Following the death of a Norfolk teenager, 44-year-old Man was taken into custody on suspicion for murder.

After a girl aged 19 was struck by a vehicle, police launched an investigation into her murder.  

The incident happened shortly before 7.30pm on Sunday near a play area in Leete Way, West Winch, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk .  

Lauren is said to have been driven by the car’s driver, Lauren being ‘known’, five miles to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn.

Lauren, who was thought to be from nearby, has been called’my dear angel” by friends. She died shortly after arriving.

A 44-year-old man was later arrested at the hospital on suspicion of murder, causing death by dangerous driving and drink driving.

He is currently being questioned at the Police Investigation Centre in King’s Lynn after detectives were granted more time following an application to Norwich Magistrates Court.  

To determine the cause, a Home Office postmortem examination will take place today. 

Police were called following reports that a 19-year-old girl, who has been named locally as Lauren Malt (pictured), had been hit and killed by a car

Police were dispatched to investigate reports that Lauren Malt, a local 19-year old girl was hit and killed in a car accident.

The incident happened shortly before 7.30pm near a play area in Leete Way, West Winch, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk (pictured) on Sunday

This incident occurred just before 7.30pm at a play area near Leete Way in West Winch, Norfolk, (pictured).

It is believed that the driver of the car, who was 'known' to Lauren, drove her five miles to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. Pictured: Leete Way, Norfolk

Lauren believes that Lauren was driven five miles by the driver of the car to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. Pictured: Leete Way, Norfolk

Leete Way residents asked to remain anonymous. They said that there was a bang, shouting and shouting followed by the sounds of a car racing off.

“I went outside and asked my neighbour about the incident. The neighbor told me that the girl was hit by a car. Although there were signs of collision on the roads, the girl wasn’t there.

“We saw this car before and we heard lots shouting about it when it was near.”

One neighbor said, “It is horrendous.” The flashing lights coming from police cars were visible late at night.

“I looked out the window, and wondered what was going on.” Their hands were on the corners of the road, and they started to scrub them. 

“It’s terrible to think about what this girl has been through. It is usually a very quiet area. It isn’t what you’d expect.

One resident added that she found the area had been taped by police when she returned from work at 9:00 pm. “I heard that there was a big argument.” 

Houses on Leete Way, Norfolk are worth around £180,000 and detached properties can sell for an average of £250,000. 

Lauren was honoured by a friend who wrote: ‘You, my dear angel, meant the whole world to me. And I’m so sorry to your passing.

“I cannot get my head around this.” My rock. My tiny bean. My best friend. Our plans were so big, and now it’s over. My love, I’ll miss you always.

Another friend said: “She was funny, kind and beautiful. Her presence will be greatly missed.

She was described as “such a beautiful polite girl” by one person. Another added, “She had a heart full of gold.” Fly high, my angel.

One person said that she was truly a one-of-a-kind and would be greatly missed. She was a caring, loving young woman who died too soon. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.

One resident of Leete Way who asked not to be named said: 'We heard a loud bang and a load of people shouting and screaming, followed by the sound of a car speeding off'

Leete Way resident who did not want to be identified said that they heard “a loud bang, a lot of screaming and shouting followed by the sound a car driving off.”

Norfolk Police officers are conducting house-to-house investigations, asking residents whether they have any pertinent CCTV images or videos from their doorbell cameras. 

According to officers, the West Winch incident was not connected with a second murder probe that had been launched eight miles away. This investigation involved a man in his 30s who died on Sunday from severe head injuries at a Bulrush Avenue house, Downham Market.

According to a statement from the Norfolk Police, “Police launched an investigation into a murder following an incident that occurred near King’s Lynn Sunday night.”

“Officers responded to reports that there had been a disturbance on Leete Way, West Winch just before 7:30pm. A woman was reported as having been struck by a vehicle.

Following further information, officers were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital to assist the victim, who was in her late teens. Shortly after, the woman was declared dead.

“A 40-year old man was taken to the hospital under suspicion of murder and causing deaths by dangerous driving. He was transported to King’s Lynn Police Investigation Centre and will be interviewed.

Norfolk Police staff were today making house-to-house inquiries, asking residents if they had any relevant CCTV images or video from doorbell cameras

Norfolk Police officers were making house to house inquiries today, asking residents if any CCTV photos or videos from their doorbell cameras are available.

Leete Road was first closed off for ‘collision-scene investigations. The road was eventually reopened. 

Superintendent Wes Hornigold, Norfolk’s local police commander said that he had a team consisting of detectives who have the experience to determine the true circumstances.

Our liaison officers are supporting the victims’ families and helping them to understand what happened.

“I am able to confirm that all the involved parties are well-informed and confident that there was no risk for the general public.

One described her as 'such a lovely polite girl' and another added: 'She had a heart of gold. Fly high my angel.'

She was described as “such a beautiful polite girl” by one person. Another added, “She had a heart full of gold.” Fly high my angel.

“This was one of two murder investigations that were launched last night in the West of the County. Another team of detectives is continuing to investigate the death of a Downham Market man, aged 39. We are deeply sorry for the victims and offer our condolences to them.

“We recognize that the proximity and timing of these incidents could cause greater concern within our communities. They are independent investigations, and they do not have to be connected.

“These circumstances are uncommon for Norfolk. We will also have high-visibility patrols on both these areas in the next days.”    

Although officers have talked to many witnesses, any person who suspects that they have surveillance or other information pertinent to the inquiry, should contact 101 and quote Operation Redmere.