Boris Johnson avoided the mention of the Partygate report, as he pledged to help the UK get through the cost-of living crisis just as well as the Covid pandemic. 

This afternoon the Prime Minister delivered a cheerful speech in Powys in Wales while Westminster politicians prepared for Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street crimebreaking. 

Expect the release of her highly anticipated findings by this senior civil servant next week. According to reports, she is keen to identify the worst offenders. Mr Johnson confirmed today that he will not stop her.

She’s also looking into publishing some of more than 500 photos that were submitted showing activities at events and people. 

In his address to the Newtown Welsh Conservatives Conference, Johnson didn’t mention the furore about the situation.  

He instead repeated the claim that he made the “big decisions” during the pandemic which resulted in 178,000 deaths.

He said that, “Just like we did the toughest challenges with Covid correctly, we made the biggest calls. We will now get this country through all the post-Covid challenges, including the increasing cost of living pressures.”

“Everyone can see it all, fuel prices, price of food and energy. It’s not hard to understand the difficulty of it all.

He stated, “Ofcourse we’re going over this and markets will eventually adjust. New supply will be coming on and prices will drop again.

“For the next months, we will need to do exactly what we did in the past, and we’re going using our fiscal firepower we have built to aid.

“We will again embrace the British people as we did in Covid.”

He also attacked Labour and accused them of being “semi-repentant Corbynista loons” who were threatening the UK’s nuke deterrent. 

The Prime Minister gave an upbeat speech in Powys, Wales, this afternoon, while 200 miles away in Westminster politicians braced for the publication of Sue Gray's report into Downing Street lawbreaking.

While the Prime Minister made a positive speech in Powys (Wales), this afternoon, 200-miles away, Westminster politicians waited for Sue Gray’s report on Downing Street lawbreaking.

The Prime Minister confirmed today that he would not seek to redact any names that are put in  Sue Gray,s report, during a visit to Powys, Wales

The Prime Minister confirmed today that he would not seek to redact any names that are put in  Sue Gray,s report, during a visit to Powys, Wales

Sue Gray (pictured) has demanded the Partygate scandal ringleaders are named in her long-awaited report on No 10 lockdown gatherings

Sue Gray (pictured), demanded that the Partygate scandal ringleaders be named in her eagerly awaited report about No 10 lockdown gatherings

Parts of Sue Gray’s long-awaited report into the No 10 parties will provoke an ‘Oh Lord!’ response when it is published next week, sources claimed

Parts of Sue Gray’s eagerly awaited report into No 10 parties will cause an “Oh Lord!” It will be published next week and sources claim that it will provoke an ‘Oh Lord! 

Whitehall insiders said Miss Gray was still ‘weighing up’ whether to publish some of the more than 300 photographs she gathered during her investigation, including some taken by No 10’s official photographer

Whitehall insiders claimed Miss Gray is still considering whether or not to publish the over 300 photos she took during her investigation. These included some that were taken by No 10.

Today, the Prime Minister stated that he will not attempt to remove names from Sue Gray’s report.

The Prime Minister answered a question during a trip to Powys in Wales. He said that it would be up to Sue Gray to answer the questions. I look forward to hearing her thoughts and fingers crossed she will have it next week.

The senior civil servant is having trouble finishing the report because Scotland Yard refuses to reveal the names of the 83 individuals who were each fined 126.

Ms Gray would like to point fingers at over a dozen people for 16 Whitehall events but is having trouble coping with the Met Police’s secrecy.

MailOnline was told by a former minister that Mr Johnson had been critical in the past. It is possible for Ms Gray to do a “kamikaze job”.

The MP stated that it is more probable she won’t direct criticize the PM, with the primary threat being the Privileges committee probe.

“Sue Gray” is a career civil servant It won’t seem too harsh if she criticizes him.

I think she understands the runes. Her knowledge is that Boris’ greatest problem is not Boris, but the Committee on Privileges.

She said, “If he was going to die by hanging I think it would be best for him that he be hanged from the committee.”

The most shocking revelations include the ending of a Cabinet Office party with a boozy brawl. According to sources, many of the revelations would cause people to think “Oh Lord!” They had been secretly kept up to now. 

Sources with knowledge of the discussions told the Telegraph she was in discussions with the Civil Service human resources, legal teams and unions to see how much she can assign blame to individuals. 

The woman said that she was afraid she might be forced to hide certain names from the general public.

Downing Street said today that she will make the final call on who to identify from Whitehall and Downing Street lockdown parties. 

Reporters were told by a spokesperson for the Prime Minister that Sue Gray was compiling her report on her own and she is responsible for its content and presentation.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab today said there should be ‘transparency’ about any ministers who have been fined.

When asked if Downing Street wanted to stop the senior civil servant publishing names in her report on social events at Downing Street under pandemic lockdown restrictions she replied that it was Ms Gray and the police.

He said, “I believe that these matters are matters for Sue Gray or the Met.”

“What we said was that transparency is necessary around fines for ministers. It’s an excellent idea.

The report will likely be published either on Tuesday or Wednesday and may contain as many as 36 pages. 

According to a source, Miss Gray’s Report would be less damning than Mr Johnson’s most vocal critics. 

Whitehall insiders said Miss Gray was still ‘weighing up’ whether to publish some of the more than 300 photographs she gathered during her investigation, including some taken by No 10’s official photographer.

A former director of public prosecutions today said the public ‘remain very much in the dark’ about the details of Partygate.

Questioned about fines for junior workers for instances for which the Prime Minster was not penalized, Lord Macdonald stated that without an explanation from the police, it is very hard for us to grasp why they arrived at the conclusions they reached.

He stated that it wasn’t known why Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, was punished for attending one party but not another.

“We don’t really know the identities of these individuals, so I feel sorry for them. I can see how they might be upset by being named, but it’s in the public’s best interest.

“This was an enormous scandal at Government’s heart, in civil service. We remain very unsure about who was involved and how they organized it.

“Of course, the Prime Minister is ultimately responsible. But there were clearly other people involved and we don’t even know their names. That’s unacceptable.

Miss Gray, it is believed, will give an accurate account of every gathering including who was there and how they ended up. The police investigated 12 of her investigations, and four other events. 

Whitehall mandarin Will also elaborate on the comments she made earlier in the year, when she noted that different sections of No10 (and Cabinet Office) had failed to exercise leadership or use judgment. 

Miss Gray wasn’t allowed to publish all of her findings because Scotland Yard began its own investigation on January. 

As she finishes final touches on her project this weekend, she will likely consult with lawyers and HR managers. 

Boris Johnson will make a statement for the Commons. No 10 has also committed to publishing the entire document in its entirety as soon as it is completed. 

Miss Gray, along with her Cabinet Office team, interviewed more than 70 individuals, including Prime Minister David Cameron, to complete her inquiry. She also reviewed emails, WhatsApp and text messages. 

After being asked by the police to only make’minimal references’ to the events, she was obliged to release a reduced version of her January report. 

After a December video of Downing Street employees laughing about rule-breaking parties, the Prime Minister ordered an inquiry. 

Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary was asked by him to “establish all facts” about the incident. However, Mr Case had to step down as the chief investigator after ten days of the discovery that a meeting was being held at his office. 

Downing Street garden party attended by Mr Johnson, his then fiancee Carrie Symonds and staff

Downing Street Garden Party attended by Mr Johnson and his then-fiancee Carrie Symonds, as well as staff

Miss Gray was appointed his replacement. Later, the inquiry was expanded to cover other events like a virtual Christmas quiz at No10 and leaving-dos for several aids. 

According to the terms of reference, the inquiry’s primary purpose was to “establish quickly a general understanding about the nature of the gatherings including attendance and purpose with reference to the existing guidance at the time.” 

Miss Gray, who was once the Cabinet Office’s head of ethics, earned a reputation as a fearsome figure among officials and ministers. 

She handled complaints against ministers, which effectively ended Andrew Mitchell and Damian Green’s careers as ministers. 

Apart from a brief career break – to run a pub in Newry, Northern Ireland – she has worked in Whitehall for more than 20 years. 

David Laws, a former minister said that it took him exactly two years to realize who is running Britain. Sue Gray, the lady who runs our wonderful United Kingdom, is in fact all of it. These things don’t happen without her consent.

For which bashes were police able to issue fines?

– May 20, 2020: BYOB garden party

Martin Reynolds, a senior civil servant, sent an email to over 100 Downing Street staff inviting them to bring their own alcohol to an informal evening event.

Although the PM acknowledged that he was present at the event, he previously maintained that it was work-related and could therefore technically have fallen under the guidelines.

Cabinet Office meeting, June 18, 2020

The police are investigating a gathering at the Cabinet Office that occurred on this day. This event was apparently to commemorate the departure of a number 10 private secretary. 

– June 19, 2020: Birthday party for the PM

Downing Street acknowledged that staff met briefly in Cabinet Room following a meeting. According to reports, up to 30 people were present and the PM received a cake. 

Carrie Johnson, his wife and the PM were reportedly responsible for organizing the event. Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of India, was also fined.

Lulu Lytle is the interior designer responsible for extravagant renovations to Mr. Johnson’s No10 flat. She was reported to have briefly visited while working in Downing Street.    

– November 13, 2020: Leaving party for senior aide and Abba Party

Reports at that time stated that Johnson delivered a speech of thanks to Lee Cain (his departing director for communications) and an ally of Dominc Cuummings.

A party featuring loud Abba music and other noises was also reported to have been held at No11 Flat that night in celebration of Mr Cain’s ousting, Mr Cummings’ defeat following a power struggle against Mrs Johnson. 

It is believed that the prime minister insisted on interviewing someone for a possible job. 

– December 17, 2020: Cabinet Office ‘Christmas party’

The Cabinet Office hosted a December 17th gathering.

Simon Case, Cabinet Secretary to the Cabinet Office is reported as having attended the party at room 103.

It was apparently organised by a private secretary in Mr Case’s team, and included in digital calendars as: ‘Christmas party!’

According to the Cabinet Office, the quiz was confirmed. A spokesperson stated that the Cabinet Secretary participated in the event but did not take part. He walked by the team’s offices on his way back to his own.

– December 18, 2020: Christmas party at Downing Street

One of the claims that started off these rule-breaking accusations is that Downing Street staff were invited to a party on December 18.

Although the PM wasn’t present, officials and advisors made speeches, shared cheese boards, and exchanged Secret Santa gifts.

Allegra Stratton was Mr Johnson’s spokesperson. She quit the job after she was filmed laughing about it at mock press conferences with other aides – though it isn’t clear if she went. 

Jan 14, 2021: Two employees will leave number 10.

Sue Gray had previously reported that police were investigating a Downing Street incident involving two private secretaries No10, as well. 

– April 16, 2021: Drinks and dancing the night before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

Two separate Friday evening events were held for civil servants as well as advisers.

They marked the exit of James Slack who was Mr Johnson’s ex-director of communications and one the PM’s personal photographer.

He left Number 10, his number 10 job, to be deputy editor in chief of The Sun. Downing Street apologized to the Queen for his ‘anger and hurt’.

It is believed that Johnson was not in Downing Street on the day of his death, but he is at Chequers.

Witness accounts claimed alcohol was consumed, and guests danced along to music. They also stated that approximately 30 people were at each event.