Half-term breaks get double the boost: Teenagers can now obtain Covid passes to holiday and the dreaded test for fully-vaccinated travelers are coming to an end

  • Covid passes to teens for half-term travel abroad 
  • All 12 to 15 year-olds who have been fully vaccinated will be eligible for digital jab verification 
  • Covid tests will also be eliminated for those who fly inoculated into Britain. 

Covid passes will now be available to teenagers for travel abroad. Testing requirements for full jabbed travelers will also be eliminated in the first month.

A double boost is expected for half term holidays tomorrow. Twelve- to fifteen-year olds will soon be able download digital proofs of vaccination. It makes travel easier in countries where Covid certification is required. They will be available in early February.

For passengers arriving in Britain by air, there will be no requirement to pass a Covid exam as long they have received their jabs.

Children under 18 years old are not required to present Covid passes in Britain. But venues in France and Germany (Greece, Greece, Germany), Austria, Cyprus and Germany require that children aged 12 or older show proof of immunization, a positive Covid-19 test result, or evidence of recovery.

Downloading your pass for teens will be possible via the NHS app and website. 

In a double-boost for half-term holidays expected to be announced tomorrow, 12- to-15-year-olds will be able to download the digital proof of vaccination, making travel in countries that require Covid certification easier.

Tomorrow’s announcement will double the boost for half-term holidays. 12–15 year-olds can now download their digital proof of vaccination. This makes it easier to travel to countries that require Covid certification.

A Government source said it will save families an ‘administrative nightmare’, while dropping the testing requirement will ‘make holiday admin much more manageable’.

Fully jabbed travelers must book and pay for the Covid new flow test, which is required upon arrival. Travellers who are not vaccinated will need to pass a test once they arrive in Britain.

The Omicron variant introduced testing requirements that included a PCR test upon arrival. These rules were also scrapped earlier in the month.

Ministers have pushed for additional support to Easter and half-term breaks. They want to protect those who book holidays to prevent them from needing to present proof of booster vaccination to get around the restriction on unvaccinated.

Earlier this month, testing rules introduced as a result of the Omicron variant that required a PCR test on arrival were scrapped, as well as self-isolation requirements for fully jabbed travellers

The Omicron variant introduced testing requirements that included a PCR check upon arrival. These rules were also scrapped earlier in the month. There was no self isolation requirement for fully jabbed travellers.

It is understood Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is the lead advocate for this exemption

According to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps this exemption is being advocated.

According to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, this exemption was advocated by the majority.

Boosters are expected to be included in the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to fly in the spring, although a final decision has not yet been made on the timing.

Third shots will automatically appear in the NHS Digital Covid Pass.

A source familiar with the talks said Ministers ‘won’t want to do anything to ruin people’s existing holiday plans’.

In the UK, more than 36,000,000 people have had their booster shot.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told MPs that people ‘need to appreciate the value of vaccination for ease of travel, particularly boosters’.

He added: ‘I think it’s very important everybody in the country understands that getting your booster, wherever you want to go in the world, is going to be a pretty crucial thing to do.’