Following a lock-in that lasted three nights due to heavy snowfall, more than a dozen pubgoers were rescued and gave glowing 5-star Tripadvisor ratings.

Four days ago, scores of drunks were freed by the Tan Hill Inn after bad weather forced them to stay on top of the pub at 1,732ft in the Yorkshire Dales.

After a 3ft snowfall, more than 60 Oasis-related staff members and punters were left homeless over the weekend. 

As trapped people sang and drunkenly drank, they slept on makeshift mattresses.

People who claimed they had been trapped in the Tavern have since said “thanks” by raveing on Tripadvisor about the electric atmosphere.

Rescued pub-goers have given glowing five-star Tripadvisor reviews to the Tan Hill Inn after they were stranded in a three-night lock-in caused by Storm Arwen's heavy snowfall

After being stranded for three nights in an overnight lock-in, Storm Arwen left them stranded. They gave glowing Tripadvisor five-star reviews to Tan Hill Inn

The Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales is pictured, after 61 people became trapped there amid heavy snowfall caused by Storm Arwen

After Storm Arwen caused heavy snowfall, 61 people were trapped at the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire Dales.

Guests were left to sleep on makeshift beds and mattresses on the floor during their three-night stay at the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales

Guests were allowed to use the floors as mattresses and beds, but they had to be left on the ground during the three-night stay at Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire Dales.

Richard, a pubgoer, wrote a 5-star review entitled “Tan Hill Snowasis”.

While waxing poetic about Yorkshire Dales Inn, he added that ‘We were fortunate enough to be locked in for Snoasis.

“We’ve visited many places, but this is our favorite. All the staff, and all those involved. We are grateful.

“Thanks to your incredible hospitality, you all helped us keep our spirits up.

“In difficult circumstances, we were entertained and food was incredible as always.

“We’ll be back soon.” We are grateful for the memorable experience.

Martin, another satisfied customer, also gave the hotel five stars. He said that it was “above and beyond” three days lock-in.

He said, “Went to Noasis to see it and never thought that I would spend three days there!”

“I’ve been to this restaurant many times. The food, ambience, and staff were always top-notch.

Nicola and her staff are always there to help you, even when all the chips are down. These people are incredible.

Noasis also helped with cleaning and cooking. The group was stranded in this pub, which is 1,732ft (528m), above the sea level. Their main gig was Friday evening, and they have continued to play impromptu sets since. 

On Saturday evening, guests thanked the seven members of staff stuck inside with them by presenting them with a jar filled with around £300 in cash. 

Another happy customer - Martin - also rated the boozer as five-star, saying: 'Above and beyond the three day lock-in'

Martin, another happy customer also gave the boozer five stars. Martin said: “Above and Beyond the Three Day Lock-In”

More than 60 members of staff, punters and musicians from an Oasis tribute band were left stranded over the weekend after a snap blizzard left 3ft piles of snow

After a 3ft snowfall, more than 60 Oasis-related staff members and punters were left homeless over the weekend.

A Sunday lunch was also served at the pub. Guests and staff then worked together to decorate and set up for a night of Karaoke. 

Quickly, the pub built a tunnel from the front door. This allowed patrons to exit on foot. Unfortunately, the roads nearby were closed due to the fallen power cables, and the icy conditions.

Although some people enjoyed the snowy weather, Becky Longthorp claimed that many trapped punters spent most of their free time drinking. 

Some 60 people were involved in the lock-in at the remote Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales

Around 60 people participated in the lockdown at Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire Dales.

Storm Arwen left 3ft piles of snow at the Tan Hill Inn (pictured) and high winds caused power cables to fall in the Yorkshire Dales over the weekend

Storm Arwen created 3ft snowfalls at Tan Hill Inn, (pictured) while high winds caused power cables and other equipment to be blown in the Yorkshire Dales.  

Lorraine, who is a frequent pubgoer, claims that Friday she visited the boozer along with her partner. She was then trapped.

She stated that she was supposed to be there for one night, but because of the snowfall, which is the same amount as in Christmas movies and the sheer number of people who were present, it turned out we ended up stranded together with 59 others.

“The staff were extremely accommodating and went out of their way to help us. The food was excellent and the room was beautiful.

“The ambience is something everyone needs to experience with the log and coal burner fires. It’s a great place for those looking for some quiet nights away from it all.

Tripadvisor based almost 1,600 reviews has given the pub four of five stars.

The name of this establishment is “The World Famous Tan Hill Inn”, but the details are not known.

Tan Hill Inn, at 1,732ft (528m), is Britain’s highest public building.