A 16-year-old boy has been found guilty of murdering Humza Hussain (pictured), also 16, as part of a bitter feud between the two which turned violent and ended with Humza being stabbed to death outside a school

As part of an ongoing bitter feud between Humza Hussain and Humza (pictured), a 16-year old boy was found guilty of the murder of Humza Hussain. Humza was stabbed outside of school.

A court heard that a teenage boy, who had viciously stabbed a rival in an attempt to end a long-running feud, was found guilty today of murder.

Jurors heard that the incident started off as a minor, juvenile grudge and turned into murder. Humza Hussain was also 16 years old when he stabbed her to death in front of Challney School for Boys, Luton.

The ill feeling between them had been developing for months when Humza stabbed Humza in the chest three times. It happened in June this year.

The prosecution described the murder as revenge, and said it took place on a busy street in broad daylight.

At Luton Crown Court, the teenage defendant was found guilty today of murder. He was told that he can expect to serve a life sentence.

Additionally, he was found guilty on a charge that he had an article with a knife or point.

It took the jury two hours, 20 minutes to arrive at their unanimous verdicts. They were then announced in court today.

Tomorrow, Mr Justice Goss, the Trial Judge will deliver the sentence.

He thanked the jurors for their hard work and said that the defendant would be sentenced to a life imprisonment, but that he had to decide the length of time the boy would need before he could be released.

Prosecutors told jurors that Humza Hussain (16 years old) was three-fold stabbed in his chest during the attack. 

Humza was stabbed to death outside Challney High School for Boys. Pictured: the scene

Outside Challney High school for boys, Humza was attacked and killed. Photograph of the scene 

Richard Wright QC, Prosecutor of Challney High School for Boys, explained that the attack on Humza occurred between three quarters to four in the morning.

The victim was taken into hospital and died there shortly after 6pm.

Wright claimed that they were a devastating, and eventually unsurvivable injury. It is clear that Humza was murdered by the defendant. The defendant was concealing a knife that was large and brutal in the victim’s clothing.

He said, “The dispute between the two of them (Humza & defendant) has been ongoing for some time.

“There was mutual animosity. This may be linked to comments on social media, but it is hard to recognize. This could have been a juvenile, small-minded grudge.

It was shown CCTV footage taken at the school eight months prior to the jury’s selection. The video showed a play between goalposts and a child in the playground.

Humza's family say he was a 'much-loved son, grandson and brother' with his life ahead of him

Humza’s relatives say that he was an’much loved son, grandson and brother’ who had a long life ahead.

On one side, Humza Hussain with some friends was mentioned by the prosecutor and the defendant was listed on the opposite. The defendant sustained a bleeding nose during the incident. Humza recorded it on his cellphone.

Humza and his friend were both permanently expelled from the school and the incriminated was sent to another one.

Wright said that Humza Hussain was the victim of the indictment’s determination to exact revenge.

The defendant, who was riding a bicycle outside Challney School for Boys the day before the murder was committed was observed intimidating one of Humza’s 14-year-old brothers.

The older boy saw a knife inside his pants and refused the defendant’s invitation to take him along into an alleyway.

Teachers confronted the defendant who claimed he was searching for a cousin. The boy, aged 14, was brought back to school.

The 16-year-old boy is due to be sentenced at Luton Crown Court (pictured) tomorrow

Tomorrow will see the sentence of the sixteen-year-old boy at Luton Crown Court.

The boy called his older brother and he arrived at school outside with Humza.

The court was told that both boys arrived with bikes and were armed. Humza had a metal file, while the boy from the father’s shed had one.

Wright claimed that the stabbing had been witnessed by many of the general public. The event was fast.

It was claimed that the elder brother had thrown the head off the hammer at his accuser, who then took out his knife.

Humza reached behind the defendant to try and restrain him.

Mr Wright said that after he had broken free, he reached out for Humza Hussain to stab him multiple times in the chest.

He was then taken to his Luton residence.

Lawyers for the defendant claimed that the defendant acted in self defense during the trial. However, jurors found him guilty and sentenced him to a life sentence tomorrow.

Humza’s relatives shared their condolences after the attack. Humza was described as “a beloved son, grandson, brother”, who lived a full life and lost his family.

The investigation was led by Det Insp Iain MacPherson from the Bedfordshire-Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit. He stated: “This terrible and unnecessary killing will cause untold trauma to everyone involved.”

‘Our sympathy particularly lies with Humza’s family today. In such tragic circumstances, Humza’s life was ended at such a young age. This is the kind of suffering that no family should have to endure.

“I wish they felt a sense today of justice. Each and every detective has worked tirelessly to bring us to this moment.

“I’d also like to recognize the bravery of those who came forward to help Humza, as well as the medical personnel who tried to save his life.