Two fingers were removed from a body-modification enthusiast, who wished to become a “black alien” in order to transform his hand into a claw. 

Anthony Loffredo (33) has tattooed his whole body (including his eyeballs) and taken out his nose, top lip, and nose to make him look like an alien. 

He has been posting his drastic physical changes to his 730,000 Instagram followers. Now, he’s had surgery in Mexico for the removal of his fingers.

Loffredo revealed to us that even though he had undergone a series of surgeries, not the least to cut his tongue in half. He is now ‘34%’ away from his ultimate goal to become a black alien.

Anthony Loffredo, 33, had two of his fingers cut off so that his hand looks like a claw


Anthony Loffredo, 33, had two of his fingers cut off so that his hand looks like a claw 

Loffredo can be seen lying on an operating table surrounded by surgeons before his fingers were removed

Loffredo is seen lying on an operation table, surrounded by surgeons. This was before his fingers were taken out.

Loffredo pictured before he began his dramatic 'black alien' body modification project

Loffredo before his drastic ‘black alien’ body modification experiment

Video footage and graphic images show Loffredo laying on an operating table, surrounded by doctors. He raises his hand in amazement at the new “claw”.

Loffredo said that he plans to take two fingers out of his right hand so that he has matching “claws”. 

On Instagram, he wrote: “On the other side, to continue my project. The procedure is going smoothly, one more dream has just become a reality. Mexico, I want to thank you so much for your outstanding job. 34 per cent loading.’ 

Loffredo shared a close up black-and white photo of his bleeding hand. He also said: “In peace… Thank you for the energy. The preparation for the other. 

Loffredo after operation

Loffredo after opreration

Video footage and graphic images show Loffredo laying on an operating table, surrounded by doctors. He raises his hand in amazement at the new “claw” he has received.

Loffredo after surgery

Loffredo after surgery

Loffredo stated that he was preparing to also remove two fingers from the right side of his hand in order to have matching “claws”

Loffredo, posting a close-up black and white image of his stitched up bloody hand, also wrote: 'In peace... Thanks to the energy. Preparation for the other hand'

Loffredo posted a black-and-white image of his bloodied hand and wrote, “In peace… Thanks for your energy. The preparation for the other’

Loffredo’s controversial transformation of his body has drawn praise and dismay from both his Instagram followers. 

One person wrote, “Oh my goodness you did it. Although it was unbelievable to me, it is true. It’s my hope that your body adapts.

Other users weren’t as supportive.

One other wrote, “You are 100 percent going to regret it eventually.” 

One user commented: “This is both frightening and amazing at the same moment.” This is something I do not believe I could achieve, however I am grateful for your willingness to live the life you have always wanted.

Loffredo’s nose and top lips were removed in the latest transformational procedure. Loffredo later admitted to his difficulty speaking. 

Because the French law prohibits such a procedure, he had his nose pulled in Spain earlier in the year.   

Many European countries have made body modification that results in injury illegal, including piercing or tattooing.

Loffredo didn’t specify where, by whom, or when his upper and lower lips were taken out when he spoke about them in an Instagram Live question and answer.

The latest transformative procedure comes after Loffredo had his nose and top lip removed. He later confessed that he now struggles to speak

Loffredo has had both his top lip and nose removed. This was the most recent transformation. Loffredo later admitted to his difficulty speaking. 

In an Instagram posting about his nose surgery, Loffredo thanked @oscarmarquezbodymod of having “marked” his life.

At the time, he wrote: “Now I can stand tall thanks to you. I’m proud of all that we accomplished together.” 

Loffredo admitted that he had difficulty speaking after the surgery, but it does not appear to have affected his passion for body modifications.

According to him, he dreams of having his skin removed completely and replaced with metal. He also listed his legs, arms and fingers as parts of his body that he would like to see modified.

Loffredo spoke to Midi Libre, a French newspaper in 2017, and said that he was ‘passionate’ about the mutations and changes of the human body since a very young age. 

In his twenties, while working as a guard at a bank, he realized that he was living ill.

The Frenchman, who documents his dramatic physical alterations for his 227,000 followers on Instagram, said he had had his nose removed in Spain

Frenchman who documented dramatic changes in his body for his 227,000 Instagram followers, the Frenchman claimed that he had undergone a nose job in Spain.

Loffredo stated that “I quit everything at 24” and went to Australia. According to Loffredo’s Instagram, he is now in Montpellier, France.  

It has been a habit, even unconscious, for me to always think about my future plans. [for body modification]Loffredo stated that the agreement would be in effect for the following months.

He said that he enjoyed stepping into the shoes of scary characters. 

He stated, “I sometimes settle down to play a role at night, in dark streets,”

“I examine the difference between my role and mine.”