Teenager’s helmet camera captures terrifying near-miss when impatient driver pulls out in front of him

  • Ethan Smart (aged 19) was riding his motorcycle in Worcester when a Mazda stopped him.
  • He was able to stop in time so that he could avoid major crashes before the car could be driven away
  • Jennie, his mother, called the driver an “idiot” who “didn’t even glance at her son.”

The moment that a teenage driver pulled in front of him almost knocked him off his motorcycle, is captured on video.

Ethan Smart (19 years old) was on his moped and the Mazda driver pulled in front of him. This driver had been trying to avoid a line of traffic created by the opening celebration market.

Ethan was riding through Worcester City Centre last Thursday afternoon when he almost missed the accident.

Although he managed to brake quickly enough to avoid major crashes, he said that he felt 99% certain the bike had made contact with it.

The annual Victorian Christmas Fayre opened to more than 10,000 people, causing long delays. 

Ethan Smart (pictured) was riding his moped through Worcester city centre on Thursday afternoon when the driver of a Mazda pulled out in front of him

Ethan Smart (pictured) was on his scooter through Worcester’s city centre when a Mazda driver stopped in front of him.

The silver Mazda can be seen pulling out in front of Ethan's path as the teenager attempts to pull off an emergency stop

As Ethan attempts to make an emergency stop, the silver Mazda pulls out in front.

The teenager managed to slam on his brakes quickly enough to avoid a major crash but said he was '99 per cent sure' the back of his bike made contact with the car

He was able to quickly apply his brakes to steer clear of a serious crash, but he claimed he wasn’t 100% certain that the bike’s back made contact.

Ethan uploaded the clip to Facebook. The footage shows Ethan riding down London Road as he returns from college.

He passes a few cars before the silver car is visible turning left and entering the path of Ethan.

The teenager makes an emergency brake, steers in the direction of the central reservation and finally ends up alongside the driver. 

Ethan is still stationary while the driver of the car continues to drive straight ahead, seemingly unaware of what happened.

The man can be seen looking at the car and gesticulating before looking back to check if other motorists saw him.

Then, he appears to shake his head and continue on. 

Ethan did not sustain any injuries in the incident. 

The driver of the car, who appears unaware of the near miss, continues driving straight on, while Ethan remains stationary

Ethan, on the other hand, remains still stationary while the driver continues to drive the car.

Jennie (46), Worcester’s mother, claimed that the vehicle driver cut into traffic queues after it had passed down the outside lanes.

She said: ‘My son was on his way home from college when this idiot almost hit him.

‘He didn’t even look. I’m fuming.

“My son was riding a scooter that is illuminated like Blackpool lightings.

“He would have seen him, if he’d bothered to look.”

‘It’s just a total disregard for other road users.

“Then, shortly after the lights have gone out, he pulled back in and continued up London Road.

“Worcester traffic can be terrible, and the Victorian fair only adds to it.

‘It does sound like I’m moaning about the fair. I’m not. It brings much-needed business into our city, I believe.

‘I’m not concerned about that, I’m more concerned about the recklessness of drivers especially this one in and around Worcester.’

Police in West Mercia said they were investigating.