Fire crews are battling a raging inferno after a £6 million 85ft superyacht  that is carrying 8,000 litres of fuel went up in flames in a Devon harbour. 

Torquay harbourside firefighters responded to the alarm when the Rendezvous, a luxury yacht, caught on fire just before noon today.

One witness said that some were left trapped by smoke from the fire at the end of the pier. The boat was later found to have drifted off its mooring.

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According to police, no one has been reported to be injured by the fire. This forced closures of the Harbour and Waterfront while firefighters try desperately to extinguish the flames.

To protect yourself from dangerous fumes, people living close to the source are asked to shut their windows and doors.

One witness told Devon Live they saw explosions shortly after the fire began while the boat was alongside the pontoon. 

The firefighters said that the ropes had been burned through, and the water was dragged onto the pier. The firemen used trolleys, pumps and pontoons to reach water but the water didn’t get there. 

‘Some people are trapped on the other end of the pier and can’t get back. On the other side of the pier, firemen run. Still huge flames.’

One person described the fire as ‘like an open flame ball. 

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service reported that the yacht contained approximately 8.000 litres of fuel and that rescue crews were fighting to control the flames. 

A spokesperson said: ‘Crews again confirm one 85-foot yacht well alight alongside Princess Pier which is also involved in fire, all persons are accounted for and the immediate surrounding area has been evacuated. 

Fire crews are currently on Torquay harbourside after the Rendezvous, a £6million 85-foot superyacht went up in flames just before midday

Fire crews are currently on Torquay harbourside after the Rendezvous, a £6million 85-foot superyacht went up in flames just before midday

According to a spokesperson from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, five fire engines are on the scene after the motorboat caught fire

A spokesperson for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service stated that five engines arrived on the scene following the incident.

“The yacht holds approximately 8000 litres diesel fuel. Crews use four breathing apparatus wearers, one compressed air foam jet, two 45mm jets and two light portable pumps. Water relay is being done by both an open water source and a street fire hydrant.

There was smoke all over South Devon, including Newton Abbot and Shaldon. The fire service stated they needed extra personnel to arrive at the scene because of the volume.

Devon Live was informed by a spokesperson from the fire department that five firefighters were on the scene. A’major emergency’ was declared and the beach has been evacuated. Residents are urged to remain indoors. 

According to Devon and Cornwall Police, no injuries were reported.   

It stated that police were summoned to Princess Pier in Torquay at 12.10pm after receiving reports about a fire aboard a yacht in the marina.

The boat was believed to have been well-alight, and it had already broken free from its mooring. Fire services near the pier have now secured it.

A witness described hearing explosions from the boat shortly after it caught fire, adding that it had drifted from its mooring

Witnesses described the sound of explosions coming from the boat soon after it caught on fire. They also stated that it was now free from its mooring.

One witness described the blaze 'like a fire ball'. Police say no one is thought to have been injured in the fire, but crews continue to battle the flames

Witnesses described the fireball as a fireball. Although police say that no one was hurt in the fire, crews are still fighting the flames.

Smoke has been seen all across South Devon and as far as Newton Abbot and Shaldon. Residents are being warned to keep their windows and doors closed

There have been reports of smoke in South Devon as far as Shaldon and Newton Abbot. Residents were warned to close their doors and windows.

There have not been any injuries.

“Emergency services are still on the scene of the accident.”

“Due the smoke levels and fumes in this area, we request residents to please keep all doors and windows closed at this point.” Officers are urging the public to stay clear of the beach and avoid the surrounding area.

The plume of smoke from the fire could be seen rising high into the air above the picturesque harbour in Torquay in Devon today

Today, the plume of smoke rising from the fire can be seen high above Torquay’s picturesque harbour.

Devon and Cornwall Fire Service said firefighters called for backup before arriving when they saw the size of the smoke plume while travelling to the scene

Devon and Cornwall Fire Service reported that firefighters called for help before they arrived at the scene because of the size and volume of the smoke plume.

Crowds gather at Torquay Harbour to see fire crews trying to put out the raging inferno. Police have since closed the harbourfront and nearby beach

Torquay Harbour is the scene of a large crowd that gathers to watch firemen battle to extinguish the flames. Since then, the police have closed Torquay Harbourfront and other beaches.

The area has been closed by police while firefighters deal with the raging fire, which includes the promenade as well as the waterfront. 

Roads Traffic and Monitoring Service Inrix reported: “A379 Torbay Road in both direction blocked. There is a queueing problem due to traffic congestion caused by fire service activity from Torquay Harbour. Road.”

SuperYacht Times reports that the Rendezvous was constructed by Princess Yachts, a Plymouth-based boat manufacturer. 

The cabin can accommodate eight people in four of its guest rooms, and three crew members in two cabins. 

SuperYacht Times claims that the boat has a top speed at 30 knots (34 mph) with a fuel consumption of 8.400 litres.