Today, the court was told that a student raped and choked an unmarried woman on a night out. This is just one of many serious sexual assaults.

Charles Goodwin is 21 and facing six counts for rape as well as two counts for sexual assault. He is currently on trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

The prosecution told the jury Goodwin was being held on bail at the time of his first assault, when he sexually assaulted and raped three additional women.

The court heard undergraduate Goodwin told one victim he was a ‘sex god’ and told another she needed ‘to be treated like a princess’ – before going on to violently rape her.

Twelve offences were charged. They occurred between January 2020 to May 2017. A jury was informed that the accused knew that his victims would not consent.

 Goodwin, of Liverpool, admits sexual activity with the four women but claims it was consensual, jurors were told. All the allegations have been denied by him.

Matthew Curtis, the prosecutor of the Liverpool Crown Court case opened it by saying: “The prosecution claim that the defendant didn’t care whether complainants consented to be convicted.”

“In summary, he achieved what he desired without any concern for the consequences or immediate effects of his actions.” 

Student Charles Goodwin (pictured) is accused of violently raping a woman in the first of a series of serious sexual assaults which he denies and is on trial at Liverpool Crown Court

Charles Goodwin, student (pictured), is charged with violently assaulting a female in the first of many serious sexual attacks. This he denies. Goodwin is currently being trial at Liverpool Crown Court

A first complaint was heard by the jury. She said that Goodwin met her at Manchester’s nightclub while she was with some friends.

The woman claimed they had kissed and were briefly having an affair. She also said that while smoking, he took a cigarette she was holding and then told her: ‘You have to beg for it.

He refused to listen and she returned inside. Jurors were informed.

A recorded interview with police was played before the court. She stated that only Charlie had ever told her that he was a champion boxer from Salford.

She later went for another puff and he followed her. However, she stated that he was aggressive and grabby.

He allegedly begged her repeatedly to come to his home, which she refused. But she finally agreed to let him return to her apartment as she was aware that her friends would be returning for drinks.

She said, “I assumed we’d be having sex after sex and then he’d leave.”

On the taxi ride to her place, she said that her husband had put his hand in her bottoms and she pulled him away.

The court heard Goodwin admits having sex with all four victims but claims it was consensual

Goodwin admitted to having sex in public with each of the victims, but claimed it was consensual.

She continued to tell the woman that her husband told her when they reached her house, that she should be treated as a princess. You’ll be carried by me like a princess.

She added: ‘I said, “no, no, no” but he did it anyway.

“When we entered my bedroom, he instantly stripped naked. I was quite shocked.

He took off my clothes, started to kiss me and then pushed me onto his bed. We began having consensual sex.

‘It was fine until he suddenly became really more aggressive than before and started calling me names, saying “you are a stupid sl*t” and grabbed hold of my throat with one hand and started choking me.’

The young woman, who admitted her recollections were blurry because of alcohol, said he was telling her to say she was ‘a stupid w***e, a stupid sl*t’ and that she said ‘no’.

He then grabbed her neck and slapped it across her face five or more times, while also holding his other hand.

She said that he was very strong and was always on top of me. “I tried to pull him away from me, but I could not speak. He then grabbed me both with both his hands. The pressure was so great that I couldn’t breathe.

Charles Goodwin, 21, is on trial at Liverpool Crown Court where he denies 12 charges including six counts of rape relating to four women, two counts of sexual assault as well as one of assault

Charles Goodwin (21), is currently on trial at Liverpool Crown Court. He denies 12 counts, including 6 counts of rape in relation to 4 women and 2 counts of sexual assault.

He ordered her to lie down on her stomach, and she was forced onto his front. 

She claimed that he tried to assault her in the back but was unable so he rolled her onto her stomach and then raped her while chokering her.

Her flatmates were then heard by the court and returned to their residences, knocking on her doors. 

She said Goodwin started repeatedly telling them to ‘f*** off’ saying she was fine and he would not let her speak and was pinning her down by her neck.

Jurors were told that the man was distracted by the women and managed to stand up to open the door for her friends, telling him to go.

After picking up her clothes, Goodwin shouted abuse at them and then she left.

Goodwin denies the following: attempted choking and six charges of rape.

This is the ongoing case