Terrifying scene: Three teens are injured after a flurry of teenage boys crashed through the Colorado house’s floor at wild 18th birthday party.

  • One of the teens was seriously hurt when the floor fell during Saturday’s house party. 
  • Teens jump up and down as the video shows the party.
  • The incident occurred at around 9:30pm in a home in Aurora’s 20900 block, Princeton Place. 
  • At the time, the homeowners hosted a party for their 18 year-old grandson.
  • The question of whether they were at home during the incident is still open. 
  • According to partygoers, the party got outof control after the address was posted on social media.
  • Police say that between 100-150 teenagers were there when the floor gave way.  
  • This collapse caused the rupture of a gas line inside the house, causing a natural-gas leak. However, it was shut down shortly thereafter. 
  • The house was declared unfit to be occupied by firefighters

Amazing video footage shows the shocking moment that at least 100 teenagers fell from the ground of a house party held in Denver.   

After the basement floor fell into it, three people were transported to the hospital. One of them had serious injuries. 

South Metro Fire Rescue reported that they responded at 9:30 p.m. to the Aurora house southeast.

SMFR stated that a section of the first floor fell into the basement as a result of a large gathering with 100 to 150 youths. 

The teens dance and jump up as they see the ground give way under them.  

A portion of the first floor of Denver home collapsed into the basement due to a large party with 100-150 teenagers dancing inside. Video of the party shows the teens dancing and jumping up and down as the floor finally gives way beneath them in a violent crash

One floor of a Denver house collapsed in its basement after a party that featured 100 to 150 teenagers. A video of the party captures teens jumping and dancing as the floor collapses beneath them.

Shocking video footage captured the moment at least a hundred teens fell through the floor of a massive house party in a Denver-area suburb of Colorado over the weekend

Three people were taken to a hospital, one with serious injuries, after the floor collapsed into the basement under the weight of more than 100 partygoers

Amazing video footage shows the shocking moment that at least 100 teens tumbled through the floor during a house party held in Denver, Colorado. The basement floor fell into its basement due to the excess weight of 100 partygoers. Three were taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

Two of the partygoers who were among the teens who fell through the floor, said they found out about the party because address of the home was shared on social media

Two teens from the party who fell through the flooring were two of those who said that they learned about it because the address was shared online.

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office told KUSA that the homeowners were hosting a birthday party for their 18-year-old grandson at the time of the collapse. 

It’s not known if the couple were at home at that time. 

According to two partygoers, who were part of the teenagers who fell from the dance floor, they learned about the party through social media.

Cass Henry (age 15) and his brother AJ Henry (age 17), told KUSA that things quickly spiraled out of control. 

Cass explained that she thinks it got leaked so everybody thought it was an open-house. “People just started showing up.”

Cass was admitted to the hospital with a fractured ankle.   

Cass stated that two seconds prior to the ground breaking, one could hear everything snapping together, but there wasn’t enough time for anyone to fix it. 

South Metro Fire Rescue said the collapse caused a natural gas leak, but it has since been shut off and for now the house is not fit for occupancy

South Metro Fire Rescue stated that the collapse was caused by a natural gas leak. However, it has been turned off since then and the house is currently not safe for occupancy.

Although authorities have yet to identify the victims or the people who were taken to hospital, they said that it was a terrible accident. There is currently no criminal investigation.  

South Metro Fire Rescue claimed that the collapse resulted from a natural-gas leak. It has since been switched off, and the home is no longer safe to live in.  

Scott Richardson of SMFR’s special operations chief, stated to KUSA that it was amazing no one was killed or seriously injured. 

Richardson said that this was the first time he had ever seen a floor fall in his entire career. 

“It’s not about the static weight of just standing on” [the floor]However, if there are people who jump up and down and it creates what we refer to as a “shockload” on the floor and you cannot really predict what’s coming,’ he stated.