Sweden’s first female Prime Minister… once again. Magdalena Andersson was elected in power for the second week running.

  • Magdalena Andersson was elected Sweden’s first female prime minster 
  • The Swede won the position for the second consecutive week.
  • In seven hours, she had already outlasted her initial stint in this role. 

Sweden yesterday elected its first female prime minister – for the second time in a week.

Magdalena Andersson was done with her second stint at the job by last night. She quit in seven hours.

The 349-seat Riksdag voted 173 to 101 with 75 abstentions and elected Miss Andersson as the Social Democrats’ leader, for her second term as prime minister. 

Her one-party minority government will be formed with the Cabinet set to be appointed today.

Current Swedish Finance Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson (seated, right) receives applaud after being appointed as a new Prime Minister after a voting in the the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, Sweden

Magdalena Andersson is the current Swedish Finance Minister, and Social Democratic Party leader. She receives applauding after she was elected Prime Minister following a vote in Stockholm’s Swedish Parliament.

Sweden's first ever female prime minister was initially been forced to quit just seven hours after being elected. She has already outlasted her previous stint in terms of time in the job

Sweden’s first ever woman prime minister was made to leave the job after just seven hours of being elected. Her previous tenure was shorter than her current one in terms of the time she spent in office.

Miss Andersson was the leader of a coalition but she was forced to resign on Wednesday after her Green colleagues walked out.

Their move followed the rejection of her government’s budget proposal in favour of one presented by opposition parties, including the Right-wing populist Sweden Democrats, which is rooted in a neo-Nazi movement.

Prime ministers in Sweden can only govern as long they have a parliamentary majority (minimum 175 MPs)