Amazing moment: Police find $4MILLION hidden in the trunk of a “nervous” man’s car

  • Brisbane Police have detained a man from NSW for laundering money 
  • He was found last Saturday carrying $4.1 million in cash from a car trunk. 
  • A second charge was filed against the man for not complying with Covid restrictions
  • In two weeks, he will appear at the Brisbane Magistrates Court

Queensland Police discovered more than $4million in the trunk of an unidentified man’s car.

According to police, a patrol observed the suspect at Calamvale in Brisbane’s south on Saturday morning.

Officers approached and discovered that the 28-year old had placed a large bag in his car’s boot.

Queensland police officers arrested a 28-year-old man (pictured) last Saturday after allegedly discovering his car boot contained $4.1 million in cash and he had failed to comply with Queensland Covid restrictions

Queensland police arrested a 28 year-old man last Saturday (pictured). He allegedly discovered $4.1 million cash in his boot and had violated Queensland Covid regulations.

Officers searched the car of the suspect and discovered $4.1 million cash.

The money was wrapped in vacuum-sealed bags inside two zip-tied suitcases.

The Queensland Police Department has released footage from the scene. 

It shows the suspect reacting suspiciously to police approaching him. Also, officers discover cash in his possession and arrest the man. 

According to police, the man entered Queensland only two days after arriving from NSW. They also arrested him for not complying with Covid restrictions.

On Monday, the man was taken into custody and will appear at Brisbane Magistrates Court in December 6.