen’s coffin in Royal Standard draped down to St George’s Chapel was punctuated with flowers.

An incredible shot of the Queen's former residence, Windsor Castle, as thousands of mourners came to pay their respects for the final time

Amazing shot taken at Windsor Castle, the former home of Queen Elizabeth II, where thousands came to offer their condolences. 

Pipe Major Paul Burns concluded the Queen's State Funeral which thousands of world leaders and foreign dignitaries atteneded

Pipe Major Paul Burns, pipe major, concluded Queen’s State funeral which was attended by thousands of foreign dignitaries and leaders around the world 

The long road to Her Majesty’s final resting place started in Balmoral, on September 8, and concluded last night at Philip’s private burial. At a private family ceremony, the new King scattered earth on her mother’s coffin. Britain’s longest reigning monarch – who vowed on her 21st birthday to devote her whole life to serve ‘whether it be long or short’ – had been borne by Grenadier Guards pallbearers into St George’s Chapel.

Charles III followed them, as did her children and grandchildren, including Prince William (the new Prince of Wales) and Prince Harry.

More than 2000 mourners attended her state funeral service at Westminster Abbey. Justin Welby, Archbishop and Canterbury, quoted Dame Vera Lynn during his sermon.

Queen Consort Camilla leads the family, including young Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at Westminster Abbey

The family includes Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Queen Consort Camilla at Westminster Abbey.

The young royals have been commended for their role during the day as they took the world stage for their great-grandmother's funeral

As they took to the stage at the funeral of their great-grandmother, the young royals were praised for their contribution.

Young Prince George shares a moment with his father, the Prince of Wales during the committal service at Windsor Castle

Young Prince George spends a few moments with the Prince of Wales, his father, during Windsor Castle’s Committal Service.

Princess Charlotte of Wales, the daughter of Prince William and Kate, looked solemnly out of the car window as she arrived at Windsor Castle

When Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William, and Kate arrived at Windsor Castle she gazed solemnly out the window of her car.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte stand outside Westminster Abbey with their mother, Princess Kate, the Queen Consort, Sophie Wessex and their aunt, the Duchess of Sussex

Prince George, Prince Charlotte, Sophie Wessex (their aunt the Duchess) and their mother, Princess Kate stand in Westminster Abbey.

The young siblings were on show for the world to see as they mourned the loss of their great-grandmother the Queen

As they grieved for their great-grandmother, the Queen, the young siblings put on a show that was visible to the entire world.

He added, “She was joyful and present to so many, touching an infinite number of lives.”

In his sermon delivered at the Abbey, Archbishop stated: “People who love to serve are scarce in every walk of life. It is still very rare to find leaders who love and serve others.

“But, in all instances those who serve will always be remembered and loved when those who hold on to power or privileges are forgotten.

‘The grief of this day – felt not only by the late Queen’s family but all round the nation, Commonwealth and world – arises from her abundant life and loving service, now gone from us.’

As he stood in the Church where queens and kings are crowned every year since 1066 the Archbishop stated: ‘We all face God’s merciful judgment: we all can share the Queen’s hope, which, in death and life, inspired her servant leadership. Service in life, hope in death.’

According to an official announcement by the Royal Family, last night, Queen Elizabeth was buried at King George VI Memorial Chapel with her husband, the Duke. According to the announcement, the Dean at Windsor performed the ceremony.

Scotland Yard reported that it had detained 67 individuals as part its large-scale policing operation.