This is the best! Boy, four, spends £600 ordering his favourite ice creams and a birthday cake while playing with his dad’s phone

  • Christian King is a four-year-old Sydney boy who bought several tubs and boxes of icecream on Uber Eats.
  • Kris King had gifted Christian his cell phone so that he could keep entertained by Kris’s father.  
  •  Kris said he had no idea about the order until receiving a delivery notification 

A four-year-old Australian boy left his parents speechless after he ordered $1,139 (£613) worth of ice cream and birthday cake on Uber Eats after his father gave him his phone to keep him entertained. 

Christian King of Sydney purchased several cakes. 

Kris King had given Christian his cellphone to keep him busy as his sister and brother played touch football. The youngster ordered a meal during this period.

He ordered the two tiramisu desserts, as well as the two mushroom cakes and the chocolate log. Kris said that he did not choose random items.  

Christian King, from Sydney, bought several cakes - including a birthday cake for himself - as well as at least eight 1.5 litre tubs of ice cream from Gelato Messina on Monday. Pictured: Christian with his father Kris King

Christian King from Sydney bought many cakes, including one for his birthday. He also purchased at least eight 1.5-litre containers of Gelato Messina ice cream on Monday. Pictured: Christian King with Kris King

“He also ordered eighteen to nine 1.5 litre tubs full of strawberries, cream, and double-dolche gelato. He was a bit cheeky ordering only what he wanted. 

Kris stated that his son said he would have something on the way, but Kris did not know that the order had been placed. An UberEats delivery driver called Kris to notify her of his arrival with the food boxes. 

Kris is a Sydney Fireman. Kris had given the address of the child to Newton Fire Station.

According to reports, the firemen who were on duty at the time had received the order as a treat and made room in their fridges for the food.

Speaking about when he realised what had happened, Kris said: ‘First of all I thought it was $139 (£74). And then I really looked at it and it was $1,139 (£613) and we almost had a blood heart attack. 

“I flicked the screen 30 times. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the order.

Dad said he had no idea the order had been placed before receiving a message from Uber Eats that the goods had been delivered

Dad stated that he did not know the order was placed, but he got a text message from Uber Eats saying the items had been delivered.

Kris said, “He ordered himself a birthday cake and it was unbelievable to me.”

‘It was steam that came out of my ears. I was also screaming for him to come down the street. Before I could tell him, he ran into his bedroom.

Kris stated that Christian is celebrating his birthday in the next month, and that he believed Christian was anticipating.   

“We order UberEats stuff every day. He’s seen it done all day but never submitted it. The system was shocked when it came out at $1,200.  

Uber Eats was able to refund Kris’s massive order once Kris had explained the matter. 

Kris said: ‘[UberEats]Although we weren’t aware, it was clear that something wasn’t right. It was quite unusual.

“We thought that someone might question our $1,000 order of random items, as well as a personalized birthday cake with happy birthday written on it.

Initially, Christian was told by the father that Father Christmas wouldn’t be coming to him because of his enormous order. However, Kris got his refund from Uber Eats and told his son that Santa would come.   

UberEats promised to give your money back. Kris announced that Santa was coming back to Santa’s good graces and that he is now “back in the good books”.