Susannah Taylor: I need your support on my charity trip


Essentials for my 100km trek across the Jordanian desert? Hard-working underwear, of course!

 Essentials for my 100km trek across the Jordanian desert? You will need to wear hard-working, but comfortable underwear! 

 As you read this, I will be trekking 100km across the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan raising money for Sugarplum children and JDRF – the world’s leading charity for Type 1 diabetes research. We’ll be walking 25km a day for four days and sleeping in tents in the desert. My walking boots are on 24/7 so I can avoid blisters.

Of all the amazing kit I’m taking, as I train I’m learning the importance of the right underwear. Some of the key pieces include socks that don’t rub, a bra that supports but doesn’t poke me in the ribs, and knickers that don’t ride up, or wrangle down (god forbid inner-thigh chafing).

It’s the undies underdogs that really deserve a moment in the limelight and since I’m putting mine through the ultimate endurance test, here are some of my favourite pieces that will kick butt in everyday exercise too.

The bust can be stretched if there is not enough support 


Some of the best trainer socks I’ve found are Sweaty Betty Technical Run Socks (£25, You wouldn’t know you needed these until you’ve tried them. They are made from organic, breathable cotton and have an arch support to hug the feet. They are slightly cushioned and act as an underwired bra to non-wired socks. Runderwear is another favorite of mine.

I love its Anti-Blister Running Socks (£15, which have double-layered fabric to prevent friction. When it comes to hiking socks, there are two camps of thought – comfy and cushioned or thinner and silkier to prevent rubbing.

Personally, I am in camp one and a big fan of Falke TK2 Cool Women’s Trekking Socks (£24, which are the perfect mix of softness and non-friction, non-bulky padding. Ex-army trekking guide suggests wearing two pairs silk socks that glide on top of your toes, rather than rub. This is what she recommends

Falke Sensual Silk Socks (£20). For wet terrains, I like SealSkinz Socks (from £10,, which are pillowy inside and keep boggy waters out (obviously not a requirement in the desert!).


It is important to wear a good sports bra, particularly for bigger busts. An expert once said that lack of support could cause ligaments to stretch down the sides and may result in a loss of tautness. As someone who isn’t small-chested (I’m a 34D), I know all too well the discomfort and embarrassment of finding yourself in an unsupportive bra during a round of burpees. An exercise bra that is cropped with a racerback I like. My favourite is Lululemon Invigorate Bra (£48, which is designed for high-impact training. I also like Sweaty Betty Ultra Running Bra (£50), which comes in sizes A-F, gives fantastic support and has adjustable straps for the ultimate jig-free jog.


I’ve found sports knickers perfection in Lululemon Invisiwear Bikini (£48 for pack of three), which are soft and virtually undetectable under leggings. For a cheaper alternative, try Marks & Spencer No VPL Low Rise Brazilian Knickers (£14 for pack of three,, which are also brilliantly light and don’t add any extra lumps and bumps. I also love Runderwear Running Hipster (£18), which claims ‘chafe-free running guaranteed’.


A tiny pot of peace and tranquility 

The pocket-sized B Strong Wintergreen Balm from Bamford (£25, contains soothing essential oils of wintergreen, camphor and cloves. I apply the aromatic blend to my wrists and inhale deeply ‒ particularly useful for clearing brain fog or if you’re feeling under the weather.




Onesie for me 


Halle Berry founded Re.Spin, a health- and wellness brand. This autumn, she has teamed up with Sweaty Betty for the second time to create an edit of effortless layers for the cosy season: throw-on hoodies, luxe tracksuit bottoms, soft scarves and, my favourite, the Selene Waffle Jumpsuit (below, £140,, which is a onesie with class.