The teenager was threatened with rape after being stripped naked. He also had his testicles taken over for a minor drug debt. Now, he lives in terror about his future. 

The 19-year old, whom Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to identify, had made the mistake of agreeing to buy methamphetamines – the deadly drug known as ice – for his supposed mates Billy Collison, 23, Lauren Sommer, 23 and Steven Garratt, 31. 

Garratt provided $100 to Garratt, and the boy borrowed his bicycle in order to obtain the drug from Wangaratta (in Victoria’s northern) – panicking when he realized Garratt’s bike had been stolen. 

Lauren Sommer, 23, burnt a teenager's face with a jet lighter before stomping on his testicles after he used all of her drugs

Lauren Sommer, 23 years old, burned the face of a teenager with a jet light before going to work on his testicles. 

Garratt was furious at the failure of the teenage to make the drugs and the fact that he had to give up his bike. He contacted Sommer and Collison with an idea to kidnap the boy. 

The next thing that happened was nothing short of terrifying. Sommer forced the teenager into his vehicle, and took him on a trip into the bush. 

The County Court of Victoria heard Collison robbed and beat the teenager before Sommer’s was stopped in a remote area within the Warby Ranges.

He was then ordered to take off his knife at knife-point. Collison told him to bend down over a log, and threatened him with rape. 

The court was not satisfied with the teenager’s behavior and ordered him to be put in the car. He was then taken to Sommer’s home, where he continued his frightening ordeal. 

The victim was forced to put his wet socks in his mouth by one of the offenders during the ride. 

Sommers was heard to have taken to her victim with a jet lighter and then crushed his testicles underneath her boot. 

‘That’s for ripping off Steve. He’s like a brother to me,’ she barked. 

The teenager was threatened with his death, and told that he could be subject to another brutal beating if they went to the police. 

He did exactly that after he checked out of the hospital. 

Days later, detectives raided on three of the drug smugglers. Sommer was released on bail. 

Billy Collison, 23, stripped off his young victim and threatened to rape him after a drug deal went wrong

After a failed drug deal, Billy Collison (23 years old) stripped his victim of her young body and threatened him with rape 

It was July 7, last year. 

Collison was already sentenced and had served 523 days in jail while awaiting his Monday sentencing. 

After serving 392 days in prison, Garratt received bail. 

Judge Mark Dean called the attack ‘cowardly and irrational. 

According to him, “(The Victim”) was placed under a lengthy and without doubt frightening ordeal.” 

“It’s obvious… that his offending has had an extremely traumatic affect upon him, and he continues being afraid of all of your actions.”

A maximum 25-year sentence is possible for kidnapping in Victoria. 

Billy Collison, 23, will likely walk free in just weeks after spending most of his sentence on remand in custody

After spending the majority of his sentence in custody, Billy Collison (23 years old) will be released in a few weeks. 

Garratt, Collison and Collison both pleaded guilty. Collison also admitted to intentional causing injury or robbery. 

Collison was convicted of a series of violent crimes and had made four court appearances. 

He was sentenced by Judge Dean to three years imprisonment with an 18-month non-parole period. 

He is most likely to become free after completing his time service. 

Garratt was sentenced for a year in prison, but that has been far more than he served. 

He will then be released, and must fulfill an 18 month community corrections order. 

Sommers was due to be sentenced Monday. She failed to show up and claimed she was experiencing symptoms from Covid-19. 

A frustrated Judge Dean considered issuing an arrest warrant to her before adjourning her sentence for February.