Worst Dressed

Martin Lewis was the recipient

Martin Lewis appearing on Good Morning Britain. The presenter has been awarded Worst Dressed

Martin Lewis appears on Good Morning Britain. Presenter Martin Lewis has won Worst Dressed

The financial wizard became a guest host on ITV’s Good Morning Britain in June. He wakes up the nation each morning with news and updates.

Martin, who was so determined to keep his pennies in order, decided to cut back on buying a tie. To show respect and to discuss the effects of COVID-19, who needs an old-tie? Martin.

Martin Lewis didn’t realize that Martin Lewis wasn’t hosting A Question of Sport but rather a news show.


Recipient: Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr gestures to the media at BBC Broadcasting House after filming the final episode of the Andrew Marr Show in London

Andrew Marr makes gestures towards the media after filming his final episode on the Andrew Marr Show.

Last month, Andrew Marr, a broadcaster and political expert, announced that he would be leaving the BBC to join the seemingly shinier, greener pastures at Global.

Marr quit his job at the BBC to make way for his move to the commercial sector. An incredibly stupid and unprofessional move. Global wouldn’t have made his new megabucks deal without him. His profile was created by the BBC, who saw potential in him over two decades ago.

Mardy Marr wasn’t just to thank BBC in Twitter, but he did acknowledge some of his wonderful collaborators’.

You will have to go home if Global is closed for any reason Mr Marr.


Tilly Ramsay is the Recipient

Tilly Ramsay on This Morning on August 11, 2021. She has been awarded Biggest Hypocrite

Tilly Ramsay appeared on This Morning, August 11, 2021. She was awarded Biggest Hypocrite

Steve Allen, a LBC Presenter was in danger of being fired after he voiced his opinion on the early morning radio program.

Steve called Tilly (daughter of Gordon Ramsay), a “chubby little girl”.

Miss Ramsay retorted on social media that Steve Allen unfairly mentioned her weight, and it is wrong to make comments about someone’s appearance… while also taking aim at Allen’s 67-year old age. It’s a bit of a double standard. You could have said nothing, or changed the sentence.

You can make changes to your weight, but you cannot change your age.


Recipient: Jayne Rivera

'in October, Jayne Rivera, displayed to the world perhaps the most staggering lack of taste ever recorded. The American influencer decided to post not one, not two, but three sultry photos in front of her late father's open casket,' said William

“In October Jayne Rivera showed perhaps the most shocking lack of taste in history to the entire world. William said that the American influencer posted not just one but two photos, but three of her sultry pictures in front of her father’s open casket.

Jayne Rivera also displayed the worst taste in the history of the internet, posting a series of photos on October 5. American influencer, Jayne Rivera, posted three stunning photos before her open casket.

Although we all deal with grief differently, it is not clear how many people in the right mindset see a funeral for an opportunity to post photos on Instagram.

Now, I am worried about Jayne and the other influencers. Influencers are expected to stay ahead of the curve, start new trends or fuel them. An Insta live from the tomb of an unidentified warrior might be a TikTok number. An Insta Live from the Crem’s furnace? There are many morbid options.


Recipient: Adele

Adele during her One Night Only programme which broadcast on the CBS Television Network

Adele during her One Night Only programme which broadcast on the CBS Television Network

If you are not living in a rock that is soundproofed, it’s hard to miss the new album by Adele.

It was so hyped up that Matt Doran (Australian journalist) failed to listen before interviewing Adele. Both she and her publicists demanded an apology from the Australian journalist for her actions.

Unfortunately, Doran’s bosses accepted this outrageous request.

On his long haul trip from Sydney to London Mr Doran made a huge oversight. He had not properly labeled one email. It didn’t have Adele in either the subject or the body.

Adele was a terrible example of grace and understanding. She preferred to be a person who is kind, compassionate, and has a sense of humor. Vogue asked her about something important she felt was important.

Camilla Long of the Sunday Times put it this way: “Crawling after a primadonna has thrown a tragic tantrum is something.” [we]”Look out for North Korea.”


Recipient: Boy George

Boy George at An Audience with Adele at the London Palladium on November 6 2021

Boy George and Adele in An Audience at the London Palladium, November 6, 2021

In November, news reached us that Boy George was wearing a large hat which blocked Phillip Schofield and others’ view at Adele’s Palladium concert.

For the rest of the concert, Mr Schofield was moved to a better spot. It is hoped that not a single poor soul was placed in the vacant seat next to Boy George.

First, males identifying themselves as men should not wear hats indoors. For those who identify as male, hats are not allowed to be worn indoors after 6pm. When attending performances with rows of audience members, hats should not be worn.

It was so discourteous for Mr George to believe that hiding his problems follicles was better than giving other people a chance to see him on the stage.

I was not surprised that Boy George and Philip Schofield made fun of it a few days later. However, I am concerned about how many others (who aren’t ITV presenters who can be granted a seat-switch), have seen their views ruined by the offending hat.


Rishi Sunak MP

The Chancellor made it acceptable to wear sandals while he held an important office. In white socks, he was seen getting ready for the fall budget. He also wore designer “sliders” to get him there. Do you think Ken Clarke or Gordon Brown could do that?

John Swinney, MSP

He gloated over his opponent’s May loss. His defeated opponent, however, was kind enough to greet the winner. It was not a great look for Swinney.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

They wore their masks while snoozing on September’s Met Gala red carpet. They clearly haven’t been able to grasp the basics of COVID or good taste because they’ve been too busy getting back together in 2021.