RSPCA is going to prosecute 37-year-old primary school teacher for allegedly cruelty towards animals after she was captured kicking and slapping her horse in a hunt.

  • Sarah Moulds (37), has been fired as primary school teacher due to the clip 
  • The mother was seen kicking and punching a horse while she hunted. 
  • Her footage caused outrage, and she’s now being charged by the RSPCA 
  • The charges against her include causing unneeded suffering to a grey pony, and not taking reasonable precautions to prevent the pony suffering pain or injury. 

The RSPCA is pursuing the prosecution of a shameful primary school teacher for allegedly cruelty to animals. He was caught on camera apparently punching and kicking a horse.

Sarah Moulds (37), will appear next week at Boston Magistrates Court to face two offenses under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. 

Mother-of-two is well-known within local equestrian circles. The animal welfare charity is prosecuting her, not the police and Crown Prosecution Service. 

These two offenses are connected to the kick incident that occurred following a Cottesmore Hunt meeting on November 6, last year, in rural Gunby known as “The Drift” in Gunby.

This video of the horsewoman screaming became viral and caused outrage across the country and worldwide. 

By hitting and kicking Bruce, Mrs Moulds was charged with inflicting unnecessary suffering on the grey pony. A second charge against Mrs Moulds is that she failed to take reasonable precautions to prevent the pony suffering, pain or injury.

Mrs Moulds now lives in the same house as her husband Daniel, a plumber. She also has children.

She was fired from her job after she was suspended in the wake of the scandal.

Sarah Moulds, a foxhunter who was filmed appearing to punch and kick a horse, lost her job as a primary school teacher after an investigation by the school in relation to the viral video

Sarah Moulds (a Foxhunter) was caught appearing to punch and kick a horse. After an investigation of the school, Sarah lost her job in primary school.

Sarah Moulds appeared to kick and repeatedly slap a horse after a hunting event organised by Cottesmore Hunt, a group based in Rutland, East Midlands

Sarah Moulds was seen repeatedly and kick a horse following a Cottesmore Hunt hunting event. The group is based in Rutland (East Midlands).

Paul Maddox, Chief Operating Officer of Mowbray Education Trust, stated that Sarah Moulds was fired following the controversial decision.

“As Trust, we have a responsibility to ensure the highest standard of education for our youth and look forward to continuing that effort throughout the next academic year.

However, some users of social media criticized the decision. One user said that the incident wasn’t related to teaching.

Prior to being terminated, Mrs Moulds served as a director for the Knossington and Somerby Early-Schools.

Her role in the Pony Club’s local branch was also lost.

Anti-hunt saboteurs had released the clip. She received death threats, and she was forced to hide with her family.

The RSPCA stated at the time that it would investigate animal welfare complaints.

One spokesperson stated that they understood the interest shown in this case and wanted to assure people that we will continue to investigate complaints about animal welfare.

“However, it is not possible to talk about complaints regarding specific individuals or what actions may have been taken.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, but we do not want to prejudice any future criminal proceedings.

This footage features a white horse that trots along the trailer’s back before being stopped and controlled by a young rider.

After grabbing the reins of an animal, a woman wearing navy blue pants and cream trousers grabs its neck before repeatedly slapping and pushing it away.

Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, who state they take ‘nonviolent direct action’ to save wildlife, shared the video via Twitter and tagged the RSPCA.

They claimed that the incident happened on Nov 6 after a Cottesmore Hunt. It is considered one of Britain’s oldest hunts.

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

RSPCA spoke out and called for witnesses. Now, it is prosecuting the ex-teacher

Mrs Moulds was a senior leader and class three team teacher at her local Somerby School (pictured) and was also a director of the Knossington and Somerby Pre-School before her termination

Before her termination, Mrs Moulds served as a leader and was the class three teacher in her Somerby School’s senior team (pictured). She was also director of Knossington and Somerby Pre-School.

Hunt stated that it does not condone actions in video and said: ‘We will be reminding our supporters, this will not tolerated.

David Kirkham (Bonsall, Derbyshire) was previously the uncle to Mrs Moulds. He stated: ‘She is a very upright individual, a phenomenal person who absolutely loves their horses.

MailOnline was informed by him that he had seen the footage but didn’t know anything about the horse’s behavior or if it was out-of-control. We know the horse ran onto the roadway and that she told her.

“She was correcting her horse. She was not implying malice. Her thoughts and opinions are highly valued.