The 17-year-old suspect denies the murder of 22 year old ex-Tory activist and aspiring lawyer son. He was attacked by gang members ‘in case mistaken identity’ while he attempted to purchase a bagel.

  • Sven Badzak is a target of youths as he walks in north London’s northwest London in February
  • He was chased and then repeatedly knifed before being declared dead.
  • According to the Prosecutor, it is clear that the victim was misidentified at 22 years old 
  • This morning, the suspect (who cannot be identified) appeared via videolink

Today, the Old Bailey denied that a teenage accused of the murder of the Tory activist’s son when he was trying to buy bagel.  

Sven Badzak (22) was an aspirant lawyer. He was with his friend 16 years old when six youngsters approached him while they walked along Willesden Lane Kilburn.

The teenager and Mr Badzak were chased by the police at 5.30pm on Feb 6, and they eventually split up.

Badzak was attacked by the attackers, who repeatedly knifed him and declared him dead.

He also sustained multiple stabbing injuries, but his 16-year-old buddy managed to get out of Willesden Lane.

Officers investigating the murder of 22-year-old Sven Badzak in Kilburn continue to appeal for more witnesses to come forward

Gedel, from Ilford in east London, is charged with murdering 22-year-old Mr Badzak(pictured)  in Kilburn, north west London, on February 6

Sven Badzak, 22 years old (pictured), was assassinated in Kilburn. Officers are still appealing for witnesses.

Sven Badzak met Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a child. He was stabbed to death on his way to pick up some orange juice

As a youngster, Sven Badzak was reunited with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. While trying to grab orange juice, he was brutally stabbed and then killed.

Pictured: Police parked at the scene of a stabbing on Willesden Lane on February 7, 2021

Pictured: On February 7, 2021, Willesden Lane was the victim of an armed robbery. 

Mr Badzak's mother, a former Tory party activist, said her son was walking to a bagel shop when he was knifed to death in the attack, involving six people, on February 6

Mrs Badzak’s mother is a Tory Party activist who said that her son was on his way to bagel shops when he was attacked and killed by six other people. 

The teenage suspect, 16 at the time but now 17, appeared court via video-link from Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, speaking to confirm his identity and deny murdering Mr Badzak and attempting to murder his friend.

Legal reasons prevent him from being named.

Rashid Gedel (21), and Shiroh Ambersley (21) were his co-defendants.

Anthony Orchard, Q.C., the prosecutor, stated earlier that it was obvious Mr Badzak had been a victim to mistaken identity.

He explained that he had just heard the news about Ven Badzak being declared dead at 6.28 p.m. on Saturday. Both victims were not gang members or associated. Both were misidentified. 

Sven’s mother, former Conservative Party activist Jasna Badzak, said her son had gone to a shop to get orange juice and then to the bagel shop when he was attacked.

Sven studied privately at Wetherby, Portland Place schools and then went on to Roehampton University.

The judge Anuja Dhir placed the teenager in custody, ahead of the Old Bailey trial on the 18th July.

He attempted to kill and denied the murder.