TALK OF The TOWN: Spencer Matthews will close his luxury diamond business for good

Spencer Matthews is finished with the gemstones business. 

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Made In Chelsea star has decided to close his luxury diamond business Eden Rocks. This was the company he founded in 2019 while working with Neil Duttson, a jeweller, on Vogue Williams’ engagement ring. 

Frank Lampard, Serena Williams were also customers.

Spencer explained that while men can spend as much as three months of their wages on a diamond ring, the majority goes towards packaging marketing, not the actual diamond.

Spencer Matthews is winding down his luxury diamond firm Eden Rocks, which he started in 2019 when working with jeweller Neil Duttson on the engagement ring for his now wife, Vogue Williams (Pictured: Spencer Matthews with Vogue Williams)

Spencer Matthews has decided to close his luxury diamond company Eden Rocks. He started it in 2019, when he worked with Neil Duttson, a jeweller, on Vogue Williams’ engagement ring.

Vogue Williams shows off her diamond engagement ring

Vogue Williams displays her diamond engagement ring

The striking off notice has been filed with Companies House. 

For comment, he couldn’t reach him.

Gordon should do the same.

Although I didn’t think I would ever use the term “adorable” to describe Gordon Ramsay, I learned that there is a first time. 

The 55-year old shared this adorable snap where he held Oscar, his son, aloft. Both were wearing matching bright swimming shorts.

Gordon is enjoying a sunshine holiday with his wife Tana, 47, and their children Megan, 23, Holly and Jack – the twins turned 22 yesterday – Tilly, 20, and young Oscar.

The caption he added to the photo read: “Little man big man Happy new year lots of love from all Ramsays.”

Gordon Ramsay, 55, shared an endearing snap of himself hoisting his two-year-old son Oscar aloft, with both wearing bright matching swimming shorts

Gordon Ramsay (55), shared a sweet snap in which he held Oscar, his 2-year-old, high up, while both were wearing matching bright swimming shorts.

Tilly, the young chef who was eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing in November had a wonderful run and this holiday has been a welcomed break. 

Just as she was about to make her return to the finale, Covid caught her and she had to be isolated.

Holly has had a very emotional trip. She spoke out about her alcoholism and her decision to quit drinking after she reached her lowest point last year.

Temperatures plunged in St Moritz as 2021 ended – but not enough to quell the fires of love. 

Just one minute before midnight, Freddie Coleridge (28), and Emma Weaver (28) announced their engagement. 

Freddie Coleridge, 28, and model Emma Weaver, announced their engagement on Instagram (pictured)

Freddie Coleridge, 28 and Emma Weaver were both models. They announced their engagement through Instagram (pictured).

Nicholas Coleridge (chairman of the Victoria and Albert Museum), Freddie’s dad, replied ecstatically, “Jubilations and delight!”

Let’s all hope that the wedding will be a little more reserved than Freddie’s 21st-themed ‘James Bondage,’ which featured tables like ‘For Your Thighs only’.