The moment when a teenage girl’s long locks get trapped in a filter pump at a pool is heart-stopping.

The 13-year old girl survived even though she was submerged for two minutes.

Maria Rita (locally known as Maria Rita) was playing at the Agua Braca pool at her home in Brazil’s northeast region, Piaui, on Sunday.

Film footage captured other kids in the water and her alerting adults nearby, when she first noticed there was an issue. 

The grown-ups are seen trying desperately to rescue the girl from the distressing circumstances.

This is the heart stopping moment Maria Rita, 13, was saved from death by her quick-thinking family after getting her long hair trapped in a swimming pool filter pump

Maria Rita was 13 years old when her heart-stopping moment came to an end. Her long, unkempt hair had become stuck in a filter unit at a swimming pool.

Adults used a knife to slice away the 13-year-old's hair and free her from the swimming pool filter pump in Brazil

To remove the hair of the thirteen-year-old girl and to free her from Brazil’s pool filter pump, adults used a knife.

The moment was captured by a CCTV camera that overlooks the pool. Maria Rita, in a turquoise swimsuit, crossed her legs and placed her head underwater while the kids played around her.

Then, she rolled in her back and splashed around in the water until suffering the freak accident that almost killed her.

It took just over one minute between when Maria Rita was rescued by her father and his awareness of the danger and the time she was pulled from the pool. 

In an ordeal that seemed to last forever, family members were forced to race back into the house in search of a knife to rescue her.

It was a good thing that she could move her legs after she had been helped to safety.

Maria Rita, 13, (right, with her mother Rozana Pimentel) survived the ordeal despite being underwater for more than two minutes and looking lifeless when she was first dragged out of the pool by her anguished loved ones

Maria Rita (right), with Rozana Pimentel, her mother, survived the horror despite having been submerged for over two minutes, and looked lifeless as she was being pulled out of the water by anguished family members.

Rozana Pimentel (Mother) released video footage and said that she didn’t regret the loss.

I decided to share the images because of its dangers.

You should teach your children where the suction pumps are located and how dangerous they could be so that no one comes near them.

Children should be supervised by adults at all times.

The drama that unfolded Sunday afternoon was recalled by her. She said: “She dived into and her hair became stuck. The woman thought that somebody had accidentally stepped on her hair.

“That’s when I realized it was the filter pumps. She held her ground, held her breathe, and began to move her legs so that someone would see.

“People tried to get her hair out of the water, but she couldn’t. The house’s electricity was also not turned off.

Adults rushed to help 13-year-old Maria Rita after realising her long hair was stuck in the swimming pool filter pump

Maria Rita was 13 years old when her long, unkempt hair got stuck in the swimming-pool filter pump.

Footage of the terrifying incident was released by her mother Rozana Pimentel as a warning to other parents of the danger of filter pumps

Footage of the terrifying incident was released by her mother Rozana Pimentel as a warning to other parents of the danger of filter pumps

“For me, as a mother, watching her emerge from the water unconscious, it’s a miracle. At least, I did not know about it.

“Now that I have started to research, I hope that this information reaches more people so that they know what dangers a swimming pool poses. My daughter might have been killed.

In addition to a picture she took with Maria Rita, she also said: ‘She’s my miracle. In spite of the Sunday scare my daughter survived. I’m a grateful mother for the blessings in my life.

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