Kelly Slater is a surfing legend who will be banned from Australia for being unvaccinated. He has warned that ‘rules are applicable to everyone’ following Novak Djokovic’s saga

  • Kelly Slater could face the same fate as Novak Djokovic, should he visit Australia.
  • He is not yet vaccinated and could be denied entry.
  • Australian sports minister: The American is out of the running if he doesn’t get jabbed 

According to Richard Colbeck, Australia’s Sports Minister Richard Colbeck, Kelly Slater is banned from surfing if he does not get the Covid jab.

While the 49-year-old world surfing champ has yet to disclose his status, he made online waves railing against vaccination mandates, and posting antivax rhetoric on his social media accounts during the pandemic.

Colbeck predicted that America will be facing a wiping out similar to the world’s No. Novak Djokovic was the No.1 tennis player in the country, and was subsequently expelled by Colbeck if he failed to prove that he has been vaccinated.

Surfing icon Kelly Slater (pictured at the Margaret River Pro in Western Australia in 2019) will be banned from competing in Australia if he refuses to get the Covid jab

If Kelly Slater refuses the Covid jab, surfing icon and Kelly Slater will be prohibited from competing in Australia



“I think he understands the rules. These rules apply to everyone, no matter if you are a surfer or a player of tennis, tourist, or not. The rules apply to all,’ the Sports Minister explained to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I do not like his chances competing in Victoria and I would hate to imagine what it might be for him competing in Western Australia.”

Australian officials are taking tough measures against unvaccinated athletes from overseas who want to participate in Down Under’s sporting events. This is despite a rising number of Covid cases as well as supply chain chaos.

If they don’t have the jab, all non-citizens will be prohibited from traveling to Australia. In rare circumstances exceptions might be allowed.

Slater’s skeptical stand on life-saving vaccinations was a source of concern during the pandemic.

The 11-time world surfing champion, 49 (pictured with partner Kalani Miller), is yet to reveal his vaccination status but has railed against jab mandates and posted anti-vax rhetoric to his social media pages

Pictured with Kalani Miller, the 49-year-old world surfing champion is still not vaccinated. But he has been vocal against vaccination mandates and shared anti-vax messages to social media.

Senator Richard Colbeck said the American (pictured at Pipeline in Hawaii) will face a similar situation to world No. 1 tennis star Novak Djokovic, who was sensationally booted from the country on the eve of the Australian Open, if he fails to prove he's vaccinated

Senator Richard Colbeck stated that the American will be in a similar position to world number one. Novak Djokovic is the No.1 tennis player in the world. However, the American Senator Richard Colbeck said that the situation will be similar to the one faced by the world No.

He said that he knew the risks and could make a decision based on statistics and information and his own abilities (health) about Covid.

People who claim to listen to their doctors will be surprised that I have more knowledge about the health of people than 99.99 percent. However, they should not trust me. Most of the Covid information I have comes from doctors, some of whom disagree with official science.

He claimed that some of his friends had ‘literally’ died as a result of the vaccine, adding that the vaccine also made his mother’s quality life worse.

Slater faced a lot of backlash after he claimed that Covid was a “disease for obese, healthy, and old people” and said the virus exposes the underlying unhealthy patterns and problems in the human body.

Doctors have rejected the statements of the surf legend.

Gabriel Medina, the current champion of Australian World Surf League events, is another possible exclusion.

Slater's skeptical stance on life-saving vaccines has raised eyebrows during the pandemic

Slater’s skeptical stand on vital vaccines was ridiculed during the pandemic

With his status as a vaccinee still uncertain, the 28-year old Brazilian could also be unable to attend Bells Beach or Margaret River Pro in April.

Although he had declined to have the Covid jab prior to the Tokyo Olympics, he later stated that a vaccination was in his plans.

Andrew Stark is the WSL Asia-Pacific general manger. He said that there’s no requirement for surfers getting vaccinated, but the league would’strictly comply with the government entry guidelines for each country we visit for events’.

He stated that he encouraged everyone to become vaccinated. However, he warned everyone involved with WSL about the potential dangers of unvaccinated travelers traveling around the globe and could be banned from certain countries.


It is an easy, effective and safe way to prevent harmful diseases from getting into your body.

By reducing spread of preventable disease, immunization not only protects the individual but all members of the community.

It is essential to conduct research and test in order to develop safe and effective vaccines.

Before the Therapeutic Goods Administration will allow them to be used in Australia, they must undergo strict safety testing. The approval of vaccines may take more than 10 years.

Large-scale clinical trials will be required to test vaccines on thousands before they are made widely available.

Many years of high quality studies have been conducted to compare the health of large amounts of vaccine- and non-vaccinated kids. Nearly 1.5 million autism-free children have been examined by doctors around the globe.

After a 1998 paper was published in The Lancet, a medical journal, people became more concerned about immunization and autism. The paper suggested that autism could be linked to the MMR vaccine (measles, measles and rubella). This paper has been completely discredited by scientists since then. In 2010, the Lancet withdrew this paper and published an apology. For misconduct and dishonesty, the UK’s General Medical Council removed the author from the register.

Source: Australian Department of Health