Tesla worker, 29 years old, is charged with murder in an argument with his coworker. He then shot him at the end the shift outside Fremont’s manufacturing plant.

  • Anthony Solima was 29 years old, and he’suddenly moved off’ following Monday’s argument with his colleague.
  • According to investigators, he was armed with an undetractable ‘ghost pistol’.
  • The unidentified victim was leaving work when he was shot in parking lot

After he got into a heated argument with his coworker, he then shot the other outside Tesla’s Fremont plant in Northern California. 

According to police, Anthony Solima was 29, who was’suddenly escaping’ during his Monday shift.  

According to investigators, he killed his coworker at work in the lot right after the victim had left for the factory.  

Solima, of Milpitas, was arrested on a homicide warrant on Monday. He is due to be arraigned on Thursday.

Milpitas resident Solima was taken into custody on Monday on suspicion of homicide. On Thursday, he is expected to appear in court.

Police and emergency teams outside the Tesla factory in Fremont on Monday afternoon

On Monday afternoon, police and emergency personnel stood outside Fremont’s Tesla factory.

The emergency services were called to respond at 3.26pm.

They discovered the victim unconscious with at most one gunshot wound, and called the police immediately.

Paramedics declared him dead a few minutes later.

At the scene, officers recovered rifle barrels in.223-caliber calibre.

According to police, detectives were able to identify a suspect in a matter of hours who had also been working with the victim.

Solima was tracked by detectives to Milpitas, and they followed him until an opportunity to arrest. [him]He got out of the car.

Officers located a loaded rifle of.223 calibre in the car and surrendered it to him.

The Los Angeles Times was informed by police that it was a ghost weapon.

They are usually made of 3-D printed plastic pieces and can be assembled at-home using kits.

Police outside the Tesla factory on Monday evening

The Tesla factory was surrounded by police on Monday night

Because they aren’t manufactured by licensed producers, serial numbers can be lost and make them difficult to track. 

Experts say that homemade guns are being increasingly used for criminal purposes.

Federal firearms officials claim that more than 40% are ghost guns.

Solima from Milpitas will be appearing in court Thursday.