An 18-year old girl was killed in London’s Summer of Violence when she was attacked by a teenager. 

Ghulam Sadiq was brutally murdered outside of a pizza shop Restaurant in Leytonstone (east London) on the 6th of August

After police arrived at High Road at 14.15, a murder investigation was initiated. 

For legal reasons, the 17-year old man was taken into custody in Walsall West Midlands on Tuesday, 9 August. 

An autopsy revealed that the cause of death had been ruled out as blunt force trauma to the lower back.  

Officers offered first aid to Sadiq, until an ambulance team arrived. But their efforts were in vain. At the scene, the boy was declared deceased. 

Ghulam Sadiq was brutally killed outside a pizza restaurant last weekend on 6 August

Ghulam Sadiq was brutally shot to death outside of a pizza place last Saturday, 6 August

The fatal attack took place on High Road (pictured above), Mr Sadiq's killing comes amid a wave of violence across the city

This fatal attack occurred on High Road, as shown above. Mr Sadiq was killed amid violence sweeping the city.

The suspect will appear in custody at Willesden Magistrates’ Court on Thursday morning.

After five victims were attacked and stabbed over the weekend, Mr Sadiq was killed amid violence in London.

While he was supposedly dying, he said to officers that he would die. Police tried to comfort him while attempting to save his life outside Highbury Fields playground in north London. 

After the horrific killing Detective Chief Inspector Linda Bradley, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: ‘Our heartfelt thoughts are with Ghulam’s family as they come to terms with this terrible tragedy, which no family should have to endure.

Five people were stabbed over days in early July, with the attacks happening in Islington, Leytonstone, Ilford, Lewisham station and Eltham High Street

Over five stabbings took place over several days early in July. They were at Islington station, Leytonstone and Ilford as well as Lewisham station, Eltham High Street, and Lewisham Station.

“He was assaulted in broad daylight at the High Road, on Saturday afternoon during summer.” This will be shocking and alarming for the community. I assure them that we will make every effort to find and hold those responsible accountable.

The area was likely busy during the incident. Anybody who was able to see anything should come forward.

Ms Bradley encouraged any witnesses to speak up and assist the police in their investigation. 

A murder investigation (pictured above) was set up after police were called to High Road at 14.15pm.

After police arrived at High Road at 14.15, a murder investigation was initiated (pictured above).

Officers gave Mr Sadiq first aid until Ambulance team arrived but despite their efforts the boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers provided first aid for Mr Sadiq, until an ambulance team arrived. However, the boy was declared dead on the spot.

She expressed gratitude to residents and businesses for cooperating during the initial phase of their investigation.   

According to the police, a statement was made that stated: “A murder investigation has begun following the fatal stabbing at Leytonstone.”

After reports that an individual had been attacked, police were summoned at High Road E11 in London.

The London Ambulance Service arrived first, and then the London Air Ambulance arrived.

“Despite every effort of emergency services, the man died at the scene. The victim was identified as Ghulam Sadiq, an 18-year old from the area.

A wave of stabbings took place in the capital, which led to Mr Sadiq’s murder. 

There have been 14 fatalities since the start of July followed by three further stabbings on Wednesday 3 August.

On that day a  15-year-old boy was stabbed on Chadwick Road outside a Royal Mail sorting office at 4.20pm on Wednesday, August 3.

Three hours later, another teenager was assaulted on Eltham High street in Eltham (south-east London), at 6.30pm.

The third knife attack took place four hours later  At Lewisham station in South London

According to Statista (a top data site), London is home to the third highest homicide rate in England or Wales. 

The City’s homicide rate is 14.5 per 100,000, compared with the North West at 15.5.