After the Covid pandemic, the full roster for The Apprentice 2021 has been finally released.   

A former rugby player, eco warrior and the self-dubbed ‘Asian version of Lord Sugar’ lead the diverse 16 person group who will be battling it out weekly in a bid nab Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in their business. 

Eight women and eight men make up this year’s group, representing a variety of business backgrounds. The series debuts on Thursday, and will feature specialists in online sales, retail, and food and beverage markets.

Lord Alan of Amstrad, a 74-year-old Amstrad mogul, has been joined by Baroness Karren Brady, a long-time ally, and adviser, and Tim Campbell, series one winner, who will replace Claude Littner while he recuperates from several surgeries after sustaining serious injuries in an Ebike accident. 

The Apprentice 2021: A former rugby player, eco warrior and the self-dubbed 'Asian version of Lord Sugar' lead the diverse 16 contestant line-up vying for a £250k investment

The Apprentice 2021: A former rugby player, eco warrior and the self-dubbed ‘Asian version of Lord Sugar’ lead the diverse 16 contestant line-up vying for a £250k investment

Now in its 16th season of success, the BBC’s hit show has been broadcast since 2005. The show featured many young entrepreneurs who were trying to find a job with Sir Alan.

The programme is slowly becoming more reality-TV-inspired, with celebrities gloating inexplicably about their business skills.   

Harpreet Kaur (30), a glamorous dessert-parlour operator, is one of the candidates for Lord Sugar’s investment. She already makes six figures in her cake and coffee business. 

She declares, “I am not in this business to make friends. I’m here for the money.”

Sophie, from Cheltenham, is proud to be the owner of a small cocktail bar. She describes herself as magical and enchanting and has even been trained at witch school. 

Amy Anzel of London’s beauty brand, Amy Anzel, 48 admits to being late in her career after years spent in showbiz sales. But she is determined for her brand to be known nationwide, insisting ‘if I have to be a b**ch’ I will.’




Occupation: Pilot Operations Instructor 

The following is a list of Lives In: Chorley, Lancashire  

Important information Aaron, a 12 year veteran of the RAF as a Flight Operations Instructor has decided to open his own security company. 

This outgoing, full-of-life salesman has traveled the globe and worked as a horseman, milkman, and butcher. He is now ‘hungry’ for success and is at an era where no one can stop him.

He stated:“I believe my strongest asset is the ability to sell anything and everyone. I feel that this will make my business a huge success because I will get people to buy from me. 



Occupation: Digital Marketing Agency Owner

The following is a list of Lives In: London 

Important informationAkshay describes himself as a man who feels that sleeping is a “waste of time” and who his first word was as a newborn: “Akshay believes that he has been placed on this earth to do just one thing. He can communicate with anyone and is therefore able to sell anything to anybody.”

He stated:“My friends refer to me as AK47 because I am a great salesperson.” 



Occupation: Former Professional Rugby Player and Sales Executive

The following is a list of Lives In: London 

Important information Conor is a hard worker and motivated by money. He describes himself ex-rugby player as a corporate panther with a track record of getting deals done.

His business idea consists of a fleet of quirky food and beverage vendors targeted at music and sports events

He stated: “I am going to be Lord Sugar’s corporate partner, the perfect business friend, the best corporate panther, the one who gets things done.



Occupation: Pharmacist

The following is a list of Lives In: London 

Important information Navid, a qualified pharmacist and Nicki Minaj fan Navid hopes to start a pharmacy with Lord Sugar’s help.

Navid describes himself as unique and quirky, but he plans to be true to himself all the way. 

He stated:“Nothing scares me, because I feel strong, I have a strong personality, I have a strong mind, and I don’t fear anything.” 




Occupation:A Strategy Manager at a Financial Firm 

The following is a list of Lives In: London  

Important informationAkeem is a people-person who enjoys being with others. However, as an analytical guy, Akeem often thinks carefully about every move he makes. He claims that he’ll always come back with a calculated point of view. 

Akeem, ready to give the facts, says that he has “got the ambition, drive, and the experience working in strategy” to set him apart from others.

He stated: “My growth has made me who and what I am. I can converse with anyone, but I also have the ability to share my financial side. 



Occupation: Commercial Cleaning Company Owner

The following is a list of Lives In: Hertford 

Important information Alex sets ambitious goals for his commercial cleaners business and is determined, focused, and ‘not going stopping’ until he reaches them. 

Although he left sixth-form after his first year and encountered some obstacles, he has now tripled his turnover. He considers this to be the most remarkable thing that he has done in business.

He stated:“I like a Ferrari. I am shiny outside but very hot under the bonnet. That’s me.



Occupation:Manager, Regional Operations

The following is a list of Lives In: West Midlands 

Important informationHarry is inspired by the generosity of his grandparents and wishes to help others. Describing himself to be ‘the Asian Version of Lord Sugar,’ he hopes to work with them to build his bath bomb business, and to become ‘the bad guys’ of the bath-bomb world.

He stated: “Everything I tried to achieve, I achieved it. It’s literally all that I put my mind too.” 



 OThe ccupation: Finance Manager

The following is a list of Lives In: London 

Important information Nick, a qualified accountant who grew up in the shadows of his family’s businesses, hopes to be able to establish himself as a leader in the drinks sector with his brand of flavoured waters.

Nick is an easy-going person and enjoys having fun with people. He plans to beat his competition by “killing them all with kindness”.

He stated: “In business I’m quite a force to reckon with. I know what I mean, I know how things works, and I’m very experienced. So I’m somewhat of an animal at the boardroom.” 



Brittany Carter, a Bristolian who is seeking to leave her role as hotel manager and start her first alcoholic protein beverage with Lord Sugar. Her positive attitude is her best asset she says, revealing  that every morning she ‘writes 10 things that I am grateful for and when I go to sleep, I reflect on 5 things I am grateful for from that day. ‘

Shama Amin (41), already leads a very busy life, running her daycare and managing five kids at home. 

Shama, who describes herself as being loyal, determined, and outspoken, is prepared to demonstrate that she has the “skillset required to be among the top, most successful businesswomen within the early years sector.” 

Stephanie Affleck (28), is also a child-oriented worker, owning a children’s clothing shop. With her East-London roots, the blonde is hoping to bond with Lord Sugar and match his nononsense attitude towards business. 



 Amy Anzel

Age: 48

Occupation : Owner of a beauty brand

London: Lives

Key information: Starting her beauty business a little later in life, Amy has now found what she really loves doing after previously working in sales, showbiz and jingles. 

She says: ‘I can be nice when I need to be, but when I unfortunately have to be a bitch, I will…’ 


 Brittany Carter

Age: 25

Position: Manager, front desk of hotel

Bristol Lives

Brittany, Lord Sugar and her hotel manager role are looking to launch the first alcohol-based protein drink. She says that her positive outlook is what makes her stand out.

She said, “My motto in life is to always look on the positive side.” 



Francesca Kennedy-Wallbank 

Age: 26

Occupation – Owner or sustainability company

Surrey: Lives

Important information: A mathematics graduate who is eco-conscious and a mathematician seeks investment to fund her next venture. Her product will reduce the carbon footprint for companies using an equation she created.

She states that there are two kinds: People who promise to do certain things, and those that do the actual thing.  


Harpeet Kaur 

Age: 30

Occupation: Owner, dessert parlour 

West Yorkshire Lives

Key information: Describing herself as a born leader, fearless and funny, Harpreet plans to ‘level up’ her successful, six-figure coffee and cakes business to become a leading brand in the UK.  

“I am not here to make friends,” she says. Lord Sugar doesn’t want me to find a new partner. I’m here for the money.


Kathryn Louise Burn, 29, from Swindon owns an online pyjama store but has worked a wide range of jobs from mortgage advisor to events manager. She describes herself as ambitious, kind and sometimes’savage’.

Francesca Kennedy Wallbank (26 years old), is an eco-conscious mathematics graduate, looking to invest in her next venture. Her service provides a carbon footprint service for businesses using a simple equation. 

She comes from a family of entrepreneurs who have been successful and is certain that she will win. 

This series was supposed to be filmed in Spring 2020. However, the BBC had to delay production due to the pandemic. 

With 16 new candidates competing to win a life-changing £250,000 investment in their business, the series launches with a challenge that is anything but plain sailin 

The candidates board a new cruise ship designed by Lord Sugar and are assigned the task of designing an advertisement campaign for a cruise destination. 

After getting thrown into the water during the first task the participants will have to face many more.

You will be launching yourself into children’s dental care. There is also an adventure brief that will boost Welsh tourism using ziplines and steam trains.

Entrepreneurs in training will find their way to the front lines as they negotiate tricky waters in Cornwall, sell on television and manage a corporate event at Silverstone.

Lord Sugar will make no concessions about the fact that this series is not going to be easy. 

The task ends with candidates being called in to defend their position in the boardroom. There is one last chance to get out of the firing line.

Lord Sugar spoke from the boardroom during the premiere episode and said that he was glad to be back at the boardroom. However, don’t mistakenly think that I’ve become soft. The pandemic has made the business world more difficult than ever. This applies to both the process and for the people who work there. You don’t get furloughed in this boardroom, but you do get fired.

Over the years, Lord Sugar has invested close to a staggering £3million into winning pitches and this year’s ambitious entrepreneurs will be doing their utmost to prove they mean business as they fight it out for the life-changing investment opportunity. 

The Apprentice:You’re Fired is back with Tom Allen, comedian, actor, and writer. It will be broadcast every week on BBC Two, right after the main program.

Tom, along with a number of celebrities and business professionals will watch each week and comment on the events.

The Final Five (and Why I Fired Them) will both return for a special episode that explores the backstories of the series.

After the interview process, the Final Five will reflect on the experiences of those candidates who made it to the final. Lord Sugar will provide additional insight on his boardroom decisions, in Why I Fired Them.

You’re Fired and The Apprentice will air on BBC Two on Thursday, January 6. You can watch the Apprentice live or on-demand via BBC iPlayer