As the country was in crisis, Angry Britons decried it as “the laughingstock of the world” and plunged into chaos after Liz Truss, the prime minister, resigned. 

Ms Truss, after just 44 days in office, took to a lectern outside No10 to confirm her departure, sealing her fate as the shortest-serving premier in modern political history.

The PM acknowledged defeat Following crisis talks in Downing Street with Tory Party leaders and MPs involved in open rebellion

Ms Truss, who claimed she is a fighter not a quitter just 24 hours ago, said that the Tory leadership election will be concluded in the coming week.

Many Britons feel that a Tory leader can’t be enough, and they are calling for a vote of the public.

Brian Mainland – who was 40+ years old and worked on a Oxford-based car production line – stated that he thought we were the laughing stock.

“Now Liz Truss has resigned, I think there should be a general elections and someone new to sort out the mess.

“The condition of the country has become so dire. It is essential that someone in control of the country knows how to deal with the crisis of the cost of living, as well as the rising price of electricity and gas.

“They are all painted with the same brush.” They have not been of any benefit to the people living in this country.

Ann Vacanti (pictured), from Glasgow but now living in Miami, Florida, said Ms Truss would not have had to resign if she had been a man: 'I think it is very unfair, and a bit sexist. If Liz had been a man she would have been forced to resign'

Ann Vacanti, a Glasgow-based woman who now lives in Miami, Florida said that Ms Truss wouldn’t have to resign if she were a man. Liz would have had to quit if she was a man.

Britons have mixed feelings over the dramatic exit of Prime Minister Liz Truss. Her neighbour Stuart Marsh (pictured) said 'she was out of her depth when she got the job and it got worse every day'

Britons are divided about the sudden departure of Liz Truss, Prime Minister. Stuart Marsh (pictured), her neighbor, said she had been “out of her depth” when she started the job. And it only got worse from there.

Brian Mainland and his wife Margaret feel the UK has become 'the laughing stock of the world' in the wake of the chaos

London cabbie Gerry O'Connor (pictured), waiting for a fare outside Harrods store in Knightsbridge, told MailOnline that Rishi Sunak should now get the top job at No 10: 'If we are concerned about the economy then it has to be Rishi. I think he knows what he is doing'

Brian Mainland (left) and Margaret (right), feel that the UK is now ‘the laughingstock of the world’ after the turmoil. Meanwhile, Gerry O’Connor, a London cabbie, said to MailOnline, “If we’re concerned about the economy, then Rishi must get it.” It seems like he understands what he is doing.

Dementia carer Anne Justice, 72, said: ‘I’m shocked by what is going on. I think it’s very sad.

‘The last couple of months it’s been like living in a third world country. 

“There was indecision when stability is needed for the country. I’m fortunate I don’t have a mortgage but, like everyone, my utility bills have gone up – everything has gone up. This uncertainty only makes things worse.

Ms Justice claimed that it seemed like Ms Truss didn’t do enough research and recommended Boris Johnston to replace her.

“He should never have left. This is where everything went wrong,” she stated. 

Rishi Sunak is another frontrunner in this leadership race. He led the campaign against Johnston. 

London cabbie Gerry O’Connor, waiting for a fare outside Harrods store in Knightsbridge, told MailOnline Sunak should now get a chance at No10.

Rishi must be the one who is concerned about economic health. He is a good cabbie. 

“But, if it’s on your personality then [Penny] Mordaunt. We will have to wait and see if they make for a great team. 

“We are in a terrible mess but we must fix it immediately.”

O’Connor has been a taxi driver for thirty years and believes that Ms. Truss didn’t have enough time to succeed in her role.

He said, “I feel sorry for Truss.” She didn’t get the chance. She was in for the knives from the beginning.

Russian exile Bella Shumilava (pictured), who has lived in London for a decade, said: 'I am so surprised she has resigned and I think this country will face difficult times now'

Bella Shumilava, a Russian exile who lived for 10 years in London, stated that she was shocked by her resignation and believes the country is now facing difficult times.

One woman said 'good riddance' to Ms Truss

Londoner Jack also shared his opinion about Ms Truss's resignation

Jack, a Londoner, said that he doesn’t believe there are any words to describe the current situation.

Even two of Ms Truss’s closest neighbours were ‘overjoyed’ when she threw in the towel on Thursday.

‘Whoopee!’ “Whoopee!” – Stuart Marsh (60), her next-door neighbor, said to MailOnline soon after the breaking news.

He said that she was “out of her depth” when she took the job, and it only got worse each day.

“She should not have been elected as an MP in this country, let alone Prime Minister. Now, someone else must pick up the pieces.

The retired ventilation engineer – who is a carer for his disabled wife Kelly, 43, – said Ms Truss was rarely to be seen in recent years in the modest £200,000 detached house in Downham Market at the of her South West Norfolk constituency. 

According to him, “The only time we have seen her in recent times was for about two hours.” 

“There were many arguments about parking. We have an unwritten rule that says you shouldn’t park in front of someone’s home. However, she and her husband have occasionally parked their vehicles outside another person’s home.

Retired university lecturer Teresa Waller (79), was also jubilant.

She declared, “I’m overwhelmed.” “We haven’t seen much of her since she rose up the Westminster ladder, and it would be surprising if she continues as the local MP.”

“Mind you they say that if a blue rose is placed on a donkey within this region, then it will be elected as a Tory member of parliament.

‘I wasn’t surprised that she crashed and burned – she’s messed up every job she’s been in to my mind. It was amazing to me that she did it so fast.

‘I don’t know who will be able to take it on – but we need a general election now, rather than the same little Tory clique of either party members or MPs voting for their mate.’

Lester Barnes said: 'I think it was going to happen anyway. I think it was the right thing to resign. I think actually we should have a General Election. I think now's the time to make a change and we need a change'

Lester Barnes stated that he believed it would happen. It was the right decision to resign. We should hold a General Election. We need to change now, and I believe that this is the right time. 

Dementia carer Anne Justice, 72, said: ‘I’m shocked by what is going on. I think it’s very sad. ‘The last couple of months it’s been like living in a third world county'

Richard Walker said: ‘I have never known anything like it in politics'

Dementia carer Anne Justice (left), 72, said: ‘I’m shocked by what is going on. I think it’s very sad. ‘The last couple of months it’s been like living in a third world county’, while Richard Walker said: ‘I have never known anything like it in politics’

Lester Barnes said, “I believe it would happen regardless. It was the right decision to resign. We should hold a General Election. It is time for a shift and it’s now. 

‘I think good riddance to her,’ a woman interviewed near London Bridge said. “I believe we need stability. I’m not sure if it’s a General Election, or if it’s something they have in the back of their minds.

“But, let’s just hope that stability is achieved and we don’t make a mockery of ourselves.” 

Janet Anderson (44) said that Janet is so fed up with politics she doesn’t care who the Prime Minister becomes.

Boris Johnson, who was recently expelled from office, could be’making a comeback’. She also suggested that he performed better than Ms Truss in this role despite his many scandals.

Anderson stated, “I only watch the news and shake mine head,”

“This is exactly like Boris. After the resignations have started, it’s done. Although she had the chance to make a difference, all that she accomplished was crash the economy.

“I believe Boris will soon make a return. He could not stop lying but he appeared to have a good idea of what was going on.

Bella Shumilava, an exile from Russia who had lived in London for over a decade said that it was a surprise she resigned. She also stated, “I think this country will be facing hard times now.”

“I don’t really know who I would like to be the one taking over.” This seems like a tedious job, and I feel for her.

Ann Vacanti from Glasgow, who now lives in Miami, Florida said that Ms Truss wouldn’t have to resign if it had been a male.

“It is unfair and too sexist. If Liz were a woman, she might have to resign.’ Ms. Vacanti.

“This could end a Tory government,” he said. The have been given so many opportunities and failed to succeed.

Jack did not give his surname but said that he thought it was quite shocking. There are no words that can describe the horror.

‘The Tory Party is in total disarray and I think Keir Starmer is Prime Minister in waiting, pretty much.’ 

Courier Fabio Chiellini, 59, (pictured) said he was 'surprised Liz Truss went so quickly'

Fabio Chiellini (59), a Courier, said that he was surprised Liz Truss moved so fast.

Downham Market’s other constituents had different views about Ms Truss’s resignation.

Shirley Lane, 85, said: ‘I expected it for a while – we couldn’t have so much chaos going on like that.

She said, “She wasn’t a very good MP to tell the truth. So it’s not surprising she wasn’t much of an PM.”

A retired physician’s dispenser stated that she was not a follower. She also said, “I don’t believe we will see her again for this position.” It should now be general elections.

Jemma Golding (37-year-old single mother of two), a self-employed jeweller said that it was surprising how fast the process has been. Although I do not follow politics very closely, I would like to see someone who is a little more in charge.

“The most important issue for me is the assistance of people who have children or are on low incomes.

Carla Curtis is a mother to four and a teacher at primary school.

I didn’t know Liz Truss was our MP. She isn’t well-known around here.

“It’s high time that we have a general elections now, and to give another chance. The NHS and schools are my main concern, both of which were not treated well during the pandemic.

Matthew Stack (40), a wireman, felt that the country needed a time of’stability, calm,’ and didn’t want a General Election.

After just 44 days in No10 - the shortest term in modern political history - the PM took to a lectern outside the famous black door to confirm her departure

The PM resigned after only 44 days at No10, the most recent period in modern political history. She used a lectern to announce her resignation outside of the black doors.

Ms Truss was watched by husband Hugh as she delivered her emotional announcement in Downing Street today

Hugh watched Ms Truss as she made her heartfelt announcement today in Downing Street.

Who is in the running to  seize power? Boris Johnson is “planning to Run Again”, Rishi Sunak the “natural” choice, and Penny Mordaunt launched her ‘PM4PM campaign in minutes after Truss quit. 

Boris Johnson may be considering an explosive bid to regain power following the resignation Liz Truss’s resignation. This is as other top Tories quarrel over Liz Truss’ successor.

After his predecessor lasted only 44 days at No10, the ex-PM is thought to be offering advice about how to make a comeback.

He is interested in the unity candidate, who could effectively become the leader and ease the economic and political crisis that has gripped Britain for the last six weeks.

Sir Graham Brady, the leader of Backbench, suggested today that he would like the election to the party leader (who will become the PM) within a week. However, MPs began to unite this afternoon around three main candidates: Penny Mordaunt, Rishi Sunak, and Mr Johnson.

According to some reports, every candidate will need at minimum 100 supporters in order for them to win the election. That’s five times more than they had during the summer leadership vote.

The possibility of Mr Johnson running for the presidency, should he decide to go ahead with it, would be highly divisive. Following three scandal-plagued and rocky years, Johnson was forced to resign from Downing Street. However, he is popular with his party colleagues and may vote for the new leader.

Today’s Tory MPs split between the frontrunners. However, senior figures advised against picking Mr Johnson.

Sir Roger Gale stated: “We must remember that Mr Johnson remains under investigation by The Privileges Committee in regard to potential misleading of the House.

“Until the investigation is completed and he has been found guilty, there is no chance of him returning to Government.”

Minister Brendan Clarke Smith, however, was offered a job by Johnson. He said to Sky that he needed someone who could come in and bring people together. Someone who has the mandate.

“So we have a mandate of people from the previous general election and a mandate form party members. We need someone actually capable to get this party running again.

Boris Johnson is the only one that, to my knowledge, ticks those boxes.

Theresa May, former prime minister of the Tory Party, stated that Tory MPs should be willing to make compromises to create a competent and sensible government.

MailOnline was told by an ally of Rishi Sunak that he would almost certainly run and that there would be a natural logic to him taking on Boris Johnson. “It will be an uphill battle for the soul party,” they said.

A PM4PM account on Twitter was also activated in minutes after Ms Truss quit Downing Street today. Several MPs came out to support Ms Mordaunt, Commons leader.

Bob Seely MP, who supported her in summer’s Conservative Party leadership race, stated that he hopes she will run again for the leader.

Also, Mr Seely stated that the threshold required for MPs for leadership was high. However, he indicated that he would not like to “go back” to Boris Johnson’s time as leader.


Liz Truss? He said that Liz Truss has gone way beyond her current position as a local MP and is now a career-opportunist.

“She shouldn’t have been elected Prime Minister.” She won’t be our local MP anymore, I think.

He said that the main problem facing the country now is stability for both business and for the nation as a whole.

“I’m just asking for politics to stop. We can all enjoy Christmas and the World Cup.

David Smart (67), a firefighter in the NHS, believed Ms Truss had deserved’more chances’.

Rosemary (64), visited the Tesco in their locality and said, “The problem is that her coworkers, as well as the opposition and media have been on a bit witch hunt with all the little mistakes she has made.”

His statement was that calling a general elections now would be “like changing the deck seats on the Titanic.”

While I don’t agree with her views, I think she deserves more opportunity and more time. The only thing we have now is a form of coalition government, which could present a united front.

Afterwards the PM and her husband walled disconsolately back into the building, where they took up residence little over a month ago

The PM and her husband then walled insolently back inside the building where they had taken up residence a little more than a month earlier.

Rosemary laughed at being asked about Ms Truss’ opinion. However, she said that everyone likes her and “I think she’s fallen a bit” to be truthful with us.

After Truss’s resignation, markets begin to rally 

The pound soared to $1.13 against the dollar within minutes of Ms Truss’s announcement on Thursday.

It was already climbing before the MPs decided to make it clear that they want her to step down.

In response to this decision, the yields on gilts (the UK’s government bonds) also fell slightly. The yields on 30-year UK gilts fell by 0.4% to 3.86 % Thursday.

The Yields dropped further just before Prime Minister’s Statement at 1.30pm, but they have risen slightly since then.

The FTSE 100 fell into red last night after the UK’s September inflation rate reached a new 40-year record.

London’s leading index fell from the gains it made in the previous week, as people lost interest in the U-turns of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in fiscal policy.

Keith Major, a tour guide said that the UK was in a terrible state and that he knows who to blame.

“If the Tories tried to bring Boris back, it would be absurd. It is absurd that he would be allowed to return as Prime Minister.

“We only need someone who has a little common sense to lead the country. It’s absurd that a Prime Minister can serve as Prime Minister for only 44 days.

Frede Soebjerg, a Danish tourist, summarised British politics in one word: “ridiculous.”

It is absurd. It is absurd that a country’s leader can last only 44 days. He asked. “We will have elections in Denmark next month. But they won’t be as insane as yours.”

“The word absurd is the way people see the UK”

Andrew Dixon, teacher, said that he was shocked to hear Boris Johnson back in No10 and that ‘I want Kier Starmer. He ought to be our next Prime Minister.

“Whoever Conservatives choose to be their next leader won’t matter because they’ll be gone in two years.”

“It doesn’t matter if Liz Truss falls on her sword right now, or in two years. They were finished, and she was done.

Sarah Kelly, cab driver, said that she wouldn’t object if Boris returned to No10.

“At the very least, you know where Boris is,” she stated.

“He may like to have a little party but that was all we did.”

Tommy O’Neil, a Big Issue Seller said that they are all jokes and he would dump them all.

Sam Ives, a Businessman, said that the PM’s resignation was surprising to him. It was obvious that Mike would be resigning.