A Scottish teacher who told friends he would ‘happily kill’ his ‘b***h’ colleague and ‘kick her and her dog into the Clyde’ has been struck off the register. 

Alan MacOnie was a former Rothesay Academy professor in modern languages.

According to the General Teaching Council for Scotland, MacOnie was accused of sending messages that were deemed to have a threatening nature. The messages also referred to Susan Jack, who is a French teacher.

In the messages, MacOnie referred to Ms Jack as a ‘b***h’ and said that he often sees her walking her dog along the River Clyde.

MacOnie stated that he felt like punching them in the Clyde, and then added that he would happily kill his wife.

Also, the teacher wrote that Jack was ‘totally destroyed’ and had ‘hijacked his retirement.

Alan MacOnie (pictured), a former modern languages professor at Rothesay Academy in Argyll and Bute, made the 'threatening' comments to a colleague over Facebook Messenger in 2019

Alan MacOnie (pictured), a former professor of modern languages at Rothesay Academy, Argyll & Bute made the threatening comments to a Facebook Messenger colleague in 2019.

In the messages, MacOnie referred to French teacher Susan Jack as a 'b***h' and said that he often sees her walking her dog along the Clyde, adding that he felt like kicking them both into the river (Pictured: Rothesay Academy in Argyll and Bute)

In the messages, MacOnie referred to French teacher Susan Jack as a ‘b***h’ and said that he often sees her walking her dog along the Clyde, adding that he felt like kicking them both into the river (Pictured: Rothesay Academy in Argyll and Bute)

MacOnie is said to have commented after Ms Jack was accused of falsifying her signature on the verification documents for SQA National 5 German, and French exams.

The GTCS ruled yesterday that MacOnie wasn’t fit to teach. It will remove MacOnie from the Register after a three day hearing.

GTCS found all the allegations to be true.

MacOnie sent the messages with spelling errors. They both feel as though I’m going to kick them in the Clyde if they rat along.

‘Hate that b***h. Really. It completely destroyed my retirement.

She would be happy to die. Her job isn’t easy. Lol. It’s not possible. [redacted]But sometimes, it’s tempting to take a quick walk towards the water.

“Maybe one of these days very soon.” Rothesay Academy, thank you for everything [redacted]Not the first. Not the first. [sic]

MacOnie has also been under investigation for forging Ms Jack’s signature in 2018, and 2019.

In its ruling yesterday, the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) said MacOnie (pictured) was unfit to teach and that it will be removing him from the register following a three-day hearing

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), yesterday ruled that MacOnie was not fit to be a teacher and will be taking him off the list after three days of hearings

Further allegations stated that MacOnie referred to Jack as a ‘lazy b**h’ who ‘left me in the s*t’ after she was suddenly hospitalised for around four weeks.

Ms. Jack stated, speaking at the October hearing, that ‘as he was about to retire, I would like to see the procedures for the next verification.

“When I first opened my student exam, I was shocked to find that my name had been signed for such low quality work.

“I was so stunned I felt like I was going to die.”

MacOnie said that he had sent them to Dunoon in cross verification.

I saw my signatures on all National 5 exams for my class, and MacOnie’s. 

Ms Jack thought that MacOnie had forger her signature on SQA verification forms.

Louise Nicol claimed MacOnie did this. She said he felt under a lot pressure, but it was a ‘one-off’.

MacOnie took aim at MacOnie on Facebook in May for not sending him a card after he retired early.

He said, “I taught in Rothesay Academy when it was in 1985. That’s a long, long time ago. And I have taught thousands of students, moms, dads, grandparents, etc.

After 35 years of service at the school, I chose to take early retirement in 2019 because I loved it. However, when I was ready for retirement, which was hard, the school could not even give me a retirement card nor acknowledge my participation in the school.

“I find this difficult. This is hard to grasp and it is painful and difficult to handle.

MacOnie was flooded with praises from his former students as well as friends.

In May this year, MacOnie hit out at the school on Facebook for failing to send him a card when he went into early retirement

MacOnie slammed the school for not sending him an email when he entered early retirement.

The GTCS concluded that after his hearing the panel found that the conduct of the teacher was not up to the standard expected of registered teachers and that he is therefore unfit for teaching.

“He failed to meet the expectations of registered teachers and his conduct was considered misconduct.

The panel found the misconduct very concerning due to the teacher’s dishonesty and lack of respect for coworkers, as well as the teacher’s threatening behavior.

The panel agreed that being dishonest is often indicative of a difficult attitudinal problem.

“The teacher’s behavior was not correctable, the panel ruled.

“The teacher apologized to colleagues when confronted, but had not shown any understanding or genuine regret.

The panel ruled that the teacher wasn’t qualified to teach and ordered the removal of the teacher from the Register.

MacOnie had 28 days to appeal the decision.