There are new claims that Salvador Ramos was arrested as a juvenile after telling people he planned to 'shoot up a school in 2022 when he was a senior'

New claims have surfaced that Salvador Ramos, a minor, was detained after claiming that he wanted to open a school in 2022 as a senior. 

Texas Republican Tony Gonzalez claimed on Friday that Salvador Ramos, the gunman in the Uvalde shooting, was one of two teenagers arrested four years ago after plotting to shoot up a school in the town. 

Gonzalez claimed the claim on FOX on Friday morning. He stated that it was not hearsay. I got this late last night: the shooter was arrested years ago, four years ago, for having this plan for basically saying, for saying, you know, when I’m a senior in 2022, I am going to shoot up a school.’ 

“Something happened between now and then to permit this.” All the facts must be sorted out. can confirm that an incident in Uvalde where two ‘Columbine-infatuated’ teenage boys were arrested for threatening to shoot up a school but because they were juveniles, their identities were not confirmed at the time. 

While Gonzales says it was Ramos, FOX reporter Bill Melugin reports that Uvalde police have denied it he was involved. 

He tweeted: ‘Texas DPS & Texas Rangers tell me this is incorrect. Two juveniles were arrested for conspiracy to commit a plot against a shooting target several years ago, however the Uvalde shooter wasn’t involved and was not taken into custody.  

Although Texas Governor Greg Abbott and law enforcement are still to comment, a press briefing was scheduled for noon ET. 

A school spokesperson stated that one of their Morales Junior High students was in crisis at the time of 2018’s incident. Upon rendering aid and support, the student revealed a future plan to conduct a school shooting in the year of 2022.’

Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez said in a press release at the time that a Morales Junior High School student age 14 and a former Morales student, 13, were ‘infatuated with the Columbine High School shootings’ and had a list of fellow students they planned to kill in a ‘mass casualty event’. 

Texas Republican Tony Gonzalez has said Salvador Ramos, the gunman in the Uvalde shooting, was arrested four years ago as a minor after telling people he planned to shoot up a school once he turned 18

Tony Gonzalez, a Texas Republican, has stated that Salvador Ramos was the gunman involved in the Uvalde shooting. He had told people four years prior that he intended to attack a school once turning 18 and had been arrested as a minor.

‘The investigation revealed that the students were infatuated with the Columbine High School shootings and identified themselves to the shooters,’ Rodriguez said in the 2014 press release. The investigation revealed that students used the names of the Columbine shooter to refer to themselves. 

“One student had many drawings and writings that showed weapons capable of causing massive destruction. One of his writings was about him being God-like and killing officers and other people. He had an academic analysis of one of the Columbine shooter’s journals.’ 

The two boys planned on detonating home-made bombs before killing their fellow students ‘ranked by priority’. 

Reports at that time stated that one of them confessed his plan to school staff. On April 19, 2018, they had them evaluated by mental healthcare professionals, and then called the cops. One week later, they were both arrested and transported to Del Rio’s juvenile detention centre for Conspiracy of Commit Murder. 

Ramos (18 on May 16) would have turned 13 at the time of his arrest. It is not clear whether or not the juvenile criminal records have been sealed. Ramos, a newly-turned 18 year-old boy, was also able legally to purchase two AR-15s along with hundreds of bullets of ammunition within days of the day authorities learned he intended to target a school. 

A KHOU11 report from the 2018 incident said the older of the pair was ‘released on April 23 [2018] to his mother’s care’. Ramos was said to have had an unhappy relationship with his mother, who was also a drug addict. He was living with his grandparents at the time he shot himself. 

KHOU11 heard from an unidentified student that he said to KHOU11: “Anyone who said something negative about them or anything else they didn’t like, basically they said they were going and kill them.” ‘You just felt unsafe. Teachers have brought it up to us that these are not acceptable statements. That is impossible. It is wrong,’ the student added. It was frightening. We hear it everywhere else, but you don’t expect for it to happen in your town,” one parent said. “I am glad they were able to control the situation before anything does happen. They actually took action. Sometimes you think they’re just going to hear it, and say it won’t happen and dust it under the rug, and they actually did something.’ 

According to the Uvalde Leader News, Ryan Kindell (Texas Ranger) was “collecting and analysing additional evidence” after 2018’s arrests. Kindell refused to respond when reached her. Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District communications director Anne Espinoza, who also wrote the district’s statements about the 2018 case, did not respond to a request for comment. Police also reported that the school received threats of gunfire in 2020.

Investigators found that a Puerto Rico 16-year old, already well-known to Uvalde police, had threatened to shoot at schoolchildren in the vicinity. 

The police said that she made the threats to her family over several days in 2020. “We dealt with her before, she attended school here in 2018,” said Lt. Mariano Pargas Jr. We had problems with her back then,’ Lt. Mariano Pargas Jr. told the Uvalde Leader-News in 2020. 

Abbott acknowledged Wednesday that the police didn’t know if Ramos was a juvenile offender. 

Gonzales did not give any additional information regarding where he got the information. 

Within days of his 18th birthday, the teenager had legally bought two guns that he used in Tuesday’s attack.

It is now becoming increasingly unclear how the he obtained legal access to these weapons. The records from juvenile court cases are usually sealed and it is unclear what extent they may appear in background checks to adults who purchase guns. 

Ramos was in a relationship difficult with Adriana his mother and had moved to live with his grandparents, where he turned 18 last week. 

He attacked his grandmother Celia by shooting her in the head. He saved her and she stumbled to safety outside. Then, they both called 911 together. 

Tributes outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Thursday as questions grow over whether the shooting could have been prevented

As questions continue about whether or not the shooting was prevented, tributes were held outside Robb Elementary school in Uvalde. 

Department of Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez made the astonishing comments during an appearance on CNN last night. He said the 'American people need to understand' that the cops could have been shot so they retreated

During an appearance on CNN, Chris Olivarez from the Department of Safety made these astonishing remarks. The alleged American citizen needs to be able to comprehend that these cops might have been killed so they fled. 

Ramos fled with two of his guns, hundreds of bullets and his truck.

Ramos communicated with teens from other countries via apps such as Yubo and also with his friends using Facebook messenger. 

He sent Tuesday a message to his German girlfriend, telling her he was going to “shoot an elementary school.”

Anger and frustration are growing over police’s response to Ramos opening fire. They waited more than an hour before calling SWAT. Ramos, who was still in the classroom trapped with the two victims and their teachers, retreated. 

On Thursday night, Department of Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez said police didn’t rush into the classroom where Ramos was because they feared they would get shot. 

Wolf Blitzer challenged him about why Salvador Ramos had shot at the officers with his AR-15. After that, he waited over an hour for SWAT teams tactical SWAT to remove him. 

‘Don’t current best practices, Lieutenant, call for officers to disable a shooter as quickly as possible, regardless of how many officers are actually on site?’ Blitzer asked. 

He responded, “In active shooter situations, you not only want to end the killing but also want to save lives.” However, it is important for the American citizens to realize that these officers have gained entry into this structure. They are not sure where the gunman is. They hear gunshots. They hear gunshots.

Then, he appeared to attempt to take credit for gunman being held in classroom with children for over an hour. This included some kids he shot at start of rampage and later died in hospital. He claimed it was saving other lives. 

The initial police statement stated that the gunman was inside the classroom, but they were unable to get in. A second anonymous law official said that SWAT teams needed to wait for another member of school staff to give them access keys to the class. 

‘At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could’ve been shot, they could’ve been killed, and at that point that gunman would have had an opportunity to kill other people inside that school.

As the gunman unleashed terror inside the school, desperate parents were forced to wait outside and some were even put in handcuffs after they tried to enter the school to find their kids and rescue them

The gunman opened fire inside the school and parents fled in panic. Some were placed in handcuffs and forced to wait outside. 

This is how the shooting played out over the course of nearly two hours from when Ramos killed his grandmother at home. He arrived at the school at 11.28am and the first 911 calls were made. He then walked unobstructed into the building with his AR-15 and headed towards the classroom. He fought off cops at 11.44am, then was left alone in the room with the victims until around 12.44pm - when SWAT arrived. The incident was declared over at 1.06pm

The shooting took place over nearly two hours, starting at the time Ramos had killed his grandmother at her home. At 11.28am, he arrived at school and made the first 911 call. With his AR-15, he entered the school and made his way towards the classroom. At 11.44am he fought the cops and was then left in the same room as the victims, until 12.44pm when SWAT arrived. At 1.06pm the incident was declared over. 

According to Lt. Olivarez, “So they were capable of containing that gunman within that classroom so he wasn’t able to travel to any other portion of the school for any further killings.” 

Experts condemn the idea of waiting for back up, calling it ‘outdated and disgusting’. 

“Waiting for an hour is unacceptable.” Sean Burke, a former school resource officer in Massachusetts and now the President of the School Safety Advocacy Council told NBC that if true it would be a disconcerting fact. 

Ramos was described as a loner who self-harmed his face and had a problematic relationship with his mom

Ramos was described by his mother as an introvert who self-harmed himself and maintained a difficult relationship with his mom 

‘If you’ve got somebody you think is actively engaged in harming people or attempting to harm people, your obligation as a police officer is to immediately stop that person and neutralize that threat. 

‘We don’t expect police officers to commit suicide in doing it. 

‘But the expectation is that if someone is about to harm someone, especially children, you’ve got to take immediate action to make that stop,’ Don Alwes, an ex-instructor for the National Tactical Officers Association, added. 

A number of Uvalde surgeons suggested that the delayed response to the shooting could have resulted in the death of some children. 

The exact number of children in the class room at the time the gunman opened fire is not known. It’s also unclear how many died immediately. 

Two children died at Uvalde Memorial Hospital.

Physicians now emphasize the importance to immediately treat any gunshot injuries. 

You can’t wait to see patients at a trauma center. 

“You need to react quickly,” Dr. Ronald Stewart (the senior trauma surgeon at University Hospital in Antonio) said.