Tens to thousands of European women marched on the streets to demonstrate against violence directed at women by males. 

On Saturday, large numbers of protestors could be seen marching in Rome and Munich holding signs that read: “Love doesn’t need bruises” and “Be Free from Violence.” 

These marches were organized to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Thursday. 

It is now celebrated every November 25th, a year after being made officially by the United Nations (UN), in 1999. 

Munich, Germany – Signs proclaimed: “A woman’s right is in the revolution” and another stated: “Stop violence towards women.” 

The house of Sudetia, a far-right nationalist fraternity, was painted with graffiti that read ‘Nazis and Sexists!’ It was also scribbled onto the wall. 

The Non una Di Meno feminist group organized the massive march in Rome, which attracted tens to thousands of people.

One placard said: “Violence, structural and cultural root, problem patriarchal.” 

Both cities were abuzz with flares, while drummers and musicians urged the marchers to keep going. 

Statistics from UN show that 736,000,000 women have been victims of intimate partner violence, sexual abuse by non-partners, or both, in the global world.  

Thousands take part in a demonstration organised by 'Non una di meno' feminist movement, as part of the Commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on November 27, 2021 in Rome, Italy

A demonstration by the feminist group ‘Non una di meno was held to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 27th, 2021 in Rome. It attracted thousands of people. 

Women hold their hands and fists up during huge march in Rome on Saturday

On Saturday, a huge marched in Rome saw women raise their hands with fists during a hand-to-fist gesture 

Women hold banner as they march through the Italian capital against male violence

As they marche through Rome, women hold banners against the violence of men 

Women hold their almost bare breasts as they take part in a demonstration during a march in Rome

As women march to Rome in protest, they hold onto their breasts almost naked as they do so 

Tens of thousands of women joined the march in Rome on Saturday

Tens of thousands participated in the March to Rome Saturday by Women

A woman raises her hands as she marches with thousands of others through the streets of Rome

As she walks with thousands of other people through Rome’s streets, a woman raises her hand.

Flares were set off as women began dancing during the march in Rome on Saturday

When women danced during the March in Rome on Saturday, flares were lit.

A protester wears a protective mask reading 'Patriarchy makes massacres' during a demonstration against male violence on women in Rome

At a Rome demonstration against the violence of men on women, a protester is wearing a mask that reads “Patriarchy makes Massacres”

A protester wearing a protective mask reading 'Patriarchy makes massacres' and holding a sign reading 'Violent male is not sick, he is patriarchy's healthy child, attends a demonstration against male violence on women in Rome

Protester in protective mask, reading “Patriarchy makes Massacres” and carrying a sign that reads, “Violent male does not have to be sick. He is the patriarchy’s healthy children,” attends demonstrations against violence directed at women in Rome

Woman holds up sign saying 'Don't rape' - a reference to how women are often told to change their behaviour to avoid being attacked

A woman holds up a sign that says “Don’t Rape” – this is referring to the fact that women are frequently told to change their behavior in order to prevent being attacked. 

'No more violence against women': Says the writing on one woman's hand in Rome

“No more violence against women”: This is the message that one Rome woman wrote in Rome

'Educate your son': One protestor's plea during march against male violence in Rome

Protestor: Educate Your Son: A plea made by one protestor during marches against Rome-based male violence 

'Rage against the machism': One protestor's sign during women's march in Rome

Sign of a protestor during the Women’s March in Rome: ‘Rage against machism’

A protester holds a sign reading 'Violence is structural, the root is cultural, the problem is patriarchal' during a demonstration against male violence on women in Rome, Italy

One protester held a sign saying “Violence in Rome is structural. The root is cultural. The problem is patriarchal.” During a demonstration against violence by males on women, Rome, Italy

Protestors in Rome donned masks while holding a banner reading: 'Be free from violence'

Rome protestors wore masks and held a banner that read: “Be Free from Violence”

Protesters attend a demonstration against male violence on women in Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy: Protesters demonstrate against the violence of men on women

'Weak men fear strong women': Reads one sign in Rome, while another says: 'I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change... I'm changing the things I cannot accept!'

“Weak men fear strong woman”: Rome’s sign reads, “Weak men fear weak women.” Another sign states: “I refuse to accept the things that I can’t change… I am changing what I cannot accept.

Thousands of women gather at the beginning of the anti-violence march in Rome on Saturday

At the Anti-Violence March in Rome, thousands of women gather

Protestors in Munich march through the city while flares go off in the background

Munich Protestors march through the capital while fireworks go off behind them

Two days after the international day for elimination of violence against women hundreds protested in Munich

Munich, two days after the International Day to End Violence against Women was observed, witnessed hundreds demonstrate in Munich

The house of the far-right nationalist fraternity Sudetia was attacked with paint and ' Nazis and sexists! ' was written on the wall.

Sudetia, a far-right nationalist fraternity, was attacked by paint and graffiti that read’Nazis and Sexists! It was written on the wall.

Women call for revolution while marching through Munich on Saturday

While marching through Munich, Saturday, March for Revolution by Women  

'Stop violence against women': One sign in Munich read during a march on Saturday

“Stop Violence against Women”: A sign was displayed in Munich during Saturday’s march

It came as hundreds of women also filled the streets of London Saturday – also in protest against rape and male violence against women. 

As they marched on Saturday night from Marble Arch to Golden Square of Piccadilly Circus, protestors held placards and chanted slogans.

Anneliese Dodds was Shadow Secretary for State for Women and Equalities and joined the demonstrators as she called on them to shut down the capital with a powerful speech through a megaphone.

The Reclaim The Night annual event was made up of women only. This march began at the heights of the Yorkshire Ripper killings in 1977. 

After a series of assaults on women who go to bed after darkness fell, the event took on new meaning. 

This includes Sarah Everard, whom Wayne Couzens from Metropolitan Police killed as she was walking home from Clapham this past year. 

Sabina Nada, 28 years old, was attacked and killed as she walked through Cator Park, Kidbrooke in September. It was another shocking crime that shocked the nation. 

On Saturday, marching women held signs that read: “When will you be able walk me home?”

One stated, “We won’t be silenced”, while the other said, “Blame not the victim but the system.”