21-year-old mother-of-one was made to dig her own burial after being murdered at sea on Brazil. Her killer believed she would report him for drug trafficking.

  • Santa Catarina Police discovered Amanda Albach, who was buried at a beach on Friday.
  • One day after confessing to the crime, the suspect was discovered.
  • Santa Catarina Civil Police received a statement from the suspect saying that he had forced the 21 year-old victim to dig her grave. He also shot and killed her before she was buried November 15.
  • The incident took place a day after the mother attended a female friend’s birthday party in the Santa Catarina city of Florianópolis
  • Cops said the suspect was worried that he might get into legal trouble for dealing drugs after Albach took photos of him with his gun at the home of a friend. 
  • Santa Catarina is given 30 days to finish its investigation and indict the suspect. The name of the suspect has not yet been made public. 

Police in Santa Catarina, Brazil, dug out Amanda Albach from a beach where she was buried November 15 after she was shot dead. The suspect was arrested led authorities to the burial ground last Friday after telling investigators he forced the 21-year-old woman to make her own grave

Police in Santa Catarina, Brazil, dug out Amanda Albach from a beach where she was buried November 15 after she was shot dead. After telling investigators that he had forced Amanda Albach, 21, to dig her own grave, the suspect led them to the cemetery.

Police say that a Brazilian woman had to dig her own burial ground before being shot. She was buried in southern Brazil.

Amanda Albach (21) was discovered in Laguna Santa Catarina’s South Beach last Friday. She was nearly three weeks since she was reported missing.

After confessing to his crime, the alleged murderer led Santa Catarina Civil Police towards the secret burial ground.

Investigators were told by the unnamed suspect that Albach was executed because she took a picture of him shooting his gun. According to Brazilian outlet G1.

Bruno Fernandes police chief stated, ‘The motive will depend on the circumstances, but in the main one of (the suspects) was uncomfortable. Amanda would have spoken about her involvement with drug trafficking, and also taken a photograph of his gun. He didn’t like it and decided to end her life.

Police dig through sand while searching for the body of Amanda Albach

Amanda Albach’s body was found by police digging through the sand.

Amanda Albach last post on her Facebook account on November 13, two days before she was executed in the Brazilian city of Laguna

Amanda Albach’s last Facebook post was November 13th, two days before her execution in Laguna (Brazilian city). 

Albach, a mother to a two-year-old girl, attended a friend’s birthday party at her home in Santa Catarina on November 14. 

The suspect’s brother became furious when she took a photograph of his gun during the evening.   

It appears that the victim stayed over, and on the next day the suspect drove Albach almost two hours to South Beach Laguna. 

Albach was then forced to dig her own grave by the shooter, before he shot Albach twice more and then covered her with sand.

Albach had sent her niece, Albach, a WhatsApp message, just before her passing, around 8.15pm, to tell her that she would return to Curitiba on the next day.

Albach spoke in the voice notes, “Hi, my name is Albach, and I am leaving.” “I just got an Uber so that I could leave. I already leave, so I can get home by dawn.

Police officers in Santa Catarina, Brazil, looking for the body of Amanda Albach on the beach where she was forced to dig her own grave

Santa Catarina Police Officers, Brazil. Searching for Amanda Albach, a body found on the beach.

Amanda Albach notified her niece she would be returning home the morning of November 16, a day before she was forced to dig her own grave at a beach in Santa Catarina, Brazil, where she was shot dead the night before

Amanda Albach informed her niece that she was returning home on the morning of November 16. This was a day after she had to dig her grave at Santa Catarina Beach, Brazil where she was gunned down the previous night.

The voice message made her suspicious by the sound and the background wind. Her family contacted police to file missing persons reports on November 19.

Santa Catarina’s court released two of the other suspects following police investigations that found Albach’s friend, and the boyfriend of the victim were not implicated in the crime.

Civil Police will have 30 days for the investigation to be completed and formal charges can be filed against the suspect.