Out with the old... MailOnline takes a look at The Crown's new stars for series five - it was announced that Elizabeth had been cast as Princess Diana last August, and fans of the Netflix show were delight to hear that the Australian actress would be taking on the role

Plot: The Crown's fifth and sixth series will include Diana's death in 1997

MailOnline looks at The Crown’s stars of series 5. It was revealed that Elizabeth would play Princess Diana in Series Five. Fans loved the news that an Australian actress, MailOnline, had the opportunity to take on this role. 

Screen star: From her big break in 2013's The Great Gatsby to becoming a household name thanks to 2016 TV series The Night Manager, Elizabeth steadily climbed up the ranks of showbusiness to secure the career-making role

Screen star: From her big break in 2013’s The Great Gatsby to becoming a household name thanks to 2016 TV series The Night Manager, Elizabeth steadily climbed up the ranks of showbusiness to secure the career-making role

Elizabeth (30), was cast last August as Princess Diana. Netflix fans were thrilled to learn that an Australian actress will be replacing Emma Corrin in the role.

Past: Emma Corrin played the People's Princess in the show's fourth series

Past: Emma Corrin was the People’s Prince in the fourth series of the show’s first series

The actress rose up in showbusiness steadily to be a star, securing the lucrative role of The Night Manager.

Elizabeth, a former ballet dancer in training, switched to acting during high school. At the University of Melbourne, she studied acting at the Victorian College of the Arts. She was awarded the Richard Pratt bursary.  

After making her film debut in The Great Gatsby (2013), she rose to stardom, impressing Baz Luhrmann with her appearance in A Few Best Men (2011).

She has been in many movies since then including Tenet, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Cloverfield Paradox.

Elizabeth was also a voiceover for Peter Rabbit, as well as appearing alongside Tom Hiddleston in The Kettering Incident (TV series) and The Night Manager (TV series).

She said that Princess Diana was a “Princess Diana” because of the casting. This series is a privilege for me and an honor. It has kept me hooked since episode 1.   


Who's who? The actress playing Princess Anne in The Crown's fifth season has been revealed as The IT Crowd and Humans star Claudia Harrison (seen filming in Scotland this week)

Royal: Princess Anne is pictured at Balmoral in 1983)

Who’s who? Claudia is the actress who plays Princess Anne in The Crown’s fifth Season.

RADA-trained performer Claudia was spotted in character on-set at Scotland’s Covesea Lighthouse on Tuesday, where she was shooting opposite Imelda Staunton, who is taking on the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix show. 

Claudia, 45 years old, has many TV credits and was a prominent co-star in Archangel 2005, the thriller about dictator Josef Stalin.

Old role: The role was previously played by Erin Doherty in The Crown's third and fouth serie

Throwback: The role of Princess Anne was previously played by Erin Doherty in The Crown’s third and fouth series

She is a farmer’s wife and a mother-of-three and is said to have been ‘shocked and delighted’ when she was chosen to play Anne when the Royal was aged in her 40s.   

Claudia, along with Imelda and Theo Fraser Steele were also filming alongside them. He is believed to be Anne’s second husband Timothy Laurence.

On Tuesday night, the tongues started to wag over who she was portraying and the remarkable likeness of Princess Anne. 

Royal Watcher shared the following message on Twitter: “Ok, but I thought that Princess Anne was played by Claudia Harrison” A trio of photos of Claudia, in various roles, as well an image taken on-set were included with #TheCrown. 

Erin Doherty previously performed the role as Princess Anne in The Crown’s 2019 third and fourth seasons.


Royal role: The Crown's fifth season will feature The Thick Of It star and London deli owner Theo Fraser Steele playing Princess Anne's husband Timothy Laurence (pictured on-set on Tuesday)

Change: Timothy is pictured in Gloucestershire in 2010

The Crown: The fifth season of The Crown will see The Thick Of It’s star and London deli-owner Theo Fraser Steele play Princess Anne’s husband Timothy Laurence. (Photo taken on Tuesday).

The Thick Of It star and London deli owner Theo Fraser Steele plays Princess Anne’s husband Timothy Laurence.  

He was charming and elegant while filming the part of Anne’s spouse. Anne married him in 1992 after she split with Mark Phillips.  

Theo has been acting since 1996. He starred as Casualty and also played Christian Holhurst, in the 2005 political satire The Thick Of It.  In addition to acting, Theo is also an entrepreneur and owns a deli in Hackney with his wife.   

Theo comes from Essex and trained to be an actor in London before working with Bill Nighy and Stella Gonet in Richard Eyre’s production of David Hare’s Skylight at the National Theatre aged just 23. 

His stage credits included many roles in both the capital and throughout the country. In The Thick Of It he played an MP’s son who was shoved up against a wall and subjected to a torrent of abuse by the foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker. 

Speaking in 2018 about moving from acting to food, when he told The West Morland Gazette: ‘We didn’t choose to do it – we sort of fell into it. The idea started with me. The business is now owned by us and we have 12 employees. 


The Crown series 5: James Murray is set to take on the role of Prince Andrew following his TV appearances in Cutting It and Primeval

Royal role: Prince Andrew is pictured in 2020

The Crown series 5, James Murray to play Prince Andrew. This follows his TV appearances as Cut It and Primeval. (James was pictured in 2018).

New guard: Tom Byrne played the Queen's second son in series four

New guard: Tom Byrne played the Queen’s second son in series four 

James Murray, 46 years old, will replace Tom Byrne as Prince Andrew.

James has previously played Stephen Hart on ITV’s Primeval, and Liam Carney on BBC One’s fourth season of Cutting It.

His role as lead DCI was completely improvised in the show Suspects.

Mancunian actor is now married to Sarah Parish. 


New role: Dominic West is set to play Prince Charles in the final two series of The Crown (pictured June)

Royal: The actor is understood to be taking on the role of Prince Charles at the time of his affair from Diana, Princess of Wales, (pictured in 1981) with his second wife Camilla Parker Bowles

New role: Dominic West is set to play Prince Charles in the final two series of The Crown

Dominic West is set to play Prince Charles in the final two series of The Crown.

Critically acclaimed: Dominic will replace Josh O'Connor who has played the role for two series

Critically acclaimed: Dominic will replace Josh O’Connor who has played the role for two series

He is 51 years old and has been playing the part of Prince Charles in the events surrounding his affair with Diana Princess of Wales. 

The Sun was told by a television insider that while they considered several actors, the show’s bosses chose him over them all. Both parties have reached an agreement. 

After his scandalous affair last year, in which he was photographed with Lily James as a girlfriend, they revealed that the irony of this casting would be ‘not lost on anybody’.

Dominic will succeed Josh O’Connor. He has been in the same role since two series. 


New role: The Two Popes actor Jonathan Pryce, 73, has said he is 'confident' to take on the 'daunting' role of Prince Philip in The Crown's final two seasons

Royals: Prince Philip has been played by Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies in previous series of The Crown (pictured the late royal in 2020)

New role: The Two Popes actor Jonathan Pryce, 73, has said he is ‘confident’ to take on the ‘daunting’ role of Prince Philip in The Crown’s final two seasons

Jonathan Pryce stated that he feels confident about his portrayal of Prince Philip in Seasons 5 and 6 of The Crown.

It was revealed in August that the actor, 74, will join the star-studded cast of the hit Netflix show and portray the royal through the 1990s and 2000s.

Past: Tobias Menzies played the late Royal in series three and four

Past: Tobias Menzies was the Royal’s late actor in series 3 and 4.

Speaking after the announcement, Jonathan added that it will be ‘a joy’ to act alongside Imelda Staunton as the Queen and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret.   

Jonathan stated that he was delighted to once again work for Netflix in a social media statement. 

‘The positive experience of making The Two Popes gives me confidence in taking on the challenging task of portraying Prince Philip.   

Imelda and Peter Morgan are doing this together. [Staunton]Lesley [Manville]You will find joy. 

As well as praising the other on-screen talent lined up for the show, Jonathan added that he was excited to be working with screenwriter Peter Morgan.   

After being nominated for Oscars for The Two Popes, the actor plays The Crown. Joaquin Phoenix won the award, but he was not able to win.

The Crown Prince Philip was previously played by Matt Smith in two of its first seasons and Tobias Menzies in three and four. 


Congrats! Lesley Manville has been cast as Princess Margaret in The Crown

Pictured: Princess Margaret at an official royal engagement in 1966

Congrats! Congratulations!

Lesley Manville was cast as Princess Margaret.

This actress (64 years old) will replace Helena Bonham Carter as the Netflix star for the fifth series. 

Goodbye: The actress, 64, will be taking the reins from current star Helena Bonham Carter for the fifth and final series of the Netflix hit

Goodbye: The actress, 64, will be taking the reins from current star Helena Bonham Carter for the fifth and final series of the Netflix hit

Lesley was believed to be first choice by producers to perform the role. She will play the younger sister of the Queen during the most dreary period in her life.   

She confirmed the news with a statement. It is already being handed over to two incredible actresses, and I do not want to lose the momentum. 

“Furthermore Imelda Staunton and I will play sibling games with our children. It’s a great joy.”

Helena has played this role for the third season and will continue to do so in season four. Vanessa Kirby was also a part of season two and three.    

A source told The Sun: ‘Lesley is hugely respected by the creators of The Crown and was their first choice to play Princess Margaret this time.

They wanted someone who could handle the role of royal in the darkest period of her life.

“That is why Lesley was approached first to be part of the new cast. He remains the only actor who fully supports The Crown.


Her Royal Highness: The very first image of Imelda Staunton in character as Queen Elizabeth II was revealed last week

Speculation: There are several poignant moments which could be used, including the Queen making a speech on her 40th anniversary of her accession in 1992, in which she called the year an 'annus horriblis'

Her Royal Highness, The first photo of Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II has been revealed 

Imelda (65), said she was ‘frightened to assume the role of Queen Elizabeth in The Crown’ when asked about her decision to join the show.

She is continuing the footsteps of Olivia Colman and Claire Foy, but she says it’s an “extra challenge” to play a new version because it’s fresh in her mind.

Before: Oscar-winner Olivia Colman has played the monarch for two series

Previous: Olivia Colman, Oscar winner Olivia Colman played the monarch in two series

Imelda told The Sun that Claire being in the original series felt like history. Following on from Olivia’s story, it feels like history again.  

We now start 1991, playing someone who is much older. This is the additional challenge that I face, with people saying to me, “Oh! She’s not like this at all.”

Many cast members joked that the four-part series has no advice for their futures. Olivia (Oscar-winning Actress) recently stated: “I have not spoken with Imelda, and I would be afraid to offer any advice regarding playing the Queen.”

Imelda is an extraordinary woman and I know she will succeed. It’s amazing to see what she accomplishes.

To react to the news, Crown-loving couples took to Twitter. 

One said: “Gonna miss that Queen!” [Olivia Colman]But Imelda is going to do an amazing job. I’m done with my time in the crown. Some of the last and current seasons weren’t for me. All involved, however, I wish you all the best.

A fan wrote simply: “Perfection” with another calling it “very strong”.