This is enough to get you out of your seat! The creepiest and most disturbing things people have found in new properties include hidden cameras behind mirrors, human teeth frozen in the freezer, and even hidden cameras in mirrors.

  • Pictures of frightening items shared by people from all over the globe.
  • Bored Panda took the photos and included some human teeth in their eerie collection.
  • Another new homeowner discovered a frightening collection of clown dolls
  • Certain properties had secret rooms which contained weapons.

It is exciting to move house. Many homeowners hope that their new home will fulfill all of their dreams.

Sometimes, however, unfamiliar accommodation can bring out some surprises. As you will see in the gallery below of creepy photos, curated by Bored Panda.

Some of the images are from different properties across the globe and include some very scary surprises like secret rooms, strange dolls and an x-ray.

The freezer even contained a bag of human dentures, which was discovered by one tenant.

Although it is not something you want to worry about, a leaking roof and structural issues could be the last thing on your mind. 

FEMAIL shares the weirdest things people found after moving in to their new home.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the creepiest of them all? A new tenant was horrified to find this secret camera installed in Melbourne - and was given advice to report it to the police

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the most creepy? The secret camera in Melbourne was discovered by an unwitting tenant. She was advised to contact the police.

After finding this eerie monkey doll in their attic, and sharing a snap online, the poster was advised to 'kill it with fire'

Poster was asked to “kill it with fire” after finding the creepy monkey doll hidden in their attic.

After discovering a bag of human teeth in the freezer of their new home, this poster was understandably advised to dump the appliance or 'bleach it to within an inch of its life'

The poster found a bag of teeth inside their home’s freezer. He was instructed to throw the item out, or “bleach it until its last inch”

This bewildering x-ray was discovered in a box of images discovered by a new home owner shortly after moving into their house

The bewildering xray was found in a collection of images that a new homeowner discovered shortly after they moved into their home.

This anonymous poster's parents discovered a secret pace hidden under their stairs. Some thought it could be a bunker, panic room, or hide-away room

An anonymous poster discovered that their parents had a secret passage hidden beneath their stairs. It could have been a panic room or bunker.

The tenant of this property says they wished they'd 'never looked in the attic', after finding a decrepit pram in the otherwise empty room

This property’s tenant says that they regret having looked at the attic after discovering a broken pram inside. 

After moving into a new apartment, this person found not one, not two, but a staggering 37 clown dolls underneath the porch

The person moved into an apartment and found 37 clown dolls beneath the porch.

This gigantic spider was discovered in a new home in Texas - with social media users saying the creepy-crawly was scary enough to make them leave the state

The giant spider was found in Texas. Social media users said the scary-crawly scared them enough to drive them out of Texas.

The new owner of this house snapped it up for a bargain price after the previous owner passed away. A bit of digging led to the discovery of a secret room stuffed with weapons

After the death of its previous owner, the new owner bought it at a great price. After a bit of digging, we found a hidden room filled with weapons.

A contractor bought this property to renovate and sell on - probably a good decision, as who would want to live there after finding this terrifying doll in the basement toilet?

The property was bought by a contractor for renovation and then sold. This is probably a wise decision as it would have been difficult to find occupants to move in after the discovery of the scary doll in the basement.

After exploring their new rented house, these tenants round an unexpected area - what they describe as 'the knife room'

The tenants explored their new rental house and discovered an undiscovered area they call “the kniferoom”.

Not the most relaxing trip: A holiday maker found this extremely unsettling polaroid image in the attic of their vacation home

It’s not exactly the most relaxing vacation: This disturbing image of a polaroid was found in the attic and home to a holidaymaker