This super-fit grandmother, 64, is mistakenly called her granddaughter’s SISTER. She shares her amazing festive workout to keep trim for Christmas

  • Lesley Maxwell is 64 years old and a personal trainer. She looks half her age.
  • With her daughter Tia (20), who is a gym-obsessed, she works out in Melbourne
  • Recently, she shared how to eat well and stay slim over Christmas.
  • Her festive workout includes lower & upper body movements with a side of abs

An exercise-crazy grandmother is no stranger to male attention. Here are her top tips on staying in shape this Christmas.

Lesley Maxwell (64), is a Melbourne-based personal trainer. She has a large following on Instagram where she posts photos of her physique and routines.

This grandmother of size eight works out five days a week. She has won almost thirty local and national bikini contest titles. Her first competition was at 49.

Lesley and Tia are avid fitness fans, with many people saying that they look more like sisters.

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Lesley Maxwell, 64, from Melbourne, Australia, works as a full-time personal trainer and has an army of fans on Instagram (pictured with her granddaughter Tia)

Lesley Maxwell is 64 years old and a personal trainer in Melbourne. (pictured here with Tia, her granddaughter)

The size eight grandmother works out five times a week and has almost 30 local and national bikini competition titles under her belt, winning her first show at the age of 49

This grandmother of size eight works out five days a week. She has nearly 30 titles in local and national bikini contests under her belt. At 49, she won her first competition.

Her tips and tricks for staying trim ahead of the holidays are revealed. 

JamPress: Lesley shared her tips on Christmas food.

One contains protein while the other can be broken down to sugar. Soft drinks and wines are also good choices. They can often be converted to soft fats and empty calories.

“There is no reason to try everything. When you are done with your meal, [are]If you are offered more food, just wait. The sensation of eating too much usually disappears.

Another option is to take a walk after the Christmas meal. Effective power walking can strengthen your glutes and legs, as well as your core muscles.

'My tips for eating over the Christmas period would be to eat more turkey rather than cakes,' Lesley told JamPress

'One is protein, while the other breaks down into sugar. I would say go easy on the soft drinks and wine too, as these are "empty calories" and usually get stored as soft body fat'

JamPress: Lesley shared her tips on Christmas eating. “My top tip for Christmas is to eat more turkey than cakes,” Lesley said.

Try to get a proper workout in between festive events too, to offset the additional food and booze

You can also get in a good workout between holiday events to help offset any extra food or booze.

Walk with your family and friends to burn those extra calories. You can do this diet tip with ease.

You can also get in a good workout between holiday events to help offset any extra food or booze.

Lesley recently posted a “Grandmother V Granddaughter” fitness video featuring her and Tia.

Lesley began her body transformation journey 14 years ago after using fitness to cope with her divorce

After using exercise to deal with her divorce, Lesley started her journey towards body transformation 14 years ago

After that, incorporate a vigorous workout into your training program and you’ll make training more fun.

After a divorce, Lesley started her journey to body transformation 14 years ago.

Although she is often approached by younger men, she believes that age is only a number. She says all of her partners are younger than her, even her ex-husband who had a 13 year age difference.


Select three of each category to choose:


Three x 10-squats

Three x 10-inch hip bridges. (Just place an exercise band just above your knees).

Three x 15-crab walks on each side. Place exercise band just above your knees.

3 x 10 Frog squats (bodyweight)

3 x 15 side kicks

3 x 10 Lunges (each side)


Three x 10-inches incline push-ups

Three x 10-face pulls using an exercise band

Three x 10-rows (using an exercise band).

Three x 10-single arm rows using an exercise band

Three x 10-inch upright rows using an exercise band

Exercise band: 3×10 triceps pushdown

Three x 10-inch bicep curls


Tap your toes

You can use a heel tap to get around.


According to the 64-year old, biological age and chronological are different. You can also be as young or old as you want depending on your health and how much exercise you do.

She is often the center of attention for men online and in the gym. But her attractiveness can sometimes be intimidating.

Grandma was fit and said, “The boys are around 18 which is quite funny.”

“I consider everything a compliment and it is really amazing that they follow me.

“Officially, I love male admirers and they definitely bring spice to my life… This doesn’t change no matter what age.