“Tell them it’s over”: In an attempt to seat shame Owen Paterson (Tory minister) in the by-election, Lib Dems weaponise Downing Street’s Christmas row.

  • Ed Davey’s party used new advertising to capitalize on the controversy over the 2020 shindig.
  • The bookies have Lib Dems as the favourites for taking former seat from Owen Paterson
  • It would be amazing to see him win a seat that he won in 2019, with 23,000 votes

As they attempt to wrest control of the Tories’ seat in next week’s by-election, the Liberal Democrats took advantage of Downing Street’s chaos over the Christmas Party row.

Ed Davey’s party used the controversy over 2020 to get the North Shropshire vote in a new advertisement campaign.

In fury over an alleged celebration in violation of Covid rules, the ad encourages people to contact Conservatives and tell them “the party is over”. 

The bookies are betting that the Lib Dems will take over the seat of Owen Paterson (ex-Cabinet minister), who resigned from the Commons after disgraceful conduct.

It would be a remarkable turn-around in the same seat that Mr Paterson held in 2019 with a 23,000 majority.  

A Lib Dem source said: ‘Many people in North Shropshire including lifelong Tories are furious about the Number 10 Christmas party.

Boris Johnson is describing it as a storm, with the NHS ambulance crisis and farmers feeling let down, while rural communities feel taken for granted.

“We had been closing in on North Shropshire Conservatives, but this has given rocket boosters to our campaign as it enters the last week.”

Ed Davey's party weaponised the row over the 2020 shindig with a new ad campaign in North Shropshire ahead of the December 16 vote.

Ed Davey’s party weaponized the dispute over the 2020 shindig by launching a North Shropshire ad campaign ahead of December 16, vote.

The Lib Dems are now the bookies favourites to take the former seat of ex-Cabinet minister Owen Paterson, who quit the Commons in disgrace.

The bookies have the Lib Dems as the favourites for the ex-Cabinet seat held by Owen Paterson who resigned in disgrace from the Commons.

Boris Johnson tried to quell mounting fury over the 'illegal' No10 Christmas party today ordering an investigation by the Cabinet Secretary and apologising for a bombshell video of giggling aides.

Boris Johnson sought to end the fury at the illegal No10 Christmas party by calling for an investigation by Cabinet Secretary today and apologized for his bombshell video of his staff giggling.

Boris Johnson attempted to calm mounting anger over today’s ‘illegal No10 Christmas party’ by ordering an investigation from the Cabinet Secretary. He also apologized for the bombshell video showing his giggling assistants.

Johnson apologized for his old press secretary’s footage and others laughing about the PMQs that took place on December 18, last year during lockdown.

Simon Case is a top civil servant in the government and does not appear to be at the party. He stated that he was looking into it.

Johnson claimed he was sickened and that any employees found in violation of regulations would face disciplinary action. But Johnson maintained that he was repeatedly told the rules were being followed.

Prime Minister Johnson appealed to people to pay attention to Omicron strain threat. Plan B measures are likely to be approved as soon as possible. Keir Sterner argued that Johnson was no longer able to enforce restrictions.

Tory MPs hit the PM with the labeling of the Covid switch as a diversionary strategy’ in the No10 party row. While Douglas Ross, leader of Scottish Conservatives, warned that he might have to quit if he learned about it when he denied the allegations.

Dominic Cummings, a former chief aide, has now stepped in, alleging there was an event in Johnson’s grace and favour flat on the 13th of November last year. This was also the day that he was expelled from Downing Street.

The claims that Gavin Williamson was the former Education Secretary will be examined by Mr Case. But, it is important to note that he will not take into account any other events. That means nothing which the PM attended will be included in his scope.

Johnson stated that he understood and shared the frustration of the House at No. 10 staff making light of lockdown measures. He also said that he was furious that those who had been setting the rules were not following them.

‘I unreservedly apologise to the nation for the offense it has caused and the impression it has given.

“But, I want to reiterate that since the allegations were made that they had been made there was no party or that Covid rules were being broken, that’s what I have repeatedly been assured.

“I have requested the cabinet secretary establish all facts and report back as quickly as possible. And it is evident that, if these rules are broken, then there will be discipline action for all of the involved.”

Johnson stated that No10 will give any evidence relevant to police officers if requested.