Tesco’s Christmas advert is hit by more than 1,500 complaints for featuring Santa with a Covid vaccine passport after anti-vaxxers called for boycott of store

Tesco’s Christmas television advertisement featuring Father Christmas with a Covid vaccine pass has attracted more than 1500 complaints. It is the most-complained about advert in the entire year.

The 90 second clip, set to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, celebrates overcoming obstacles and getting into the holiday spirit.

The story begins at a Tesco shop, where a customer sets out to prepare everything for Christmas. After she returns home, the advertisement follows her as she meets merrymakers that can overcome anything.

One scene shows a TV reporter with “breaking news,” indicating that Santa may be quarantined. The reporter shows him presenting his Covid vaccination pass to border control. This proves that he is allowed into the country.

The Tesco ad follows her on her journey home where she encounters merrymakers overcoming anything that is thrown at them

Tesco’s advertisement follows her home, where she meets merrymakers who overcome any obstacle. 

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), said that most complaints stemmed from viewers claiming the advertisement is ‘coercive and encourages medical discrimination about vaccine status’.

According to the UK regulator, it was currently reviewing complaints in order to determine whether or not to proceed with further actions.

A spokesperson from the ASA claimed that there have been over 1000 complaints concerning this ad.

“We’re currently reviewing all complaints in order to decide if further action is necessary.

“The vast majority of complaints allege that the advertisement is coercive and encourages discrimination on medical grounds based upon vaccine status.

After the release of it at the weekend anti-vaxxers (including former I’m A Celebrity star Gillian McKeith) started a #BoycottTesco campaign via social media to protest its inclusion.

In one scene, Santa is threatened with quarantine before showing a green Covid-19 passport at an airport

Santa gets threatened with quarantine, but he shows a green Covid-19 Passport at the airport. 

Twitter user Corrine Coles said: ‘Did I really just see a Christmas TV ad on ITV for Tesco to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ hit with families having fun / flying abroad etc & then a guy smiling flashing up his smart phone with a COVID passport on it??

“Omg Flushed Face” Screaming in Fear that I will NEVER shop at Tesco Again #boycottTesco

The third was added: Tesco is the latest company in support of medical apartheid. Santa shows his vaccination proof.

You are selling what? What are you selling?

Other people took photos of their torn Clubcards in protest at the advertisement.

Tesco was contacted for comment.