Following a number of Covid cases that triggered the mandate, Tasmanians will be required to wear masks inside all indoor areas. 

Premier Peter Gutwein, during a Sunday press conference, announced that the new rules regarding masks will be in effect from Tuesday at 12.01 a.m. 

All indoor environments, including retail, shops, supermarkets and restaurants, as well as pubs, bars, clubs, public transport, ride-share, and offices are subject to the mask mandate. 

Gutwein said that he had done the same thing before. He also stated that a number of Tasmanians have already tried it.  

Tasmania will order residents to wear face-coverings in all indoor spaces after a handful of Covid cases triggered a sweeping mask mandate (pictured, arrivals in Hobart Airport)

After a few Covid cases, Tasmania has made it mandatory for residents in Tasmania to use face-coverings indoors. (pictured: arrivals at Hobart Airport).

Premier Peter Gutwein (pictured) announced the new rules on masks would come into force from 12:01am the following day during a press conference on Sunday

Premier Peter Gutwein (pictured), announced that the new rules regarding masks will be in effect from 12:00 AM on the next day, during a Sunday press conference

The move comes at a time when Victoria and NSW have slashed numerous Covid restrictions despite increasing case numbers, and the alarming spread of Omicron. 

Face-coverings in NSW are no longer required for high-risk situations like planes or public transport. 

Premier Dominic Perrottet stated that despite the increase in infections, mask mandates won’t be reinstated as he monitors hospitalisation rates. 

Tasmania has now had three cases of Covid in its territory. This is seven new active cases, after Wednesday’s reopening of borders. 

Six of the seven patients are being treated at home, while one receives treatment in a local facility.

According to authorities, one of these cases involves a man in his 30s who came from Melbourne Friday night and arrived in Hobart on Friday. 

Tasmania recorded three new cases of Covid on Sunday, bringing the state's total active infections to seven (pictured, Tasmanians at a shopping centre in Hobart)

On Sunday, Tasmania saw three cases of Covid in new patients. That brings Tasmania’s active Infections to seven.

Of the seven cases detected in Tasmania, six are receiving treatment at home while one is being cared for in a community facility (pictured, a lone runner on a street in Hobart)

Six of the seven patients in Tasmania are being treated at home, while one is in a facility for community care (pictured: a single runner running on Hobart Street).

A second case involved a 50-year-old woman who came from Sydney to Launceston Wednesday. The other was an immediate family member. 

Health officials said that a male in his late teens had been tested positive for the virus. This triggered a new list of Covid exposure locations.  

The same day that the island state opened its doors for tourists, NSW eased a number of Covid restrictions to allow new freedoms for the unvaccinated. 

The same rules for unvaccinated people and those who have been vaccinated will be in effect starting Wednesday.

QR code check ins will no longer be required. Only high-risk locations may require masks. 

You don’t have to limit the number of people who visit your home, in hospitality venues or at outdoor gatherings. 

Unjabbed people, who have been kept in quasi-lockdown after October’s relaxation of restrictions on vaccination, are now able to return to retail outlets and other non-essential shops. 

The mask mandate will apply to all indoor settings including officers, retail, gyms, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, clubs, public transport and ride-share vehicles

This mask mandate applies to indoor spaces, such as officers, retailers, gyms. supermarkets, restaurants and pubs. It also covers public transport, ride-share, taxis and other forms of public transportation.

On the same day as Tasmania reopened its borders NSW relaxed a suite of Covid restrictions and allowed new freedoms to the unvaccinated (pictured, residents walk along Hobart mall)

NSW released a number of Covid restrictions that were in place when Tasmania opened its borders. This was the day residents walked along the Hobart mall.

Retail that is not critical will be open to everyone and personal services such as haircuts, massages, manicures, and beauty treatments will all be available. The opening of sex services establishments is also permitted. 

A government spokesperson in Victoria said the country was not planning to increase capacity or cancel important events due to increased cases. 

Victoria and NSW are poised to lift international arrivals’ 72-hour isolation regulations starting on December 21st, less than a month since the original imposition of the rule. 

Nearly 96% of Tasmanian eligible residents have received one dose of the Covid vaccine as of Sunday. Only 90% have had at least two. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic 13 deaths have occurred in an island state, while 225 people have recovered.