Pictured: Mackenzie Croxford Cook, 14 years old who fell to his death while riding on a fairground rollercoaster

Mackenzie Croxford Cook is the name of the boy, aged 14, who died after falling from a fairground ride. He had been’sneaking into sight’ with five other friends.

Families and friends have paid tribute to the teenager by placing flowers, balloons or candles outside Dover, Kent’s Fun Fair.

Today, friends of the teenage boy were seen setting up a memorial at the bus stop in the parking lot next to Pencester Gardens. This is the same park that was hosting the traveling fair.

Family and loved ones have today given tributes to the teenager and flowers, balloons, candles and pictures have been placed outside the fun fair in Dover, Kent

The teenager’s family and friends have paid their respects today and placed flowers, balloons, candles, and photos outside Dover Fun Fair, Kent.

They attached balloons to the shelter, and several bunches of flowers were also laid out along the floor along with photographs of Mackenzie with his family, KentOnline reports.

Locals reported that they were told by locals that six young children had attempted to climb over the fencing to enter the Dover Fairground, Kent.

Despite his friends’ pleas for him to stop, it is believed he fell off the ride ‘Body Count.

Around 7.45 a.m. yesterday, emergency crews responded to a call from Dover, Kent, for Family Funfair.

Emergency services were called shortly after 7.45am following the death of a teenager who was crushed by a fairground ride

Following the tragic death of a young girl who was crushed in a fairground ride, emergency services were summoned shortly after 7.45am

Specialists from Kent Fire and Rescue Technical Rescue are collaborating with officers to assist in the recovery of the person who died at the scene

Kent Fire and Rescue Technical Rescue specialists are working with police to help in the rescue of the victim who has died on the spot

Catherine Dennison, 75, a retired P&O ferry worker who lives close to the park said she heard an ‘unusual’ number of sirens this morning.

When she went to her home, she saw that there were several emergency vehicles nearby.

She stated, “I spoke with a young boy that said he had seen it happen.

“He claimed that a boy had been climbing on the frame of an automobile and his friends told him to go down. But he refused and the boy then lost his feet.

He was probably 14 years old.

Catherine, who worked as an interpreter for the ferry companies added: “It is so horrible. His mother and father and all his friends who witnessed it are so very sorry.

According to locals, the ride that caused the tragedy is known as Body Count.

Sarah Rogers (51), a nearby resident, said that the children climbed the fence to the fairground and the boy rode the Body Count ride.

He apparently climbed up the mountain and fell from it.

He fell from the carriage. It’s terrible.

Laura Haley, 42 years old, has been living nearby for eight year and said, ‘It’s so tragic, shocking.

A crime scene has been established, and the Pencester Garden Fair has been placed under lockdown

The crime scene was discovered and Pencester Garden fair was taken under lockdown

Forrest Amusements was responsible for the operation of the fair. They said that yesterday they were deeply shocked and disturbed by the sad incident at Pencaster Gardens, Dover’s funfair.

“Kent Police confirm that this death is being considered not suspicious” and will provide a report to the coroner.

“The Health and Safety Executive attended the scene together with the emergency services.

According to the amusement park operator, they had closed the fair today and yesterday ‘out respect for the family of the boy.

The riders stated that their rides weren’t at fault and they had closed down the ride in question out of respect. They will not be reopen the ride.

‘Our thoughts and sympathy are with the boy’s family at this terrible time,’ a spokesperson said.

The fair was closed. They said that safety and wellbeing of the public were their top priorities.

Industry body offered its condolences to family members of the victim.

John Thurston, President of The Showmen’s Guild said yesterday that the Showmen’s Guild was aware of an incident at Dover in Kent where a person lost their life in the early hours on Wednesday, August 3, when the fair had closed before its official opening.

The HSE is investigating this tragedy as it oversees safety regulations at funfairs.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones.

“As an ongoing investigation takes place, we are not able to comment more at this point.

South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed that a teenage boy was found deceased at the scene

South East Coast Ambulance Service confirms that the victim was a teenager.

An area of parkland where the fair was being held has been cordoned off by police today

Today, police have cordoned off an area in parkland that was the site of the fair.

A Kent Fire and Rescue spokeswoman also confirmed the service had been called to the scene to assist police

Kent Fire and Rescue spokesperson also confirmed that the service was called on the spot to help police

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Dover District Council said that they were shocked by the tragedy at Pencester Gardens in Dover.

“Our sincere condolences go to the friends and family of the teenager involved.

“The incident took place at Forrest Amusements’ funfair, which was closed at that time.

“Kent Police confirmed that there is no suspicious cause of death and will prepare a report for the Coroner. Along with emergency personnel, the Health and Safety Executive was also present at the scene.

Yesterday morning, the South East Coast Ambulance Service reported that a teenager boy had been found dead at the scene.

According to spokespersons, the incident occurred at Pencester Gardens in Dover at 7.42 AM.

“We quickly dispatched many clinical resources, including our Critical Care Paramedics team and our HART team, to the scene. Unfortunately, at the spot, a teenage boy had been declared deceased.”

The road that runs adjacent to the park was originally closed for traffic, but has since been reopened.

Kent Police spokeswoman confirmed that the force was present at the scene, but did not report any suspicious circumstances.

A copy of this information has been provided to the Health and Safety Executive.

Kent Fire and Rescue spokesperson also said that the rescue service was called in to help police earlier today.