Love life in 2022 – Judgment

Aries! This year, expect powerful waves of change and renewal in your love lives. Your love life is evolving, you’re moving forward, and becoming who you are meant to be. Judgment, a major card of the Arcana, is about closure and endings. It also brings in cosmic forces. This will pave way for new energy, bonds, and growth. The things that no longer serve you will be gone and those which do will become your new normal. If you are single expect to experience a period of frustration and then a chapter of happiness, especially with the sexy Scorpios. You can be happy in your relationship if you know this. Whatever needs to happen will happen. Your bond will grow if you feel happy and connected. Your love is growing and you will be the loved one that you have always wanted to be.

Finances in 2022 – Seven of Cups

Aries in 2022 is known for their magical thinking. They also tend to sweep away issues and ignore red flags. You can get lost in daydreams or fantasy when reality isn’t your focus. This doesn’t make it a viable way to manage your resources. Facing reality is the best thing you can do. Get professional help, examine your situation, then take decisive actions. Review your progress often. You must be determined. You can’t afford to let anyone else off the hook. It is important that you understand all aspects of your financial life, even if you are wealthy and well-off. Good news and positive changes will come in the months of March and July.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Nine of Cups

You can achieve your dream of good health in 2022, no matter what it is. The Nine of Cups, which is literally a cosmic pass by the Universe, allows you to fulfill your wish, manifesting a sense of radiance and strength. Setting challenging but inspiring goals is a good idea. Setting goals that are challenging and inspiring, such as strength, relaxation, certain biometrics, or the overcoming of illness, is important. Plan your year and make sure you focus on March and July. It is possible to grow, improve, heal, develop, and even strengthen yourself. This year is the best time to invest in your health.


Love life in 2022 – Eight of Wands

The year 2022 will be a busy one in romance. This is because Venus, who rules the planet Venus, has made you a goddess of love. You can expect to have a whole team of admirers if you are single, including those who are passionate, ambitious, and fire-signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Expect mail, messages, DMs, phone calls, from every angle and unknown sources. You may receive unwelcome attention if you are attached. However, communication is the most important priority. It is important to talk with your partner often and deeply about the shared goals, dreams, aspirations, and future plans. Have fun and work together. Your love life will improve if you have more fun talking.

Finances in 2022 – Two of Coins

It will be a very lucky and abundant year. You’ll be presented with many new revenue streams and opportunities. Maybe even windfalls. This year will bring you plenty of material wealth. Spread your investments, hedge your wagers and speculate to accumulate. Two of Coins promises that you will have more and more. There’s more to it than you might think. Don’t be afraid to take risks or not play by the rules. Don’t be afraid to invest, save, work together, try new things, and open up new revenue streams. It is possible to achieve more than what you believe.

Wellbeing in 2022 – The Magician

In 2022, creativity will be an amazing source of relaxation and joy. You are encouraged to rise and take on new projects or activities by the Magician. You could start with home-cooked meals made from scratch. You might also enjoy home improvements that will make your home feel safe and cozy. You might also take a class to learn how to build and design beautiful things. Your creative potential will allow you to flow and soothe your emotions, which can help you feel happier.


Love life in 2022 – Three of Coins

The 2022 year has a strong theme regarding a secret admirer. It’s exciting and pleasing to you because it’s great to admire someone from far. However, close encounters don’t always make for as much fun. This year Earth signs will be attracted to you, which means that Capricorns, Virgos, and Taureans are likely to find sensible and grounded Taureans. These men are ready to have a committed and more stable relationship. Three of Coins encourages those in love to be attentive and show affection on a consistent basis. You don’t have to let your daily life stop you from making romantic gestures and coming up with imaginative ways to spice up the love life. Allow your imagination to run wild, and let your heart sing. Love can make you magical.

Finances in 2022 – Knight of Cups

Some years focus on saving and others are about earning. Others may be about investing or spending. Guess which 2022? Spending. Spending. You don’t have to hold onto your cash too much. Instead, take some money and let it go. Enjoy the joy-seeking Knights of Cups and have fun. It will make you work harder, and you’ll realize that this lifestyle is what you want.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Page of Swords

This year, The Page of Swords offers very specific advice on wellbeing. Take a look at the latest trends and health kicks young people adopt, as well as the innovative ideas that nutrition scientists are coming up with, or the celebrity wellness fads. You can do some research on your favourite topic to identify new and exciting activities, superfoods, workout routines, or other wellness benefits that are available. Then, give these a try. Go to the source of inspiration and grab an idea. This could mean a lot to you.

Kerry says it is important to spend money this year if you are a Gemini

Kerry, a Gemini says that it’s important to invest money in the new year.


Love life in 2022 – Four of Wands

Cancer: Onwards, upwards for better days and happier relationships in 2022. You can be assured that all your efforts will reap equal rewards. The Four of Wands promises that you will see results. A lot of suitors are expected to come from Fire Signs by 2022. This means that Leo, Aries and Sagittarius will be calling your door. Let them in. You might find a romance this year that lifts you up, broadens the horizons of your life, increases your confidence and adds a new energy to your world. The person you choose could also be a catalyst for positive change in other aspects of your life. Working together on finances, careers and your home can bring happiness to happily married Cancerians. You can create a powerful couple atmosphere where each person pool their resources for a better lifestyle. Support each other, encourage, and help them to reach their full potential, achieve the best results, and then, share the fruits.

Finances in 2022 – Queen of Coins

This is the area where you will be most successful in 2022. First of all, consult a professional. You can seek professional advice from a financial advisor or debt counselor, a mortgage broker, trusted friend, forum member, or online. Learn about things that you don’t know. Use the knowledge to improve and make improvements. Take action. Start your research in January, and be ready to implement new strategies and methods by May. By September, you will have more cash flowing than ever.

Wellbeing in 2022 – The Tower

You might experience an unanticipated, but not very serious injury, or setback in 2022. This could be either April or November. You’ll be grateful you had it. We take everything as it is and continue to be happy with our bodies and minds when all goes well. Only when things go wrong that aren’t perfect, do we realize how incredible we truly are and the importance of taking care of ourselves.


Love life in 2022 – Five of Coins

2022 is the year when you can finally be at ease with your relationships and feel in control. All of us carry baggage. This could be literal ex-lovers that don’t want to buzz off, guilt, regrets, doubts, or comparisons to past lovers or ideals about the future romances. You can let it get in the way and hinder the future. Five of Coins helps you to turn a specific page in 2022. You can process all of your love-life failures and victories, and just feel okay about it all. It’s a simple change that allows you to stop looking back and instead look forward with optimism and full focus. This is the beginning of a five year new phase for you in your love life. It could be with someone else (Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn), or it can happen with your existing partner. You have the future in your hands, believe in it and work towards it.

Finances in 2022 – Six of Wands

You will receive promotions, bonus, rewards and riches. If you have the courage to take risks and pursue the opportunities that you desire, the Six of Wands will bring you wealth and abundance in 2022. You can apply for the job, get the raise and offer to help with the additional tasks. Fortune favors the bold, so this year is your chance to prove that. The card even says you will experience the Midas Touch 2022. Don’t let it go, reap all its benefits while you have the sun shining on you.

Wellbeing in 2022 – The Hanged Man

This year, motivation may be an issue for you. You can easily give up and become more passive or lazy (after all you are the zodiac’s Zodiac’s lion!). You are a “limbo” card. This refers to reaching plateaus and hitting blocks, then giving up and moving on. This year, be aware of any feelings that creep up and force yourself to do something about it. Get outside and run, jump, or dance. You’ll be less able to do the things you want. Avoid falling for that trap.

She believes it will be a big year for love for Virgos with marriage, engagements and chance meetings with 'the one' on the cards

This year will prove to be a significant one for love and romance for Virgos. She expects marriages, engagements, and possible meetings with ‘the One’.


Love life in 2022 – The Hierophant

This card is all about the traditional paths and structures of love, romance and engagement. It doesn’t matter where your love stage is, you can expect it to go up (maybe in May 2022). Yes, this card can be used to get married. Single Virgos may be able to marry, although we shouldn’t rush the decision. It is possible to have a strong, loyal, trustworthy, and loving relationship with a Taurean. Both of you are compatible, love living well and enjoy quality food, drinks, entertainment, and pleasure. You’ll find that your partner is not just fun. They’re also strong, trustworthy and compassionate. It’s a trusting relationship that you can rely on and lean on to build your foundation. This relationship feels safe. It feels secure.

Finances in 2022 – Five of Wands

There are likely to be some financial issues and challenges this year. These will most likely occur in March, August, or December. This is not something that will last or cause you any serious problems. It’s just annoying because your organization style makes it difficult to keep everything in order. Your perfectionist tendencies may actually be part of the problem. If you are feeling frustrated by bill hikes, bank fees, mistakes on payroll, etc., it’s worth looking at your expectations and responses. Do you allow your emotions to be influenced by money too much? Are you too focused on what is in your bank account every second? Money can be a tool to reach an end but not the end in itself. Be realistic.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords represents a mental prison card. It points to our private fears and worries, which we keep hidden, making them worse and more pervasive. These fears are also projected onto others or circumstances as obstacles that hold us back from changing. All of us do this, but you may be more self-critical or judgmental than many. It’s possible to be an utter self-saboteur. This is what you begin to see about yourself by 2022. You learn to disregard and ignore the inner critic that constantly nags at you. In October you stop listening to that inner voice and start to disbelieve it. You also break down many barriers you have imposed on yourself that are based solely on anxiety. It’s liberating, powerful and can change your life. In 2022, you will be free from your demons.


Love life in 2022 – Seven of Coins

What used to work well for you in love or romance doesn’t seem so good anymore. The same people and things that used to make you happy or turn on are not what drives you anymore. You may find that different priorities and values are more important than you thought, or even those you didn’t know about. Everything is changing. Libra, it’s normal. This is part of growing up. With the Seven of Coins, you will prioritise more stable, wealthy, solid, responsible people, places, actions, and relationships. This year, Earth signs will be big for you: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. Attached Librans are all about nesting and creating luxurious homes and lives with someone you love 100 percent. You won’t find anything else.

Finances in 2022 – Ten of Wands

Make things easy in 2022 Reduce, streamline, and audit your life. Less is more. This area of your life is a potential source of stress and overwhelm, according to the Ten of Wands. Do not try to do too much or assume that your resources will cover all of the priorities. Also, don’t get too involved. Take it back to its basics, and then go from there. If you do not slow down and eliminate any unclear or unnecessary parts, your money management will be at risk of bursting. Complex systems and schemes are not the best way to make this an excellent year. It’s best to keep it simple. Take a deep breath and breathe easier. Take control of the things you have. Feel better.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Four of Cups

Your health and fitness are better than you think. Four of Cups can be a card that takes everything as if it were a given and doesn’t appreciate the things you do have. The body that you are given could allow you to do so much more than what you’ve done before. It could take you further and give you more adventure. Your body is stronger than you realize and should be pushed to the limit. Try to push yourself harder and be more ambitious. You will see what it takes to make your mind open up, which can help you believe that you are capable of achieving great things. This new approach will make you feel more confident.


Love life in 2022 – Ten of Cups

The love card Ten of Cups in the Tarot deck is called the Love Card. I’m happy to inform you that this will be one of your best years for romance and love. Ready? Particularly memorable will be the months March, July, November. Singles should be aware that water signs – Pisces Scorpio, Cancer – are the best. You will see that everything will work out the way you want. All roads lead to happiness, and all gestures will be reciprocated. This year, you can place your faith in this part of your life. All things are meant to be. You can trust that even if things go wrong, they will help you find the love of your life. The universe will guide you.

Finances in 2022 – Six of Cups

Six of Cups is all about nostalgia. So I wondered if there was something in your past that could bring you something surprising, but still welcome, in financial matters. It’s a positive card, not a shock. Instead, it will be an unexpected gift or windfall. It could be a job opportunity from an older firm or a former colleague, who have done well and helped to create something successful and profitable. It could be a potential talent you had in your younger years that you are able to revive and lead to something more lucrative. It could be an asset, pension or investment that you have completely forgotten about. No matter the reason, you should be looking for it in March July or November.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Eight of Cups

You can persist with certain behaviors, medication, supplement, routines, diets or habits even if you aren’t seeing the results that you want. They aren’t effective, but you still have to pay for the effort. You are asked by The Eight of Cups to identify where you don’t get the benefits for your efforts and to simply stop. You’ll have more energy and space to invest in something new once you decide to withdraw. You will reap the rewards of a purpose-fitted investment. Stop flogging dead horses, in short.

Sagittarius will likely to be unlucky in love for most of the years, she said

She said that Sagittarius is likely to have a difficult time finding love in the majority of her years.


Love life in 2022 – The Wheel of Fortune

Free-spirited and independent, you love being on your own and doing what you want. This is what you are likely to do for the majority of 2022. The Wheel of Fortune is a place that brings about change, revolution, transformation, renewal, and upheaval. You’ll discover that whatever you are doing now won’t be your best year. Instead, you will find yourself expanding, changing, looking for new perspectives, exploring more of what you want and pursuing your goals. Some people will find this leads to a breakup. Some people go back and forth. Some people will go back and forth, while others may return to it with renewed commitment and purpose. This year will be a turning point for singles. You will encounter Aquarians Taureans Leos Scorpios and Leos. There will also be a lot of drama and passion. Take a ride with 2022.

Finances in 2022 – Three of Swords

Three of Swords offers a clear instruction for removing all dead wood and weight from your financial world. Prune and trim. Reduce your spending. Cut down on subscriptions, debts. Get rid of all monetary clutter and make 2022 brighter. Simpler things are better. Your investments and accounts can be simplified. Keep your eyes on the top priorities. Do not do things that you are aware will cause your financial troubles. These things will become clear to you.

Wellbeing in 2022 – The Emperor

A ruler, dominating character, the Emperor has a great deal of power and authority. You might feel like this and need to own your worries or niggles. This could indicate that you have uncontrolled behaviors and need to control them. This could indicate that you need to bring any concerns or issues to an expert. This could indicate that your relationship is unhealthy or controlling and you’re feeling drained. Consider the control theme. It can lead to a lot of problems in your life, including the health and well-being. It is important that you consider this issue and take action to resolve it. Do it by April.


Love life in 2022 – Temperance

Temperance means harmony, balance, moderation and harmony. You must come to terms with the fact that something has happened. Your love life has changed in 2021. You are still learning to accept the new norms. You will. You’ll be able to feel secure, stable and at your best in 2022. From there, everything is possible. Single? Look out for Sagittarius, a fun, bouncy Sagittarius that will restore your energy. It doesn’t matter if you are married. You’ll find that you both will have more smooth sailing and less stress in 2022. Everything will settle down.

Finances in 2022 – The High Priestess

Although you are savvy and skilled when it comes money, I find that your approach can be a bit cautious. It is better to be prudent than creative or imaginative when it comes to money making. Maybe 2022 could be the year that you explore a different approach. When it comes to making your money grow or shrinking your debt, the High Priestess wants you to tap into your imagination and use your gut instincts. You know all the facts and the usual advice… but you have a deep well of intellect and experience here, so let your subconscious bring you some leftfield ideas and opportunities. Learn to be more intuitive. Do something different.

Wellbeing in 2022 – The Chariot

New scenery, travel, vacationing well, relocation, running, cycling, or sailing. In 2022, movement is crucial for your well-being. Moving is essential for your wellbeing. A new landscape can help you feel more alive, broaden your perspective and allow you to see the world differently. Start to explore the world, make bold plans and start making decisions about your year. Get out there and get moving.

While Aquarians need to abandon past trauma in their love lives if they want to move forward

Aquarians should let go past hurt in relationships if they wish to progress.


Love life in 2022 – Five of Cups

Aquarius, whatever you may still feel from your past, know that this year it will be gone and you’ll no longer have to live with its effects. Five of Cups refers to emotional echoes. These are those stuck feelings like guilt, shame, guilt or grief. You have a past sadness in your relationship that is still with you. Soon it will fade. You will soon lose all control of it. It’s time to let it go. The water signs of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio will be there to support you. For Aquarians who are attached, you may have a closer connection to your partner. Maybe there’s something in common that should be rewritten and released. The past is over.

Finances in 2022 – The Lovers

Your spontaneity allows you to make big-ticket purchases quickly, find investments almost instantly, switch jobs in a flash, and change banks and pensions quicker than most people would recommend. The conflicting Lovers card in 2022 will show more of the same behavior, although it’s tempered by doubt. This makes it easier for you to second-guess yourself, and then to rethink or reshape your financial decisions. It would be a good habit to press pause whenever you need to make financial changes. Keep the idea in your bank, then write it down and let it rest for a week before moving forward. The cooling-off period allows you to gather your thoughts, and think through the possibilities.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Knight of Swords

Your confidence and ability to compete makes you ready for any physical or mental challenge that 2022 presents. Knight of Swords is brave, ambitious, determined, and a go-getter who sets bold goals then works hard to attain them. In 2022, you will have three major milestones: February, June and October. You should aim to do something that is outside of your comfort zone (physically or mentally) by each one. Any challenge is possible.


Love life in 2022 – Knight of Wands

This year is your chance to experience a wild ride in your relationship life. You can expect a huge surge in passion and chemistry between you and someone very inspiring and thrilling during April, August and December. This year, fire signs will be very prominent so make sure to look for charismatic Leos, Sagittarius and Aries. Attached Pisceans will find the Knight of Wands rekindles the flames of their relationship. You can help lighten the fires of love by adding more adventure, fun and excitement to your time together. You can explore new places together and do things you’ve never done. You can also have some fun in your bedroom. All things are spiced up.

Finances in 2022 – Strength

Continue to work hard, do not give up. You must finish the task you started. This is possible. Your strength shows that you are on an educational financial journey in 2022, and have learned valuable life lessons. This year will be great and everything is going to work out. Take the time to learn from any obstacle. Get help, seek support, ask for advice. Recognize your achievements and celebrate when they are achieved. Recognize the progress you have made. In July you’ll be back in the black, and will feel amazing about your finances.

Wellbeing in 2022 – Ace of Cups

It can signify pregnancy, or even the birth of a new pet. I feel obliged to tell you! This card is also about finding new love and new friends, as well as a new role to reaffirm your appreciation of life. Love, creativity, friendship, and comfort will warm your heart in 2022. Find emotional support with people you like and love. You can find new bonds and friendships that will lift you up and provide comfort.

Source: Kerry King’s tarot prediction club